T-Mobile rolls out Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan for $25 per month


T-Mobile today quietly rolled out a new rate plan that offers a cheap way to get onto T-Mo’s network, but with one big feature absent.

T-Mobile now offers an Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan that costs $25 per line per month with taxes and fees included. As its name implies, this plan offers unlimited talk and text, including usage in Mexico and Canada. You also get Simple Global rates for voice and messaging in more than 140 locales as well as Stateside International Unlimited Texting when you’re in the U.S. and texting other countries.

The one thing that’s missing from this plan is cellular data. There’s no data included and no way to add any, meaning that the only way you can use data is to connect to Wi-Fi. Services like MMS, VoLTE, and Wi-Fi Calling will work with the Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan, but you will need to connect to Wi-Fi for messaging services like iMessage, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Also of note is that offers like Carrier Freedom and #GetOutoftheRed aren’t eligible for the Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan. You do get features like Gogo Inflight (SMS in flight and 1 hour of Wi-Fi access) and T-Mobile Tuesdays, but you will need to get on Wi-Fi to use T-Mobile Tuesdays.

You can add data for a T-Mobile One tablet or mobile internet line alongside your Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan if you need data on other devices.

This plan is available starting today, October 31st, according to docs shared by Reddit user ABZMagenta. Both new and existing customers can sign up, but it’s not available for No Credit Check or Prepaid customers, and you can’t combine it with other family plans on the same account.

If you want to sign up for Unlimited Talk & Text Only, you’ll need to visit a T-Mobile store or call 1-800-TMOBILE.

A plan with zero cellular data isn’t going to appeal to most customers, but there are some people out there that might consider the Unlimited Talk & Text Only plan. Some people don’t really care about using data while out and about and are fine relying on Wi-Fi in exchange for a cheaper plan, and others might prefer to do their mobile web browsing, video watching, and so on on a tablet. So while this new plan isn’t likely to be crazy popular, it’s nice to have the option.


Via: Reddit
Source: T-Mobile

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  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Good for older people with a flip phone

  • Jon

    A plan without data? Perfect companion for my stamps, envelopes, and checkbook.

    Really though, I kinda wonder if this does VoLTE or if TMO is trying to get a bit more usage on its UMTS network…

    • RealShit

      This is perfect for the older folks. This is great alongside the T-Mobile ONE 55+ plan which does offer unlimited data. This also allows the LTE to strictly be used for everyone else.

    • Ky

      Plenty of us who live in more urban areas and always surrounded by WiFi and don’t want to pay for data, but still have access to calls and texting.

      • dcmanryan

        Hopefully you have Comcast internet there too then and get yourself 5 lines for around $25. Hopefully you already did when they had $1 phones.

    • Trevnerdio

      They don’t want more usage on the UMTS network, they’re refarming as much of that as possible for LTE, while still keeping enough to keep it alive.

      • Jon

        They don’t want more data on UMTS, sure. But if they’re keeping UMTS around then they have to dedicate 5×5 to it, which still gives it quite a bit of capacity. They can’t go lower than 5×5.

        As most users are upgrading/upgraded to LTE and VoLTE phones, their UMTS network begins to have quite a bit of available capacity, so i’m curious if this plan is seen as an easy way to monetize a network that otherwise is seeing a steady decrease in usage.

        If not, then it seems odd to have a voice-only plan on VoLTE. It’s not a switched voice network. It’s all just data. VoLTE is essentially just QoS-prioritized data riding on top of a data network. Even if a voice-only plan uses low amounts of data, it’s still LTE data capacity being used…

        • JLP474

          UMTS footprint is being drastically reduced as we speak. The industry is changing… 3G will be non existent before we know it.

  • I could see this as an alternative to a home landline. Something for the kids to be able to call 911, for example. Local landlines are ridiculously expensive these days.

    • Sayahh

      LineLink is only 10 dollars if you already have another T-Mobile line. Granted no text.

    • JLP474

      Any unused phone you may have laying around can still be used for 911…even without a sim.

    • EF

      FreedomPop offers free a limited data usage plan (200 MB, 500 texts, 200 minutes per month) which could double as a home line for occasional calls. Works off the ATT network, so most any phone will work on their SIM card. They also have plans at $20 per month unlimited text/calls with 2Gb data.

      I actually have the free plan in my spare phone that I have installed as a “permanent” navigation/dashcam device. I download/update my local maps at home so Google only uses data for traffic updates rather than rendering the maps.

  • MattPortland

    Perfect for my father.

    • Jason Caprio

      Same here. My father says “I want a phone, that is just a phone!” lol

  • NardVa

    Is T-Mobile’s unlimited talk and text for $25 a competitive price point when a lot of prepaid plans have Unlimited talk and text with 1GB of data for $30.

    • riverhorse

      Well, it does include all North America, Gogo, Worldwide Text, Tmo Tuesdays…
      Anyhow, 1 or 2 GB is almost worthless for someone who gets out and about and needs Location for maps, directions, coupons-most food/store apps won’t work without.

      This plan is pretty doomed from the start though…between imposing credit check, not allowing to add to family plan, and allowing zero data, not even 2G. The first time a user needs to use Maps, loses phone, wants to redeem a Tmo Tuesday or other store discount at a place without public wifi(even with it’s very cumbersome)… they’re gonna cancel plan.

      • arandomperson7

        You are obviously not the correct demographic for this plan. I get at least 10 older customers a month who complain that they are forced to get data. This will be an amazing deal for the older generations that truly do not care about data.

        • riverhorse

          I was coming from older folks’ point of view.
          Once they’re into video calling, checking the news, directions on Maps, coupons, sharing pics, shopping on Amazon, etc., they need lotsa data.
          My mom needs more data, and she still can’t email by herself.
          I realize it’s a big IF, but all it takes is another oldster showing off… A senior will follow another non related senior much more than any relative.

      • Mike Thaler

        we have 6 lines and none go anywhere near the 2G data limit. Some use Google maps for 30 minutes several days month, listen to Pandora etc. No one watches TV on their phone. Wifi is everywhere.

        • riverhorse

          Hmm, 2gb doesn’t last my mom 2 weeks, she doesn’t have home internet, but she spends all day at wifi places.

  • Why not they also quietly decrease the price point for the T mobile International plan?. It’s ridiculous how they managed to make adding that a plan cost $25 when the plus plan is only $ 5 – 10 extra yet they sneak this in.

  • taxandspend

    Perfect for my parents too. That’s what they do right now anyway.

    • riverhorse

      (I’m not trolling) As long as they never need to use Maps, trace misplaced phone, or redeem an app discount at a fast food joint.

  • slybacon

    My grandfather is going to do this for his personal cell and business cell. He doesn’t use data cause he really doesn’t know how to. Can barely use a smart phone to call anyone. :)

  • Nobody Special

    I had the $25 unlimited talk & text in 2009 with T-Mobile plus taxes. They just actually pulled out old furniture, polished it up… and presenting it as the “new thing”. This sale is great for newbies…. for the grandfathered subscribers… it’s nothing appealing.

    I have 5 lines with Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, and Unlimited Data costing me an average of $20 per line plus taxes and fees… so this deal would be a backwards move paying the same for less features.

    For those who can benefit from this offer, I would suggest to grab it before it’s gone. Almost everything is for a limited time. Never wait too long to take advantage of a great offer :)

  • Sharti24

    Now come out with more than 1 or 2 volte flip phones. Theyre hard to find

  • arandomperson7

    Our internal description of the plan says that it DOES allow iMessage without wifi

    • arandomperson7

      NVM I’ve been off since Saturday, apparently they’ve updated it to not include iMessage since then

  • Sharti24

    $25 per month isn’t a bad deal for unlimited talk n’ text for post paid.

    I have my parents on page plus. Each phone line costs $80 for 2000 minutes good for 1 year. That’s $0.04 cents a minute. They don’t text so that is the best deal in prepaid imo

  • Koolme666

    This would be good for my grandma, I left her account to get my own with my wife. And they’re charging her 60 dollars for something she isn’t using like data because she’s always on Wi-Fi.

  • BobbieDooley

    Seems T-Mobile launched this plan to compete with Comcast’s plan that runs on Verizon’s network, and Comcast’s Hotspot network, which is something like 10,000 hotspots.

    Comcast’s plan is free, and includes 100MB initially. Then from there, you can buy additional gigs as you need; and month-to-month.

    Still, Sprint’s “1 Year Free” is the best deal today. If you bring a compatible phone to Sprint, you get 26GB of LTE, 10GB of tethering. They’re able to do this because they’re not paying a salesperson a commission. If you go into a Sprint store, they’ll deny it exists. Sprint also roams on Verizon too. The phone I have on Sprint’s “1 Year Free” plan is basically $5.75 per month in taxes and you can “upgrade” to a new phone after 3 or 4 months.

    There’s several options that are better than a plan with no data.

  • WittyPixel

    ummm metropcs 25$ plan with data???

  • Sharti24

    They need to offer more volte flip phones

  • Ryan Huang

    What? you can get Simple Mobile for the same price for 1GB of data.