Next T-Mobile Tuesdays gifts will include StubHub credit


T-Mobile’s been switching up the weekly gifts for T-Mobile Tuesdays in recent weeks, and now we know what’s coming on July 5.

T-Mobile has revealed that StubHub is coming to T-Mobile Tuesdays with a $20 credit for tickets. You’ll also be getting a $15 Lyft ride credit, a free VUDU movie rental, and a free small Frosty from Wendy’s.

StubHub is also providing the prizes for the in-app T-Mobile Tuesdays game. The winners of the two grand prizes will get $2,500 in StubHub gift cards, air travel for two to one event, two nights in a hotel, and a check for taxes, expenses, spending money, and airport transfers. There will be 50 first prize winners that get a $250 StubHub gift card, and 200 second price winners that get a $50 StubHub promo code.

While some folks likely still miss the free Domino’s pizza from the first couple of Tuesdays, this week’s StubHub credit is a nice gift to help you do something fun this summer. Are there any upcoming events that you’re thinking about using the StubHub credit on?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • AngusMightHaveABeef

    Oh joy, something else to get screwed out of because T-Mobile can’t deliver on these promises.

    • arandomperson7

      First world problems

      • AngusMightHaveABeef

        I live in the first world so yeah. You probably do too. What’s your point? Oh yeah, wanting to feel superior to those around you.

        • arandomperson7


    • BreakingData

      Luckily I get up early enough that most people are not using the app so I was able to get in before the issues but last week I was having trouble with fandango, so I called 611 and they gave me the code with no issues. The servers used for the app wasn’t designed for this kind of load and they should of been more prepared on the following weeks after the launch.

    • steadymobb

      I’ve had no issues

  • Jimmy

    Who cares. We want free food!

  • 30014

    I wish T-Mobile would use Google Play movies or iTunes instead of vudu. The vudu app sucks and the credit is not enough to get the HD version of movies.


      You don’t have 49 cents to rent a movie? That’s why this works for vudu. They make that money off every purchase. I have no issue with vudu. Been loving using the codes every week

      • 30014

        I have my own money. I just refuse to spend it on vudu.

        • 77090

          Well then don’t use it. Stop your damn whining. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that the other millions of customers don’t like it!!!

    • user311

      Love the vudu credit. With the last Shield TV update this offer is even better. With over 1000 movies and tv shows in my library Vudu was the perfect bonus.

    • resource

      Many new movies are free with the Vudu credit and the ones that aren’t cost $0.50. Stop complaining.

      • 30014

        I’ll complain about whatever I damn well please. The fact of the matter is that Google Play and iTunes are more used and overall better than vudu.

        • resource

          The rental prices for new releases are the same across the board.

          I’ll lend you the 50 cents.

        • 30014

          Comprehension is your friend. Vudu is trash. I’ve listed two services that are better yet you can’t grasp it.

        • Ishimaru

          So Google Play Movies and iTunes have 4K movies? Oh ok…

        • 30014

          Well since I don’t have a 4k tv that wouldn’t matter to me.

        • AngusMightHaveABeef

          Can’t play Google or Vudu on my Fire TV. But I can play Vudu on my Xbox. Can’t play iTunes, so I’m ok with Vudu.

        • 30014

          Chromecast is a cheap and great product.

        • Romdude

          I can watch google on my fire tablet without even rooting it, see if there is something similar for the FireTV.

        • Chris

          I hope they keep using Vudu to piss you off

        • 30014

          Apparently your more pi$$ed off than I am. I gave my opinion, you’re the one all caught up in your feelings.

        • Chris

          No I think it’s funny someone is complaining about free stuff. You must be of low income

        • 30014

          Your to dumb to understand the stupidity of your comment. If I were low income why would I ever complain about free stuff? Your opinion matters to me as much as mine matters to you. In other words not at all. Remember that before you bother responding.

        • ITALIANNYC

          I can’t stand google play or iTunes. In the end they all play the same damn crap. So vudu it is

        • Moby

          So don’t use Vudu. Pay full price for Google Play and iTunes. Problem solved.

        • 30014

          There was never a problem to solve. I stated an opinion and found out that this site is now frequented by a bunch of soft and sensitive people. I don’t use vudu which was the basis for my original comment.

        • spartanjet

          I’m so glad they don’t use Ad company play.

        • 30014

          But you have no problem with Walmart having your information. You do realise Walmart owns vudu don’t you.

    • fentonr

      I’m glad they don’t use either of those. Vudu is available on everything, those two aren’t.

      • John Doe

        Google play movies/Youtube is available on everything. Youtube is probably available on more devices than Vudu.

        **You can make Google play movie purchases on Google play movies or on Youtube and play them also on both.

        • spartanjet

          not for those who care about privacy and don’t want to expose their online presence to that ad company. I’m glad its on vudu as I block that ad company on the router level.

        • John Doe


    • SurvivingSunnyvale

      “The vudu app sucks…”

      That’s why it is part of the free promotion.

      • Coolgeek

        What I really miss is Busy letting me redeem multiple promo codes per account. It’s stupid that I had to create multiple secondary accounts just to use the promo codes from multiple lines.

    • BreakingData

      I am personally glad they don’t use those services. I wouldn’t want to buy an ios device just so I can watch what I purchased. That system is too closed for me. I might would be ok with Google Play if it was available on more smart tv’s or blu rays. I am perfectly happy with vudu. I have been able to purchase a movie every week.

    • George Salcedo

      The VUDU app on the xbox 360 has been working quite well for me.

    • jeremy vega

      Vudu has deals every week on movies less than $5. some movies in the less than $5 catagories are good and some are straight trash

    • Trevnerdio

      It’s enough to get plenty, just not the absolute newest movies.

  • resource

    This will only be useful if the credit lasts longer than 48 hours.

    • eanfoso

      if you buy the tickets within tuesday for a future event you’re good

      • lomsha

        Not always.

  • MyButtHurts

    PaPa John’s needs to replace Domino’s and show them up! #PussyDominos #PaPaJohns

    • steadymobb

      Common consumers are idiots… Be mad at them

    • MattPortland

      They’re both nasty.

  • SeeThroughYou

    Who is the fat man in the picture?

    • 28ruejw929eirjrje9wie

      That’s DJ Khaled.

      • SeeThroughYou

        Awwww sheet. that guy who’s always busting on Jews and stuff?

        Uh oh, I think T-Mo let some David Duke stuff slip by on their marketing, lol

        • Guest

          What did he said? I can’t find anything relevant. I’m learning he’s a Palestinian, so maybe it was something related to the conflict over there.

        • steadymobb

          Khaled is actuality really popular with millennials right now. He has one of the most followed snapchats

        • Really? I have no idea who he is and I’m definitely a millennial.

        • steadymobb


    • Tuesday Freebies

      I think it is Saint Claus, ready to deliver all thoes Tmobile Tuesday freebies….

  • Moe

    Comprehensive review of the Tuesday gifts I’ve been able to receive as a gift from TMO. ………………….. That’s right nothing cause the frigging app does not work.

    • steadymobb

      I’ve gotten the free stuff every week

    • Moby

      Sounds like you don’t know how to work the app. App works fine for me.

  • Jesse

    My favorite promo was the Domino’s promo as It was completely free and was more than enough for one person. We have to eat… But stuff like mlb, lyft, Fandango, stubhub usually do no cover the entire amount. Nor are they stuff I must have. Food is a necessity for survival. I am going to eat 3 meals a day. I do not go to the movies anywhere near as often, nor hail a cab as often. Although, it is free* (with minimal investment) and Tuesday is every week. At minimum I been using Vudu as it works on my Roku. I’ve been buying the $4,99 movie specials. I have yet to watch most of the movies. Heck I even try to get a frosty when I can. I missed last weeks Fandango credit due to very limited time to go and not to mention most movies cost well over $13 here in NYC.

    • Moby

      So you can just do without.

    • Android_God

      I wish there was an option to give this 1000 thumbs down

  • Jenna Fox

    Though I do not want to sound like another person complaining about freebies, don’t get me wrong, I’m truly enjoying it, but here is another part of me that wants to say, Nooooooo! Please More Fandango tickets every week please! (Or free food, help us finally cut down on hunger in this country more) (I truly enjoy going to see a movie, usually I can’t, wish they could keep doing Fandango each week or let us choose between those others or a Fandango ticket as a choice :) the others like Lyft, MLB weren’t a very good option as they are not completely free, for example, I would of spent $8.95 just for shipping :-/ (so lost out on that and I cannot afford to spend $50+ just to get free shipping or other ways, though grateful it would be a bit cheaper then paying full price, but not for me, (and I know, it’s not for everyone and all that type of talk…) :-/ PLUS I second the Google play idea (what sucks is half my collection is on Google play the other on Vudu, lol, some on Amazon, Microsoft, a few in iOS, some stored on my hard drive, though I’m grateful and a lot better then carrying around 1,000s of stock, I was so tired of moving all those everytime I moved, not by choice) and second a free pizza from Papa John’s, Little Caesars or Pizza hut would be a great addition or maybe a kids free happy meal or a McDonald’s or Wendy’s burger, chicken or a salad or an upper-end food item to encourage more healthier lifestyle or a grocery (like Shaw’s or Hannaford) $10-15 gift card for groceries would be amazing! (We all need to eat) :-) but been loving these nice freebie options, don’t usually get any good useful fun freebies and it was always hard and had to go through so many hoops to try to get very many freebies in the past…, keep up the good work T-Mobile :-) (but get ready, as I’m sure once the evil trolls read this, they will say horrible things about what I typed)… :-/

    …and well said Jesse, (I can relate) I too loved the Domino’s completely free pizza, it was so nice, my micro-family (me and my little one) and I were struggling with food and it gave us 4 meals to stretch it and survive through, and it was definitely a huge help to allow us to have a low cost phone, entertainment (we too pick a $4.99 weekly HDX movie on sale that week or month to enjoy too on our phone or Roku stick [3600, newer one] too) and food and we love our Choc. Wendy’s Frostys we get every T-Mobile Tuesdays and something fun to look forward to each week too. :-) and thank T-Mobile for a year of free reading, I’m a foodie by heart (in my mind, can’t afford it) and enjoying it on my Amazon $35 fire tablet I got during black Friday last year (using Bing rewards gift cards to help get it, a micro SD card and a cover/ stand for about $15 total) (I tend to be a lady that looks for good helpful deals now and again too on the side) ;-)

  • steadymobb

    I just come to the Tmo Tuesday articles to read the comment section full of people complaining that they don’t get what they want for FREE

  • JTrip

    Un-carrier 11 needs to go back to the drawing board.

  • sidekicker89

    I wish we could still stack Vudu credits all on one Vudu account. That way I can buy better movies! :) oh well!

  • They_Call_Me_Bruce

    The Stubhub coupon says that it’s for concerts, but can you use it for sports tickets?

    • Chris Adams

      No, has to be a concert and redeemed through the app

      • bedwa

        So annoying on that. I was looking forward to going to a Baseball game. :'(

        Beggars can’t be choosers. *Shrugs*

        • kookal123

          Stub Hub is a joke, I was actually going to use the code but turns out Stub Hub charges buyers at least a 15 percent fee. So 40 dollars in fees to buy 200 dollar tickets total. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • JR

    Free stuff. End of discussion. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • Jessica

    Where’s my free food? A frosty a week wont feed me and my 8 children!!!

    • guest1

      Ask your brother Fabian to help you somehow, or at least he should give you his frosty codes.

      • David

        Isnt that troll banned?

  • zhris

    So it went from pizza (which everyone can enjoy) to Lyft (which I don’t think operates here in Boise) to stubhub (Did I mention none of the more popular bands ever come to Boise?). This thing gets more useful every week….

    • Ricky B

      Sorry you live in Boise??

  • Trevnerdio

    Don’t look now, but the app looks like it worked without a hitch this week! *Knocks on wood*

  • If anyone has another StubHub that they are not going to use, please donate it to me. I would really appreciate it.
    email me at:
    Don’t let it to to waste.

  • Peggy

    Unfortunately the credit will only cover the services fees you’ll get stuck paying with Stubhub. I got so sick of paying so much extra in fees from sites like Stubhub and Ticketmaster, but have found a site called Ticket Club that doesn’t charge any fees and is always reliable. Would definitely recommend it!