T-Mobile BYOD Check App will tell you if your phone supports Extended Range LTE and VoLTE


T-Mobile has long encouraged customers to bring their own device to its network, and today it continued that effort with the release of a new Android app.

The BYOD Check App is now available on for Android and iOS. With it, you can determine if your phone is compatible with T-Mobile’s Extended Range LTE┬ácoverage and its Voice over LTE service.


To perform the check, you can use your phone’s camera to scan for its IMEI or you can enter the IMEI manually. The app will then do its work and if your phone is compatible, you’ll get an “All good!” message with an image of a happy little phone.

It can be tough to determine if a phone supports T-Mobile’s Extended Range LTE and VoLTE, especially if you’re not super knowledgable about smartphones and cellular networks. That’s why it’s good to see T-Mobile release this BYOD Check App, especially since Extended Range LTE and VoLTE are both important features of T-Mo’s network that the company regularly touts.

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