T-Mobile offering prepaid gift cards to SCORE! customers as program ends


We learned earlier this year that T-Mobile was discontinuing SCORE!, a program that’d give customers deals on upgrades to new smartphones. Now it looks like customers that haven’t redeemed their SCORE! discount are getting something else from T-Mo.

T-Mobile appears to be reaching out to SCORE! customers who haven’t used their benefit and offering them a $150 prepaid card, according to a couple of sources that reached out to TmoNews.


Customers that are eligible for this prepaid card are receiving texts from T-Mobile saying that SCORE! has been pulled from their accounts, but that they can use the promo code 2016SCORE on T-Mo’s promotions page to get their card.

While SCORE! doesn’t seem to have been as big as programs like JUMP! and JUMP! On Demand, there were some customers that chose SCORE! as their upgrade program of choice . Now T-Mobile is trying to make up for discontinuing SCORE! by offering those customers a $150 prepaid card. So if you were in SCORE! and think you should be getting a prepaid card, check your recent texts to see if you missed a message from T-Mobile.

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