Apple releases iOS 11.1.2 update with fix for iPhone X touchscreen responsiveness in the cold


Apple just released a new iOS update, and it’s aimed at squashing some bugs specific to the iPhone X.

iOS 11.1.2 is now available for download. Included is a fix for an iPhone X bug that would cause the device’s touchscreen to become temporarily unresponsive when taken out into the cold. This update also fixes a bug that could cause distortion in Live Photos and videos captured with the iPhone X.

While this update is focused on fixing iPhone X bugs, it’s available to all iOS 11 devices. If you’ve got an iPhone or iPad on iOS 11, go into Settings > General > Software Update to begin downloading iOS 11.1.2.

Winter and cold temperatures are getting closer and closer for a lot of people, and that means that this iPhone X touchscreen bug was likely to become more widespread and more annoying. Apple responded with a fix about one week after reports of the issue began popping up, though, so it looks like iPhone X owners won’t have to worry about their shiny new smartphone becoming unresponsive just because it has to go outside during winter.


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