T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge receiving security updates


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge owners, it’s time to update.

T-Mobile is now pushing software updates to the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. TmoNews readers Hector and Joanna both received an update on their Note 4s over the weekend that weighed in at 127.53MB. The Note 4 update bumps the phone to version N910TUVU2EQC1, while the Note Edge is moving to N915TUVU2DQC1.


As for what’s included, it looks like the update includes the March 1, 2017 security patches. T-Mobile’s official support pages only say that the updates include “various system improvements.”

If you’ve got a T-Mobile Note 4 or Note Edge, you should receive your phone’s update soon if you haven’t gotten it already.

Thanks, Hector and Joanna!

Sources: T-Mobile Note 4, Note Edge

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  • Eric Harlow

    My Samsung Galaxy J7 also received the march security patch update today.

  • Nicholas Blackstock

    We’d rather know when Note 5 is gonna get that Nougat release… like the rest of the Note 5’s of the world. Ah well, my S8+ will be delivered to my doorstep before that happens anyway I guess.

    • T Redd

      Samsung sucks at updates..

      • godisafairytale

        They don’t just suck at updates. They are the Olympic world champions of bad updates. Time to release, promises broken, number of features the update breaks, severity of the damage. You name it, they take first place gold medal in sheer incompetence, greed, and willful ignorance. Updates are Samsung’s kryptonite. They would rather burn all their factories down than spend a single dollar fixing something they broke. Samsung affords its customers as much respect as it takes until the next model comes out, or the moment something goes wrong and you need their help. Then you cease to exist.

        • T Redd

          i thought about switching when new oneplus or iPhone comes out.. i know my s7 edge is going to suffer the same fate as my s5, note3, and note4. hell the s6 and note5 are taking 4ever jus to get nougat.

        • godisafairytale

          I don’t know which way to go next. Samsung still has some of best hardware… but the worst software, worst updates, worst customer service and tech support, worst everything else. Removable battery is an absolute dealbreaker for me, and I will never get an iPhone. And I want an OLED display, which not many phone makers have. Samsung, iPhone, Asus, and then a few low end garbage phones. There’s no easy answer.

    • Pot, Meet Kettle

      They’re relying on upgrades like these.

  • Steve Chavez

    The last dumb update from T-Mobile bricked my Note 4 so needless to say I’ll skip this one.

    • Ver

      I see you still have a Note 4 so you must have un-bricked it. I would be interested in how you did that.

      • Steve Chavez

        Ver I’m going to give it a go tomorrow with the stock rom and Odin. I’ll report back and let you know how it went. My Note 4’s GPS took a dump awhile back but I still love the camera on it, so that’s my motivation to try and get it going again. Hopefully I’ll have some good news.

      • Steve Chavez

        Ver SUCCESS! I can report back that I was able to unbrick my device with an official rom from https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/ and Odin. If you feel up to trying it, let me know and I can direct you to some really good instructions.

    • godisafairytale

      Me too. This really calls for a class action suit. Samsung are a bunch of shameless, degenerate scumbags. They don’t test anything and have as much respect for their long time loyal customers as for a pile of dog mess they stepped in.

      Then you call T-mo, they tell you to factory reset. I did, 5 times. Then they send you to the insurance provider, Assurant. Now, after you’ve paid $750 for the phone and another $250 in monthly insurance premiums they want to make you the bad guy and charge you another $175 deductible because it’s somehow your fault their worthless update bricked your phone. You shouldn’t have let that happen, your fault. Oh and you’re definitely not getting a new phone. You’re getting some other poor sap’s used phone that broke already. $175 + $150 = $325 for sloppy seconds. Which will definitely break again and again. So sick of this nonsense.

      • Steve Chavez

        godisafairytale I totally agree with all that! In my case I did find success this morning resetting my phone with an official ROM from https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/ and Odin. I’m not sure this will help in your case but it might be worth the shot and saving money if you can.

        • godisafairytale

          Thanks for the tip, Steve. Sorry, what’s Odin? I looked up the SM-N910T and that’s the firmware build I’ve been using: EQB1. It’s been bootlooping since going to Lollipop, and Marshmallow only made it worse. I did factory reset and wiped the cache in Recovery Mode and it was stable if I was in Safe Mode, Airplane Mode on. Almost as soon as I took off airplane mode and had it update some apps it started crashing and looping again. And this is opting out of recovering any of my own apps from before this mess; only the apps it comes with.
          Oh, and turning on CPU monitoring in dev options just to pinpoint the culprit sped up the overheating and crashing twofold. So yeah.

    • Kevin Gibbs

      The last update a month ago bricked my Note 4. Replaced it tho because I needed my phone for work and fallout vault dweller of course.

    • Kevin Gibbs

      Me too. The last update a month ago bricked my Note 4. Replaced it tho because I needed my phone for work and fallout vault dweller of course.

  • Ben

    I have an Att Note 4 and also an Att LG G4, I wanna take advantage of the new band 12 and other carrier specific features like wifi calling, I already switched to t mobile and use those att devices but I can only connect to band 2,4. What would be the best way to trade just for the t mobile varient of these devices?

    • AA-Ron