Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday includes Earth Day tree donation, free movie rental, and more


Another T-Mobile Tuesday is just a few days away, and now we know what T-Mo will have in store for us when the day rolls around.

Next Tuesday, T-Mobile is celebrating Earth Day by letting customers plant a tree for free with Treecycler. The tree can be donated to one of more than 40 different reforestation projects around the globe. Sticking with that eco-friendly theme, T-Mo customers can also get 50 percent off an order of earth-friendly cards from Paper Culture as well as free shipping up to $8.99.

The goodies for T-Mobile customers don’t stop there. T-Mo also plans to offer a $25 credit for, which you can use at more than 62,000 restaurants and other providers across the US. Rounding out next week’s gifts is a $5 Left Line credit and a free movie rental from VUDU worth up to $5.

There will be three grand prize winners next week, each of which will receive a Bourbon Plus 5-speed bike from Pure Cycle and a Cobi Plus system, which you can use to mount your smartphone to your bike and get bike-friendly navigation, weather, music controls, and more. The grand prize winners will also get a check for $359 to use on taxes, safety accessories, bike assembly, or other expenses.

Fifty first prize winners will each get an adult-sized solar-powered backpack with a digital power management system, which you can use to charge your smartphone while you’re in the wilderness.

Two hundred second prize winners will each receive a $50 digital gift card to REI, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cabela’s, or Bass Pro Shops.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Deadeye37

    $5 Left Line credit. I’ve never heard of them…..

    Stoked for another $5 VUDU rental and will put that restaurant (dot) com “credit” to good use. :) I like the free tree thing. I don’t have to even get dirty.

  • Mike

    Please no redbox rental. Majority of ppl doesn’t feel like driving round trip to a redbox kiosk.

    • Deadeye37

      I liked it because I could use the codes from both lines. Problem with VUDU & Fandango is that you can redeem only 1 code per account (I still like the $5 VUDU credit, Fandango is trash to me). I got a movie for us adults and one for the kids. We all were happy.

      • Mike

        Just make multiple account for each line and redeem the vudu or fandango credits.

    • lomsha


    • MattPortland

      I don’t even have a DVD player anymore.

      • Mike

        Only DVD/blu ray players I have is thru my Xbox one and PS4

  • vplaza

    +1 to VUDU rental.

  • steveb944

    $5 LYft Line.

    No wonder I didn’t recognize Left Line.

  • thetoad

    need a writeup on the disaster that was the MLB promo 2 weeks ago. Its supposedly being corrected, but without a writeup on it, we’re going to repeat it at some point in the future.

    • Polish Announce Table

      What disaster? I don’t want to be one of those people who say I didn’t have a problem, but I didn’t. I signed up around 9 AM EDT.

      • thetoad

        signing up wasn’t the problem,

        t-mobile / MLB have sent large numbers of letters cancelling subscribers MLB accounts claiming they were used on other carriers or things. I am currently travelling internationally and got one of them.

        there are multiple large reddit threads in the t-mobile subreddit about it (can also see twitter for the amount of tweets at them about it)

    • Mike

      I had no problems at all. Were you using WiFi when signing up? I heard some people had to turn wifi off and use a tmobile ip when signing up.

  • Krystal

    Nice rewards!!!! +1 for the VUDU rental and restaurant credit!

  • Christian Valencia

    no more lyft credits?

    • Larry Griffin

      I think “Left Line credit” is supposed to be Lyft line

      • Francisco Peña

        Its Twix… you get to go to the Left side factory…
        The right gets screwed.

  • thepanttherlady

    This Lyft driver will never do a Lyft Line. Can’t believe they’re actually helping promote this.

  • Francisco Peña

    I used to love VUDU, but not so much. While I loved it when you could stack, TMo did away with that. So now seperate accounts. What I loved about Fandango, was that I don’t need to enter any payment options to redeem the coupon. This last VUDU credit, it forced me to enter my payment info on the other accounts I set up. I even used a gift card ($0.0 on it) but it still wouldn’t accept it. I refused to enter my payment info for all my accounts I had to do.

    As for the deal. I used to buy these for $2. Many places in my town are crap on their list, or beware, the $25 coupon, you usually have to spend more than $50 to be able to redeem it. Some places are inexpensive, so no way, for 2 people, i’d get to $50.

    so I have certificates for them from years ago (still good), that i’ve never used.

  • RonV42

    Great list of items this week. Cycling is my forte, and gift cards from Cabala’s and others to boot.

  • Mitch Danger

    I missed the MLB signup day. :( Is there any hope of getting the MLB package this season?