Samsung selling T-Mobile Galaxy S8 in Arctic Silver for $100 off


UPDATE: Looks like Samsung has adjusted the price of the Arctic Silver S8, as it’s now set at $750. Hopefully some of you were able to get one at the discounted $650 price!


ORIGINAL: The Galaxy S8 is now available for pre-order from T-Mobile, but if you’re interested in getting a deal on this new flagship, you may want to point your browser to Samsung’s website.

Samsung is offering the T-Mobile Galaxy S8 in Arctic Silver for $650, which is $100 less than T-Mo is asking for the GS8. This price only applies to the Arctic Silver model, though; if you change to the Midnight Black or Orchid Gray versions, the price will go up to $750.

This deal also includes the free Gear VR with Controller and the option to upgrade to the Gear VR Immersive Bundle that adds a pair of wireless headphones and a 256GB microSD card for $99.99.

Samsung says that if you pre-order by April 17, you can get your Galaxy S8 on April 20, so you could get your device before it officially hits stores.

It’s unclear why Samsung is offering only the T-Mobile Galaxy S8 in Arctic Silver for less than the other colors, but this is a nice deal on a brand new, flagship Android smartphone. There’s no telling how long it’ll last, though, so if you’re on the fence about it, you should probably try to make a decision soon.

Via: Reddit
Source: Samsung

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  • jralphroman

    It must have been a quick error cuz I’m getting full price of 750

    • Enrique

      Just checked now also and getting full price value of $750.

  • James Veley

    This error has been fixed, on both tmobile and samsungs part.

    • Sayahh

      Haha wonder if they’ll honor the glitch price. On the other hand, it’s not like it’s a “S8 for $0.01” glitch so I can see how it could possibly a special or a promotional stunt, regardless of whether they intended to honor the price.

  • Kilroy672

    I wonder if they are only doing this because they know the silver won’t sell as well as the other colors? And its a way to get more sales?

    • Critic4U

      I imagine was just an error, once they noticed websites posting about it like this one and the fact that there was an extreme abundance of pre-orders for that unit they fixed it. I’m sure someone got an earful from management.

  • samsung freud

    Is anyone planning on waiting till may when the unlocked version is available?

    • Critic4U

      I would advise against it, I bought the s7 edge US unlocked version and had to wait three months just to get a security update still sitting with android 6.0.1 and haven’t even received the nougat update at all even though all carrier branded phones have received it.

  • Haashim Rahman

    dang it missed :(

  • Chase Culpepper

    I was in the “I’m waiting until the new Note comes out” boat, but I was almost tempted by this deal. Back to the waiting game, I’m ready to upgrade from the Note 4!

    • Roman✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

      Note 4 still one of the best phones Samsung ever made. Bar none.

      • Phone Guy

        Except the Note 5 and 7. :)

  • Deihmos

    Not sure what you guys see in Samsung phones. The software slows down the phone and they come with a lot of half done apps that eventually get scrapped and it is so expensive.

    • Zbum

      S7 is the best phone I’ve ever owned….like the iPhone isn’t expensive.

    • Alex Rud

      You can disable all bloatware. Watch some YouTube videos. It’s simple. As for your phone slowing down? Check your apps and how much they run in background. My galaxy s7e is smooth

    • Polish Announce Table

      Get PackageDisabler Pro for Samsung phones. It allows you to disable everything like your phone is rooted, even when it is not.

      • Phone Guy

        Thanks. I’m trying it now on my Note 5 before I get my S8+. So far no errors.

    • Greg Victor

      I agree. Samsung bloatware is terrible. My s7 edge is ruining so slow due to bloat. I’ve tried disabling background apps, deleting the bloat, and my edge is still super slow.

  • Zbum

    Anyone know when these will be in the T MOBILE stores to check out before I buy ?

    • Polish Announce Table

      I think Best Buy has dummy phones you can hold. Best Buy is the official Samsung dealer with people only dedicated to Samsung. They get annoyed when you ask them where something is located if you can’t find a Best Buy employee.

      • steadymobb

        Best buy has working phones at the Samsung station

        • Polish Announce Table

          Best Buy won’t sell cases in store, even though they have them in stock, until the first day of sales. At least that’s how it was a couple of years ago and based on the site, they are only available online now.

        • steadymobb

          Cases? I thought we were talking about actual phones…
          I didn’t mean anything about cases

        • Polish Announce Table

          No. That was just a complaint from me.

  • I was able to grab one, but you could only buy one at that 650 price. But at least I got one of them…I got it early this morning.

  • S6andNote4isBoss

    I’ll be enjoying my S8Plus soon mission accomplished Preorder done. Now onto the Note8 in September.

    • Peter Smith

      Which color did you pre-order. I am kinda on the fence right now. I pre-ordered the black but the artic silver is looking nice right about now.

      • Corey Jalette

        Keep in mind you can’t change the color for your order. You can cancel your order and order another but they can’t change anything. It only started a day and a half ago but your new order would be set behind all orders placed already.

        • Peter Smith

          Yeah thanks for that. I just went with the black one. I will probably dbrand it anyway.

        • Jay Holm

          I’m curious, what is it like applying a D-Brand skin?

    • Phone Guy

      i ordered the S8 plus too, but should have ordered the S8. S8+ was 130 vs. 30 down for the S8. I’m getting the Note 8 when it comes out as well. So 100 divided by 20 equals another 20 bucks per month for something i will be giving back. O well. Makes it 280 plus tax is like 350 to rent the S8plus for six months equals like 55 per month, and that’s not even including the $25 sim fee. Damn.

      • DKBNYC

        I’ll order on the 17th. As was the case with the Note 7, I;m hoping T-Mobile drops the $130 down to $0. Also, the with last few preorders, those who ordered last were getting devices before some who ordered first.

  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    I see that T-mobile has dropped the price of the S7 Edge to $480. I’m tempted, but I feel like a better offer might be available by them or Samsung once the S8 is in stores.

    • Phone Guy

      That’s an amazing deal. You know the saying, a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. Go for it, even if there is a better deal, it might only be 30 or 40 better. Thats half price.

  • Polish Announce Table

    I do like the deal on the headphones and the Ultra High Speed 95MB/s SD card.

  • Polish Announce Table

    The new Snapdragon processor is supposed to be way better on battery and charge faster with the newest QuickCharge.

    • Athan Broers

      Ya i didn’t mean to gloss over that part. I was thinking of going with the S8 not plus but the battery is smaller on the S8 to the S7 edge. But T-Mobile wants a down payment + taxes of about 200 for the plus.

    • steadymobb

      It has the same quick change as S7, just an fyi

      • Corey Jalette

        S7 had quick charge 2.0 s8 has 3.0 i believe.

  • Philip

    I see $750 for the silver. Deal over?

    • Corey Jalette

      Read the first section, it was updated. It only lasted a very very short time. Was a mistake I guess.

  • Omar Boyer

    I deff want this phone . And knowing me i well end up getting it. But first i need to see it myself at the store before getting it.

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  • Roman✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

    Does it come with a faceshield to protect you from battery explosion?

    • Peter Smith

      Dude how many times? It’s done and over with. The Joke is dead, bury it. Consider this mercy!

      • Roman✓ᵀʳᵘᵐᵖ

        It’ll never get old, and it’ll never be done buddy.

    • Phone Guy
    • DKBNYC

      Really! That’s FUNNY! Faceshield.

    • GearSIsBoss #SamsungKnights

      If anyone was able to get this I applaud them great deal for the best. My S8Plus will be arriving in the coming days so I’m fine. Onto the Note8 and GearS4 in September #NothingBeatsSamsung

      • squiddy20

        What about the “Note Fold”, Richard? I thought you said this year would be the year it was available? Oh wait, you’ve been saying that since 2013. My bad.