Next T-Mobile Tuesday will include free pet bandana and movie rental


Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday goodies have been revealed, and there’s a major focus on pets.

T-Mobile customers can score a free T-Mobile pet bandana next Tuesday, complete with paw prints and the T-Mobile logo. You can pick up your bandana at a T-Mobile store.


Also coming to T-Mo customers next week is a $7 discount at PetSmart when you spend $7 or more. Do note, though, that you’ll need to be a member of PetSmart’s PetPerks rewards program to take advantage of this discount. And if you buy a bag of dog food or cat food, PetSmart will give a meal to a pet in need.

Rounding out next week’s free gifts is $25 to spend at and a free movie rental or purchase (up to $5.50) from Vudu.

Next week’s grand prize winner will receive $2,000 in PetSmart gift cards as well as a check for $857 to spend on taxes or other expenses. Twenty-five first prize winners will each get a $200 PetSmart gift card, and 200 second prize winners will each receive a $50 PetSmart gift card.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Sharti24

    T-mobile Tuesdays is dead to me. Nothing for the past 4 weeks has been worth redeeming. People want food, Offer that again and i’ll consider using the app. Once something becomes too popular they abandon it. Remember the dominos pizzas? Yeah me neither because it was too popular and i couldn’t get it. Same with the papa johns pizza and the chipotle chips/guac. I did get my $2 and $5 to DD though :D

    Ps. That restaurant dot com promo is a joke. You have to spend a minimum and the restaurant before you can use your promo card. Its not like “hey i get a $25 gift certificate to use at a restaurant” #baitandswitch

    • nearvanaman

      I only cash it in when there’s a movie rental or perhaps a cheap cinema ticket. Nothing else has been of interest to me.

      • lomsha


    • Haze1nut

      And the minimum is usually $25. The hell i want $50 worth of takeout food for?

    • STARK11

      Well that free stuff is dead to you. So sad

      Get over it. Rent a movie and be happy

  • Daniel Darnell

    Looking forward to next Tuesday! I will for sure get my cat a banana and petsmart is very close to the T-Mobile store as well so I can get her some food or something as well. Plus a free movie rental hell yes!

    • donnybee

      I will for sure get my cat a banana

      Your cat will go bananas for that banana

  • steel67

    The only promotion I really had interest in was the DD certificates. I agree stick to food/drink items that do not require additional cash outlay.

  • bman893

    I just looked Back at YouTube videos of when T-Mobile Tuesdays 1st came out in John was in New York Promoting it and the number one things that stood out was he stated over and over again that none of T-Mobile Tuesdays promotions required you to buy anything As a matter of fact he made fun of AT&T’s t-mobile Tuesday replica for doing just that fast forward a year 75% of T-Mobile Tuesdays rewards require you to sign up or buy something

  • sonybru

    I missed their promotion for an extra line for free. I wish they’d run that one again even if for one day.

    • W Smitty

      Same here.

  • neice

    7 dollars at petsmart,finally something I can use and the vudu/fandango movie rental is always a plus

  • Kilroy672

    How many promotions can we claim each week?

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  • RonV42

    Free is Free, so I can’t complain even though I don’t see anything interesting this week.

  • Kevin

    my dog doesn’t eat banana

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