Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday includes $2 movie ticket, grand prize trip to Sundance Film Festival


Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesdays gifts and prizes have been revealed, and there’s a big focus on movies.

For the January 10 edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays, T-Mo customers can get a free three-month subscription to IndieFlix. This service is focused on independent films, offering more than 8,000 indie comedies, documentaries, dramas, animations, shorts, and classic TV.

Also available to T-Mobile customers next Tuesday is a $2 movie ticket from Fandango. This offer is valid on Tuesday only.

Finally, T-Mobile customers can get a free eBook from BookShout, with 10 options available.

The winner of next week’s grand prize will receive a trip for two to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. This two-night trip will take place between January 27 and January 29 and include round trip airfare to Salt Lake City, a shuttle to Park City, two nights in a hotel, 10 tickets to attend movie screenings, one lunch or dinner with the CEO of IndieFlix, and a check for $1,500 to cover taxes or other expenses. The grand prize also includes a lifetime subscription to IndieFlix.

Twenty-five first prize winners will each receive a lifetime subscription to Indieflix.

Three hundred second prize winners will each get a 12-month subscription to IndieFlix.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Bryant

    Park City is right in my backyard! Just know you’ll lose Tmo LTE service in the canyon between SLC and PC. I’m surprised they haven’t filled that gap yet.

  • impasse

    has anyone had trouble trying to pick up fandango tickets after the posted showtime, like being a little late, and getting an error message at the kiosk?

    • lion7718

      I print my tickets.

    • guest

      You should be able to just show them the card you have associated with your Fandango account and they just print a normal ticket for you, but recently Fandango did an update which gives you a digital ticket within the app that you just show the theater. *shrugs*

      • impasse

        yeah, that’s what they asked for, but i had used fandango credit i had on my account, and she told me to call fandango instead..which of course is near-useless, given their customer service phone number just tells you to call back later, then hangs up on you :

        i wound up printing the tickets using the original links in my email; we’ll see what happens.

  • emcdonald75

    I wish it was a free eBook from Amazon. The Kindle is the most popular eReader and Amazon’s platform has the most eBook readers of any other service.

    • Pook

      That is the whole reason behind it NOT being Amazon. These other providers want to get their name out their and get people into their ecosystem. The same with Vudu & FandangoNOW.

      • emcdonald75

        I can understand that. Good point! I stay with Amazon because of the Kindle Paperwhite and the millions of ebooks available with the Kindle Unlimited service. It’s good for other services to challenge Amazon. Thanks.

  • Nobody Special

    VUDU is very popular…. long before T-Mobile Tuesday….
    VUDU has been advertised in Walmart for so long…
    VUDU is a Walmart service. People who were not tech savvy, and did nit watch online movies may not have been aware of it,,, But i was aware of VUDU when it first started…. most may think VUDU is a new service, but actually it isnt.

    • lomsha


      • Nobody Special

        umm, i was just providing random information, sorry.

    • SalsaKing

      Wow, just when i thought you were Nobody Special, you prove us all wrong.

  • Gilbert Anthony Erentreich

    Really loving this 2 dollar fandango ticket. Way better than the fandango now.. especially if you use the deal for 3d Imax or even 4dx movie showings. Most of these recent Tuesdays I wouldn’t bother with, but 2 dollar movie tix for whatever movie is too good to pass on

    • Nobody Special

      im waiting for Zero Dollar movie tickets… im a cheapo :)

    • Francisco Peña

      I don’t. I have things to do, kids to deal with, and work the next day so a movie on a specific day stinks. If this was $2 for any movie through next Sunday, sure…

      As it stands, I like Vudu/FandangoNow better. I can rent a movie by Monday, and still ahve 30 days afterwards to actually watch it. App works fine for me on my Roku and even on my Chromecast.

  • OldTimer

    This site really suks now.

    • samsung freud

      You can’t blame this site, if you’re looking for fresh news about tmo,
      google tmobile and click on news.
      I just found an interesting article about a “downgrade” on tmobile stock from “firm” to “neutral” by wallstreet firm MoffettNathanson.
      I guess that’s why they were giving their stock away to us a few months ago.
      Has anyone heard of “indieflix”?
      How about a one year subscripton to investors business daily….for John Legere?
      That might help with his golden parachute when he sells us out to sprint.