T-Mobile Galaxy S6 and S6 edge to get Android 7.0 updates this week


At the end of April, T-Mobile began pushing Android 7.0 to its version of the Galaxy S6 edge+. Now it’s time for the other Galaxy S6 models to begin getting their taste of Nougat.

T-Mobile product guy @askdes today revealed that T-Mo’s Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge will begin getting Android 7.0 this week. If you’ve got a Galaxy S6 or S6 edge, you can manually check for a software update by going into Settings > About device.

We’ll have to wait until these updates begin hitting the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge before we know exactly what’s in them, but Android 7.0 does include new features like the ability to quickly reply to a message from your notifications shade and an improved Doze mode for better battery life. Hopefully there will be some updated security patches included, too.

If you’ve got a T-Mobile Galaxy S6 or S6 edge, keep an eye out for your Android 7.0 update in the coming days.

Source: @askdes

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  • saimin

    I have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 with a TMO SIM and received the Android 7.0 update on May 16. What did TMO add to the update that took 3 extra weeks to deliver?

    • bkat11

      They add their own improvements with carrier packages and test them for a couple weeks before releasing

  • Edward Palomares Jr

    I have the 6s edge and just waiting and waiting for cosmetic upgrades probably.

    • Iphart

      Hopefully the 7.0 is more than cosmetic.

  • Joe

    OMG! Finally what took them so long?

  • Mr. Ronnie

    I have a unlocked T-Mobile Galaxy s6 edge and I haven’t received any update yet so Simon is lying

    • Haggy

      Perhaps you are lying. He said this week and the week isn’t over yet. He also said it would start this week, and it clearly has started since others have gotten it. He never said that the roll out would be finished by yesterday.

      • Mr. Ronnie

        Clearly you stupid can’t tell I’m talking about someone in the post that said they had the update since may 16th which is impossible because the only s6 that at that time was the s6 edge plus… Next time read and comprehend what someone is saying before you start looking stupid bitch

  • Irfan

    this is totally nonsense , no idea why Samsung sucks in updates its been more then year that android 7 released and noting appear from sam , Samsung emphasize on the other things such as add on features ” mute the phone when u put it down ‘ this and that crap , only 10% people use Samsung crap and rest of them need simple clean and clear phone for multipurpose .
    Android need designers to make this OS sexy , apple is just start adding features which android users were using many year in back but 2 things IOS is popular , design / user friendly .
    Samsung you are the best in Andriod but stop playing games …

    • Jason Caprio

      My last phone was a Galaxy Note 5. Marshmallow was released on October 2015 and my Note 5 didn’t get it until April 2016. I eventually rooted it and put a heavily de-bloated ROM on it.

      If you want a clean Android experience and have the latest updates, get a Google Pixel, or at least wait for the Pixel 2 to be released soon. Just yesterday my Pixel XL got it’s June 2017 security update and has been running 7.1.2 for quite some time now. It had 7.1 on it the day I bought it back in late October 2016. Never again will I buy a Bloatware loaded Samsung with delayed updates. Running pure Android, I do not feel the need to root and flash a custom ROM, and the phone is ridiculously smooth and responsive, not to mention amazing battery life! From day 1 my previous Note 5 had less than impressive battery life.

      • bkat11

        Everyone knows this already

      • Acdc1a

        I’ll not get over the ugly problem. Looking forward to a Nokia.

  • Ben

    I got the update this morning. It weighed in at 1316.64MB
    What’s new
    OS upgrade – Android 7.0 Nougat
    Provided new UX and various performance modes
    Improved usability of the Notification feature and Quick settings button
    Improved usability of the Multi-window
    Improved setting menu and addition of the Samsung pass feature
    Efficient space for instillation of downloaded apps, improved speed of system upgrade and app installation

    • Terry

      Just got mine. Samsung Galaxy S6 and it was 1303.43MB. Haven’t played with it much, but we shall see what fun “if any” new things I have.

  • Sharti24

    How do people like this update? Is 7.0 nougat glitchy?

    • saimin

      I’ve been using it for 3 weeks on my unlocked S6. No problems so far.

      • Yoloteh

        Why haven’t i got the update..i checked already..help..

    • DetroitTechnoFan

      Nougat is garbage. Straight up.

      • Beverly Robinson Brown


        • DetroitTechnoFan

          I had never enjoyed a phone more than the S7 under marshmallow. It was PERFECT… Then nougat came and screwed it all up. I’ve HATED this phone ever since!

          I hate it, albeit to a lesser extent on my LG G Pad X 8.0, but it’s still janky.

    • Beverly Robinson Brown

      Hate it! Had many updates before, no problem. This one….major hate! Huge battery drainer, contact/phone display, colors, just a few. Can I delete it???

  • Yoloteh

    Why haven’t i got the update..i checked already..help…

  • Archon

    Just got the update today — but I had to manually look for it

    Its version 7.0
    Baseband g920tuvu5fqe1

  • abdelnoesta

    I did the update about 10 days ago and now I am having battery issues. It drains the battery too quickly, to the point that I am now very frustrated. I am beginning to think they do this glitchy updates in purpose for people to go and buy new phones.