T-Mobile may begin displaying Google Pixel in its stores


T-Mobile may not be officially carrying the Google Pixel, but T-Mo is making an effort to get consumers to bring their Pixels to the T-Mobile network. Now a report claims that T-Mobile may be making another move to advertise the T-Mo-Pixel combo.

T-Mobile is planning to display the Google Pixel in some retail stores, says Android Police. To be clear, this does not mean that the Pixel will be available for purchase in these stores. It’s expected that the employees will point interested customers to the Google Store or Best Buy if they want to buy a Pixel.

It’s expected that T-Mobile will announce this plan to display the Pixel in stores either today or tomorrow.

Ever since the Google Pixel phones were official, they’ve been advertised as being only available from Verizon, despite the fact that you could buy them unlocked from places like the Google Store and Best Buy. T-Mobile has been fighting back against this marketing, like with its Bring Your Own Pixel offer. Now it sounds like T-Mo will be taking things a step further by advertising the Pixel in its stores, which will help it to reach consumers that might not know about or may have forgotten about the BYOP deal.

Source: Android Police

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