T-Mobile and John Legere respond to recent Verizon ads, want you to help pick new T-Mo ad

T-Mobile has targeted Verizon a few times in the past, like with its Ball Buster Challenge, and now T-Mo and John Legere are going after Big Red again.

T-Mobile today launched its #dontgetVerizoned campaign, which asks you to share any bad experiences you’ve had with Verizon and also vote on a new ad that T-Mo will put out. There are three ads to choose from, and you can view them all at the bottom of this post. You can cast your vote by retweeting your favorite ad on Twitter (ad 1, 2, and 3) or liking it on Facebook.

To go along with this new campaign, John Legere put together both a video and a blog post that counters some of the ads that Verizon has put out recently. For example, Legere calls out the “Only on Verizon” tagline that accompanies many of the Google Pixel advertisements. T-Mobile recently launched a promo that’ll give you $325 in bill credits if you bring a Pixel to Verizon.

You can check out all of Legere’s responses to Verizon’s recent ads in his blog post right here.




Source: T-Mobile

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