ZTE Spro 2 hotspot/projector officially arrives at T-Mobile today for $499.99


As expected, T-Mobile is now selling the ZTE Spro 2.

The ZTE Spro 2 is available online today and will show its face at select T-Mobile stores tomorrow, June 8. Pricing is set at $0 down and 24 payments of $20.84, or $499.99 full retail.

When it comes to specs, the T-Mobile version of the Spro 2 is similar to the version that’s already available on AT&T and Verizon. The Spro 2 runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat on a 5-inch 1280×720 display, and with access to the Play Store, you can download all of the apps that you can get on your Android phone or tablet.


The Spro 2’s projector can push out a display ranging from 14 inches to 120 inches in size, and it’s got a lamp life of 20,000 hours. Inside of the Spro 2 is a quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 16GB of storage that can be expanded upon with a microSD card, 2GB of RAM, and a 6600mAh battery. The Spro 2 also offers HDMI and USB ports on its backside.

Rounding out the Spro 2’s feature set is its mobile hotspot capability, which means that it can connect up to 10 devices to T-Mobile’s network simultaneously. Included is support for HSPA bands II, IV, and V as well as LTE bands 2, 4, 5, and 12.

ZTE’s Spro 2 is definitely a unique device, combining a mobile hotspot, projector, and full Android OS into a single product. It’s not going to be for everyone, but the Spro 2 could be a nice option for business users or folks that travel a lot, serving as both a hotspot and a device that can project a presentation or movie onto a wall.

Sources: ZTET-Mobile

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  • Joe

    Seeing the specs, 200 lumens is basically nothing. Says it can go to a 10 foot screen but at 200 lumens you won’t see anything. This thing needs to be a no father than six feet away from the screen and with no lights on. You need at least 1000 lumens for any serious projection.

    • a d00d

      This thing is a step above–but just barely–a pico projector. Claims such as illuminating a 10 foot / 3 meter screen are ridiculous, but (almost?) every pico projector maker states them.

      The crazy part is the $500 price tag for a pico projector with outdated (by 2-3 years) hardware AND software! I predict sales of this will make the Blackberry Priv look like a blockbuster!

      • Allen Alberto Enriquez

        I agree ZTE Spro 2 has just open up a new door way!

  • TmoNews (Editor) ZTE

    Alex, TmoNews Editor and Manager, I know you have to pay the bills (profit) and staff, But some of the ads are so in left field and insane. To that point, I had to get an ad-blocker…to read the terrific updates and postings!

    • Alex Wagner

      Thanks for your input! The ads on the site are handled by someone else, but I’ve passed your comment along to them.

  • John

    I love the styling on that device!

  • Allen Alberto Enriquez

    I wish it was zero down it’s $99.99! I noticed since the beginning of these hotspot devices it’s always with a down I wonder if I wait would it be zero down in promotion any time soon!?