Upcoming T-Mobile Tuesdays is focused on health


The next edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays is happening on January 3, and it’s all about health and wellness.

First up, T-Mobile customers will receive $20 off any juice cleanse from JÙS by Julie. There are several different juice cleanses available, ranging from a one-day cleanse with six juices for $50 all the way up to a five-day cleanse with 30 juices for $250. Free shipping is included for T-Mo customers, too.

Next week’s gifts also include a one-year print subscription to Shape Magazine and a free month of Aaptiv, an on-demand audio fitness app. Finally, T-Mo subscribers will get a free movie rental from FandangoNOW.

The grand prize for the January 3 edition of T-Mobile Tuesdays is a wellness getaway for two to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Ariz. This includes roundtrip airfare, a three-night stay including meals and snacks, resort fees, and unlimited access to the spa and fitness facilities. Also included is a check for $3,932 to cover taxes or other expenses.

Thirty first prize winners will receive a Fitbit Flex 2 fitness tracker, and 200 second prize winners will get a stainless steel water bottle.

Source: T-Mobile Tuesdays

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  • Adam

    What type of vodka do you mix with cleansing juice?

    • Acdc1a

      Obviously the cheapest rot gut on the market. You gotta cleanse right?

      5 O’clock will clear you right out.

  • steveb944

    “one-year print subscription….” Now that’s a rare one.

    • NavyVeteran

      They had a 1 year to ESPN magazine in print.

      • steveb944

        Wow can’t believe I missed it.

      • Nobody Special

        i got my subscription to ESPn but i don’t even read it…3 free print issues just laying around on the floor of my closet…. i plan on using it as shipping packing filler…. it’s better than paying $6.99 for a small roll of bubble wrap….lol

  • SirStephenH

    Will T-Mobile ever understand that $20 off something that costs $50 isn’t free?

    • MattPortland

      I don’t think they ever said TMo Tuesday was exclusively free stuff.

      • bman893

        Actually day one press release jhon stated . It’s all free ,no buy one get ones. No spend $50 to get 10% off, it’s all free 100% to our loyal customers that’s what thanks is about . Fast forward 1 year everything is exactly that BOGO or spend $50 to get 10%

        • MattPortland

          There has been something free every week. He said there would be free stuff every Tuesday which there has been. And it’s not a year later. Uncarrier 11 was announced June 6th 2016.

      • Nobody Special

        he stated and i quote “I don’t want to screw you over like all the other carriers do, I want to take you out for a dinner and a movie” lol….

        he went on and on that other carriers get you to buy stuff inorder to get free stuff, perks, discounts, etc., but he stated he’s not going to play games like “The other guy” All will be FREE!!!! I believe it was uncarrier 10 or 11 when he said that.

        20% off of anything = a business transaction

        he stated he wanted to THANK TMOBILE CUSTOMERS…. but he’s actually thanking us by selling us high priced products with a 20% discount string attached. thank you T-mobile, may i please get thanked without me having to spend money.

        i have been thinking of Thanking my neighbor from the bottom of my heart for cutting my grass every two weeks by giving him 10% off the sale of items I have in my garage :)

        • MattPortland

          In reference to the other carriers he talked about loyalty cards and rewards points . When he says “all will be free” he also states “to get this started.” Just because you don’t like the free items every week doesn’t mean that there isn’t free stuff.

  • Tinger12

    So now T-Mobile is allowing quacks push their crap upon it’s customers? A juice cleanse, hell I have kidneys and a liver to cleanse my old, worn, fat body of the crap I put in it. And believe me, sometimes it comes out as forceful as these diarrhea-inducing juice mixtures provide. Save your money and eat some prunes

  • brandon johnson

    so, no frosty this week, eh?

  • lomsha

    Fandango, I’ll take it.

  • Richard Roma

    This weeks movie offer was awesome. Back to skipping the offers for me..

  • FILA

    I was gonna roll after all these Fitness items, they would include a Frosty, lmao

  • Nobody Special

    now when i give my spouse aShape magazine, and health apps, etc., i will look like a mean person because coincidently they are over weight…. Thank you Tmobile…. i will be in the dog house starting next Tuesday….

    hopefully Tmobile will follow next week with Free medium 2 Toppings Dominos Pizza…. that would be my ticket out of the dog house for sure ;)

  • Mike

    Just what we need – a crap your brains out cleanser. Free Tuesdays are sure coming up with shitty offer lately.

    • Colby Castleman

      How dare they give you free stuff! Those dicks.

      • Tho Le

        Nothing in this world is free

  • After the Holidays…

    Great, after the holidays and festive eating, we all need healthy reminders here and there…

    • FILA

      dont worry, next week it’ll be frosty’s!!

      • Allen Alberto Enriquez

        LMAO I needed to laugh, thanks you made my new years eve afternoon! Happy New year’s everyone!

  • Colby Castleman

    Some people will always find something to bitch about.

  • Grandy

    Has anyone on this forum ever won a grand prize?

    • Grand Prize…

      Not yet, however, I am hopeful…

    • Too bad

      I have seen one person on here that won a Note 7. Rotfl, kinda sucks for them now I guess.

  • Frank

    For what it’s worth, it’s free or discounted items so can’t complain.

    However, my personal opinion I have no incentive to use this app at all. Just taking up space. 2 cents.

  • Mike

    Let’s be clear. Here’s how T-Mobile explained the program

    A: Prizes are awarded to eligible participants through a randomly seeded game of chance. All eligible participants have the same odds of winning.

    T-Mobile Customer Exclusives or gifts—sometimes accompanied with a gift icon—are provided to eligible T-Mobile customers…

    The dictionary defines Gift – a thing given willingly to someone without payment; a present. CUstomer Exclusives are those items only available to T-MOBILE customers. Surly that shit juice is available to anyone who wants to buy it even non T-Mobile customers. It’s not an exclusive offer.

    So all these “must buy something to get a discount” are not gifts. And the exclusives offers are far from exclusive. T-Mobile is not being truthful to their own rules.

  • P

    T-Mobile Tuesdays are dead. I give it less than a year before they simply give up and kill the program.

  • Britt

    Wow… I didn’t know people even thought like this. I actually use the app and these incentives are pretty good. I’m not doing the cleanse because I actually have to buy something. However the movie rental is free. I’ve done the fandangonow one multiple times and it’s great. I don’t know about the subscription and the fitness app. I’m trying those out for the first time. But they were free as well. I did NOT put up any money at all. So I don’t exactly understand what you mean by having to purchase. Honestly they are figuring the kinks out.

    Also, exclusive… its an exclusive offer of FREE. Are we seriously angry over the fact that a gift isn’t exclusive enough? You literally have t-mobile. I doubt you have t-mobile because of this app… so criticizing it on its terms of its exclusivity is ridiculous. These incentives they give are just nice in general. It sucks on the lack of popularity of this app but I like it. I think it’s pretty great. I always run low on space in general and I’ve contemplated deleting it a couple times but I like the incentives. So I’m going to appreciate it until I no longer have the opportunity.

  • Tatiana

    Well I was one of the 30 that one the Fitbit Flex 2 and have still yet to receive it. So as for me right now T-mobile Tuesdays sucks. I’ve called customer service at least 15 times and I’m currently on hold with them right now (Mind you it’s been an hour an entire hour I’m on the phone with them and no one is ever able to help me). They just make up things to get me off of the phone and then when I call back a week or two later someone else is telling me something different! Thanks T-mobile for not thanking me I’ve been a customer at tmobile for over 10yrs!