Google Phone app update adds voicemail transcriptions for T-Mobile customers


If you’ve got a Nexus or Pixel phone on T-Mobile, then there’s a nifty new feature now coming your way.

Google has updated its Phone app to support voicemail transcription for T-Mobile customers. The Google voicemail transcription feature is part of a Phone update that began rolling out a few days ago, so if you haven’t checked the Play Store in a while, then you may want to check now.

While T-Mobile offers its own voicemail transcription service, some Nexus and Pixel owners may prefer to use Google’s voicemail transcription to make more of their phone Google-fied.

Via: The Verge
Source: Phone (Google Play)

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  • Sharti24

    The iphones voicemail to text transcriptions are absolute crap. Its still in beta and seems to get worse after every update.

  • steveb944

    For free? Because the regular service charges.

    • MadMartigan

      Yes. Free.

  • saimin

    This new Google service is free, if you have a Pixel or Nexus phone on T-Mobile. T-Mobile’s regular voice-to-text service has a monthly fee.

    Note that Google also has Google Voice, which gives free voice-to-text for everyone, but it requires you to use Google’s voice mail instead of your carrier’s.

  • bkat11

    In addition…pixel phones offer caller ID services as well. I noticed that right away getting calls…T-mobile charges for that too

  • vinnyjr

    Been using Google Voice for years on every phone I own. Google Voice has put a lot of updates to its app, it’s come a long way. Constant updates, Works Great‼️

  • the martian ambassador

    Google Voice is great. You get a free phone number, do not disturb mode, voicemail with message transcription (you can have it sent as a transcribed e-mail, and you also get messages on the Hangouts dialer, and call forwarding.)
    I just got two new phone numbers on my new lines and they are both awful. Constant messages from utility companies, bill collectors, and even automated messages from an ELEMENTARY school about a chronically truant child. Our country is doomed.
    I got so frustrated, I called T-Mobile to have their voicemail shut off.

    • David Crandon

      This is not Google Voice he is talking about. This is a visual voicmail app built-in to the Pixel devices and only available with T-Mobile and Orange (France).

  • David Crandon

    Becasue it’s free with Apple. T-Mobile VVM with transcribing used to be free. To get it free with an Android phone you have to have a Pixel with TMobile. It’ll probably roll out in a future version