T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO deal launching tomorrow, leaked image shows


Since the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S8, some T-Mobile customers have been wondering when T-Mo would kick off a Buy One, Get One deal on the new flagship. It looks like it’ll happen tomorrow.

According to an image sent to TmoNews, T-Mobile will launch a Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO offer on May 12. This limited time offer will be available to new and existing customers who purchase Galaxy S8 or S8+ phones on EIP. To qualify for this limited time offer, you’ll need to activate at least one new line of service on a T-Mobile One or Simple Choice Unlimited plan.


Once you buy your phones, you’ll need to submit the offer code 17SAM8BOGO on the T-Mobile Promotion Center website. So long as everything goes smoothly, you’ll receive a rebate in the form of a $750 MasterCard card. Customers that buy Galaxy S8+ phones will also receive a $750 rebate, which is $100 less than the full price of the GS8+.

As I said before, lots of T-Mobile customers have been clamoring for a Galaxy S8 BOGO ever since the device was announced back in March, so it’s exciting to learn that the deal could be coming as soon as tomorrow. There’s no word yet on how long this offer might last, so if you’d like to take advantage of it, you may want to plan on doing so soon after its launch.

If T-Mobile does indeed launch a Galaxy S8 BOGO deal tomorrow, are you going to take advantage of it?

Thanks, anonymous!

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  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    I understand why but it sucks that you need to activate a new line. There is a huge portion of T mobile customers that can’t take advantage of this. Most customers are now getting some sort of free line that goes away if you alter your plan/lines.

    • Chad D

      Now you know why they do it…..

    • Sam_Austin

      Well they do have to make a buck somewhere. Right now I have 3 free lines in addition to the 2 I’m actually using, so 5 lines unlimited everything for $100, so I can’t complain. If I were to use the 3 free lines (such as give them to my girlfriend and her kids) I think it’d be reasonable to pay for the phones.

      • They_Call_Me_Bruce

        It’s not about paying for the phones. It’s that I thought altering your plan/lines voids the free lines. Even if I wanted to get another line and pay the costs I couldn’t without giving up what I have now. Am I wrong about this?

        • Sam_Austin

          I’m on simple choice so if I wanted to I could add lines.
          There might be special situations, though where I’d run into trouble. Back when I got two free extra lines on Black Friday, I wanted to afterwards cancel a line on my account that was suspended (ie it was frozen and not being charged for it until I needed it) and they told me if I canceled any lines within 6 months of getting the free lines, they would charge me for them. So they advised me to keep the suspended line for a few more months, since I wasn’t getting charged for it anyway.

    • Sayahh

      No trade-in required AFAIK so that’s good if you can take advantage of this special or were looking to upgrade and add a line.

  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    Is T mobile still offering the free VR? Only saw the mention of the Samsung deal on their site. Can you buy these at Cosco and get their rebate too?

    • ericdabbs

      Yes the free VR offer is good if you purchase a phone by 5/14.

  • Ty Christensen

    Need to be on TMo One or Simple Choice unlimited, too bad, BOGO would be awesome but our 10 line for $160 2.5GB grandfathered plan (currently 4GB till Feb 2018) isn’t worth losing over a BOGO that in the end we’d pay way more for if we switched our plan. Why can’t they just make it a BOGO for any plan, such BS.

    • thetoad

      if it would cost you so much more, just pretend it BOGO yourself (i.e. the amount you save should cover multiple phones for free). they are a business, not a charity. its perfectly reasonable for promotions to only be available to those on current plans. It doesn’t even suck for those who aren’t, as they can make their own decision on which they’d save more money on.

    • Anand

      4 GB is Feb 2019. We are on same plan.. Albeit we have added promotion of $10 per ACCOUNT for international calls.. Not Giving that shit up ever…

    • C Bell

      With the high net add figures and low churn, they don’t feel like they need to do more for legacy plan customers like yourself. Even existing customers have to add further lines to obtain the discounts which I think is unnecessary.

      The good thing is that the competition is making the other carriers more competitive on their unlimited plans. For myself I’m going to be on the market for new iPhones with the next refresh in the fall. Based on these recent promotions I’m going to be open to switch networks to get the deal.

  • Aaron Shabanian

    Would this deal work if I have jump 1.0 but I create a line on tmobile one or tmobile simple choice?

    • Andrew Singleton

      yes. the simple choice line must have and keep upgraded data.

    • xmiro

      Tmobile One or Simple Choice Unlimited unlimited only

  • SirMakoto

    •Customers must use their new line with one of the qualifying devices.

    so if i add a new line, give away one device to a friend, then the remaining device MUST be used on the new line? i can’t use it on an existing line?

  • Sayahh

    “If T-Mobile does indeed launch a Galaxy S8 BOGO deal tomorrow…”

    They are. I called before seeing this and and asked if they are having any upcoming promotions and customer care told me about the S8 BOGO.

  • Bailey Neff

    I just activated a new line with an S8 yesterday…….I can’t tell you how frustrating this is.

    • Corey Jalette

      Just return it, and get one with this deal.

      • Bailey Neff

        I wish it were that simple. It was for my Sister, whom is currently sitting in the hospital in another state. The phone arrived via UPS today. It’ll probably be well over 14 days, and frankly not fair to her, to go through the process of returning it. Such is life.

        • Haze1nut

          It is that simple. For $750 im sure your sister would understand. She’d probably insist on it. I dont care if you’re a billionaire, $750 is $750. Shipping is usually less than a week, nationwide. Hell even if youd pay for next day shipping and maybe pay someone for the favor of sending it back since your sister is in the hospital, you’d still be making back a good chunk of change.

  • Gust

    So why can I just activate a new line, pay them $750 or whatever it is that this phone costs and walk away with 2 phones.

    That is what BOGO means right? No I guess not!

    • Haze1nut

      You’re getting a phone free with a new line, either way. You cant wait to be reimbursed? Geezus i swear some people just want to complain about anything and everything….


    I’d like a better discount on the G6… loose the Google speaker and bring it to $400.

    • Chris

      There is a BOGO for the G6 right now.

      • They_Call_Me_Bruce

        Where is this? Thanks.

  • Crucifixion Cruxi

    The add a line is fucking retarded. Did this with the S7 BOGO. What a fucking hassle that was

    • John Doe

      They are sending you a mastercard for the rebate though…can’t you just cancel the added line after you get the rebate?

      • Haze1nut

        Thats what I did with the GS7 promo. I actually cancelled after my claim was accepted and paid the full price for the second GS7 while i waited for my mastercard.

        • They_Call_Me_Bruce

          Another trick is to transfer one of your numbers to Google Voice. Then you can add the new line and cancel an existing one without having to lose your number or pay for more than 1 month for a line you’re not using. Repeat next year when they run a S9 BOGO.

        • SirMakoto

          so if i add a new line, give away one device to a friend, then the remaining device MUST be used on the new line? i can’t use it on an existing line?

        • Haze1nut

          I dont believe ive ever used a “free device” on the new line. Ive gotten an iphone and gs7 free with a new line and kept them for myself while the new lines were given to family members along with my old phones. You just have to keep the get a new line and keep it active so long as youre making EIP payments. Unless they decided to change things

    • tranceformer978

      Would you rather they bring back the monthly bill credits?

    • xmiro

      it’s not meant to be easy for you to get a free $800 phone and then cancel and keep it

  • HeatFan786

    About damn time T-Mobile has a BOGO deal! Just one step closer to the inevitable trade up promo involving the S8/S8+.

  • Petey07

    Good deal, but i don’t need an extra line lol… unless I want a new number…

    • Matt Wojtas

      You just have to keep the new line until you get your prepaid visa card

      • Petey07

        Wouldn’t they know, and billed you for the $750 back on to your account when you cancel your new line? I didn’t get a chance to read the “fine prints” yet Lol. Just curious tho.

  • Shawn Vega Velez

    This is just what I’ve been looking for. One phone for my wife and one for me.

  • MurF-A-Zoid

    I wonder if I could cancel both my 2 number lines simple choice 6gb plan. An then open up 2 new number lines of service and get this deal? Any thoughts?

    • Prode

      if it is on a new account most likely yes, but if they are on the same account as the old numbers no.

    • Francisco Peña

      why cancel, just upgrade to ONE. I currently have a 2 line 6GB plan but for $70, with the free 3rd line. Still cheaper for me to keep my plan than upgrade to One for this deal.

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  • Philip

    I will just wait until a month bofore S9 comes out, then the S8 will be on sale for $450ish.

    • steadymobb

      The s7 edge isn’t even that cheap yet

  • haydar abdalzahra

    I have a simple choice plan and one of them is unlimited with jump 1.0 , if I jump on it with new line!, is the new line would be unlimited as well or just 10 a month?? And I also have three free line! If I cancel new line! Will those line be uneligible
    as well?

  • Francisco Peña

    I just upgraded to the G6 for the wife and myself. I’ll pass on this BOGO, but I’m sure there will be another down the line.

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