Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and S7 edge getting Pink Gold color option in the U.S.


UPDATE: Sorry, folks, but Samsung now say that the Pink Gold Galaxy S7 and S7 edge will not be available for T-Mobile, only AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. Additionally, Samsung say that the Pink Gold phones will not be sold unlocked, contrary to what some reports have claimed.


After launching in a trio of colors earlier this year, the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are getting new paint jobs in the U.S.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will be available in Pink Gold in the U.S. starting August 28. It’ll be available for T-Mobile as well as AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. The catch is that it’ll only be available from Best Buy.

The Pink Gold Galaxy S7 and S7 edge models are similar to the Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, and Gold Platinum versions that’ve been available since early 2016. One thing that makes the Pink Gold models stand out is that Best Buy will give buyers a $150 gift card if they purchase and activate their new phone in-store.

This particular version of pink seems to be the popular new color in mobile, with Apple launching its Rose Gold iPhone 6s, LG making a pink G5, and now Samsung is offering a Pink Gold Galaxy S7. The color may not be for everyone, but I’m sure that there are more than a few folks out there that’d carry a pink phone, and soon two of Samsung’s 2016 flagships will be available in a pink hue.

Source: Samsung

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  • Jose Lugo

    I’ll rock this Rose Pink S7 Edge.

  • JJCommonSense

    Hmmm… You cant use Jump or JOD at Best Buy. So you’d have to buy the TMO version outright?

    • Alex Wagner

      Best Buy sells the unlocked versions of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, so I imagine that they’ll have unlocked Pink Gold GS7 and GS7 edge phones and that those will be the ones that T-Mobile customers will need to buy.

      • JJCommonSense

        BBY sells Tmobile phones too. Usually the ones sold in-store are pre-paid. Sometimes they’ll carry a high end TMO phone on the website. Either way, they don’t offer Jump… You would think TMO would have their own Magenta version of the phones that they would carry in-store.

  • Philip

    Why didnt they do this earlier? Its already at half life. Why didnt they make a Active S7 for everyone? Its a bit too late.

    • JJCommonSense

      They have an S7 Active. It’s only available for AT&T though. You know Samsung loves to pi$$ every1 off by offering a new color 5 months down the line. Thats why Jump on Demand rocks. If the come out with a purple Note 7 in a few weeks, i can swap out my coral blue one lol

      • Philip

        Yah I saw that just now. They should have make this phone available for every carrier.

        • JJCommonSense

          Philip my friend, that sounds too much like logical.. Not something Samsung has always been known for…. kinda like, when they have these “unpacked ” events and promise accessories that never see the light of day (Swarovsky Gear S Band.. Im talkin bout chu!) lol

        • Jay Holm

          Carrier exclusives are so stupid, stupid for both the manufacturer and the consumer!

      • Mike

        How does jump on demand work, I’ve been paying S7 Edge for months on Jump and Tmo said I would have to pay the balance if I wanted to order another phone on Jump.


        • JJCommonSense

          Jump on Demand is their leasing program. You put $0 down (not even taxes), its an 18 month lease, and you can upgrade your phone up to 3x per year by turning your old phone in. For your jump, you should have only needed to pay the balance, up to 50% of the cost of the device, not the entire cost. If they’re making you pay off the phone in full, before u can upgrade, then it sounds like youre on a regular EIP without Jump. You’ll know if your on Jump if you’re paying an extra $10 per month but that includes your insurance for the device.

  • itguy08

    Samsung – always the copier….

    • Andrew Singleton

      always? idk about that

    • FryChickenIsha

      Not just Samsung, every phone manufacturer copies another, one way or another.

  • JayBEE

    *wonders if they will eventually bring the Gold Note 7 to the US*

  • John

    Is there root for US version of S7 and S7 edge yet? I’m on iPhone now IOS sux big time, want to go back to Android but I need ROOT!!!!

    • guest

      buy a nexus or htc10 both are unlocked and rootable

    • Mike

      I can’t wait to go back to iOS, I think Android is pure outsources Google crap!


    • gmo8492

      To answer your question, yes root has been created for all Snapdragon models of the Galaxy S7. Head over to XDA website or just Google search the steps you need to do it.

  • Mike

    This phone has been one expensive disappointment likely my last Android phone. Who wants an OS that gets updated about once a year and a phone that the manufacture releases then never updates to resolve issues and make improvements. Terrible! Apple just does it so much better regardless of where you buy your iphone from (Apple, Tmobile, AT&T, etc) you are able to get your updates straight from Apple and you get many updates throughout the year, you can even sign up for their Developer account and get updates even more often and ahead of others. I also think the issue with Android is its serious lack of innovation the darn thing can’t even handle the most basic of things like opening the correct web site when you click on a shipping tracking number. Android, outsourcing at its best!


    • KrisKordova

      You have your information and feelings based on nonsense. If you want a pure Android phone with the newest OS the fastest get a Nexus, and guess what, it works on ALL carriers the same just like the iPhone!

      HOWEVER, for those of us perfectly FINE with not getting the latest OS updates (As security updates are now completely SEPARATE and SEPARATELY updated) but want the best Android phone on the market, Samsung is the only way to go. Also, the S6 has been getting consistent security updates all year. Get a grip

    • Flan Mandhersson

      Hey Mick!
      This is Flan from Samsung. We specialize is branging you the most special updates for the long time! If you are missatisfied, please let us know you’re biggest problem, and we will get the fix in it. I satisfy our customers and have a one hundred workforce percent! So: please tell me the problem, and I will help.
      Always rememery! If there’s a man with a plane, it’s flan!

  • Jose

    so avail to all the major carriers except t-mo? Fail!!!!!!!!!

  • tmouser

    I don’t know where to put this comment… Just want to say a great thing about buying the S7 is the 1 year of Netflix, hoping for the same with S8

    • Jay Holm

      I have had 2 years of *FREE* Netflix, both the S6 & S7. I’m glad too, cause Netflix has a lot of work to do when it comes to content, content, content! I understand they have a deal with Disney/Marvel. . .not sure when all the comic Superhero movies will reach Netflix though???

  • theresakmizrahi5554

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  • Banney Ley

    But somehow the White S7 is too much to ask for.

    • Flan Mandhersson

      Seriously? I just got one for my wife last week from tmo. It came with a gear fit as well, too.

      • Banney Ley

        White? They aren’t sold in North America. I thought we only get black and gold. Unless you bought the unlocked version without wifi calling and proper LTE bands?

        • Flan Mandhersson

          In Alabama. It came with a gear fit also. I’d post a picture, but I don’t think this site will allow it.

        • thepanttherlady

          Upload it and post the link here. I’ll approve it when I see it.

  • priap1sm

    Can you get an AT&T one and unlock it to use on Tmo?

  • Willie Whitley

    My wife will love this color.. I’m gonna gift her a phone like this.