T-Mobile to get 60 percent of all postpaid phone adds in 2018, say analysts


T-Mobile had itself a pretty good 2017, adding 5.7 million customers to its base. Now some analysts are predicting that 2018 will be another strong year for T-Mo.

Analysts at Deutsche Bank Markets Research said this week that they expect T-Mobile to take 60 percent of the postpaid phone adds in the entire industry. “After taking nearly two thirds of postpaid phone net add share in 2017 (even with Cable’s entry into Wireless), we think TMUS is on track to take a similar amount of share (DBe: 60%+) in 2018,” the analysts said.

Wells Fargo analysts are bullish on T-Mobile in 2018, too, saying that T-Mobile’s estimate of 2 to 3 million postpaid adds this year is “conservative”. “We would expect the sub guidance to have upward bias (we are modeling above the high-end at 3.05MM). We estimate TMUS can translate these subscriber adds into ~7% revenue growth, ~9% ‘core’ EBITDA growth and ~31% FCF growth,” the analysts said.

Deutsche Bank’s analysts have predicted that T-Mobile will gain even more postpaid subs in 2018, pegging their estimate at 3.068 million.

We’ll have to wait until later in 2018 before we know if these analysts’ estimates are accurate, but T-Mobile has been working hard over the past month and a half to meet those estimates. In January it kicked off a Buy One, Get One deal on flagship smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and LG that requires a new line to get the free device, and today T-Mo announced a Valentine’s Day deal that’ll get you a free line of service when you add a line.

Source: FierceWireless

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  • Sharti24

    The only way tmobile will ever catch V or A is by lowering their prices. V is 4 lines for $160, Same as T. It didnt work for S because their network sucks. T will match V and A on coverage once their 600mhz network blanket covers the US. 2020

    • Luis Hotdaddy Vasquez

      I really doubt T-Mobile would lower prices knowing the 5G rollout needs a huge investment. In fact, I think all carriers will increase their prices. Yup! Regardless how awesome 5G promises to be, it will be a hit to our pockets…

      • Sharti24

        So charging the same price and offering “free” lines is the way to catch Verizon and Att?

        If carriers do increase their prices it’s gonna be hard to win over new customers because people will just stay with their current carrier and be grandfathered into their current plan

    • Jason

      Verizon doesnt include taxes and fees, tmo does. HUGE difference. Especially in this area

  • Jay Holm

    Sadly, many more millions are srist brainwashed by Verizon’s “AmericasA largest network” marketing. . .thats t all it is…. marketing. I was with then for 3yrs, 2010-2013, their overrated.

    • David Lewis

      they + are = they’re

      • JKLauderdale

        You actually “liked” your own comment calling someone out over poor grammar? Are you that pedantic?!?

        Go get a hobby, something other than publicly correcting other ppl to boost your own ego.

  • JKLauderdale

    Which has absolutely nothing to do with you feeling the need to correct others in public, essentially belittling them. It’s bad enough you’re unable to form a complete sentence when attempting to communicate. You then have to “like” your own post just to feel like someone gives a damn…

    When you feel obligated to use a failed WWE actor to “back you up” then you really need to take a loooong look at your priorities in life. Perhaps you should get your own life in order before attempting to manage others’?