T-Mobile Tuesdays server issues affecting some users


UPDATE: John Legere said in a Periscope stream that T-Mo has given away more than one million gifts through today’s T-Mobile Tuesday.


T-Mobile Tuesday is here again, and it appears as though the server issues that’ve plagued some of the previous Tuesdays have come with it.

Many T-Mobile customers are reporting that they’re being greeted with an error message when trying to use the T-Mobile Tuesdays app to redeem their free gifts. The error message is the same one that we’ve seen in past weeks, saying “This is awkward… It’s not your fault though. There was an error attempting to contact the server. Try refreshing the page.” Some users say that their app is telling them to come back on Tuesday, but that’s obviously an error, too.

Once again, John Legere has urged anyone encountering issues with getting their T-Mobile Tuesdays gifts to engage with @TMobileHelp on Twitter or call 611.

It’s disappointing to see that the T-Mobile Tuesdays app is having issues for another week. T-Mo appears to be working to resolve the server issues and ensure that everyone that wants their free gift codes gets them, but there are probably still quite a few customers that are flustered about encountering issues with the T-Mobile Tuesdays app again today. Here’s to hoping that this week’s server errors get taken care of quickly.

As a reminder, today’s T-Mobile Tuesdays gifts include a free small Wendy’s Frosty, a VUDU movie rental, a free movie ticket from Fandango, and a one-year subscription to Bon Appétit.

How is T-Mobile Tuesday going for you so far?

Thanks, Telnetport!

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  • kev2684

    Better make a draft post for next week because T-Mobile seem to not know how to handle surge every Tuesday. Week 4 and we’re still having issues lol

    • PD

      Vudu is asking for a redemption code?? And my magazine code is invalid!

      • PD

        Now it’s working.. Had to click through the app

  • WHO?

    Its always “Oh wow, so many people are being thanked’ Its like this CEO never just owns up to his mistakes regarding his idea of ways to thank Tmobile customers. If your app doesnt work for the 5th week in a row something is horribly wrong.

    • JLV90

      It worked pretty well week 2 from what I remember, the problem was mainly Dominos restaurants not being able to handle all the free pizzas people were ordering. Last Week was Lyft credits so not many people would want that, this week was free movie tickets and I’m guessing more people are interested in that.

  • RustyShackleford716

    What else is new… Same situation, different Tuesday…

  • lomsha

    Movie ticket has to be used by tomorrow. I know it’s free but come on who has time to go to the movies in the middle of the work week.

    • MattPortland

      Me. And yes I have a full time job.

      • lomsha

        Lucky you, they could make it valid till sunday like the Warcraft tickets.

        • MattPortland

          Probably a Fandango restriction.

        • lomsha

          Yea probably

    • Rene Shabastari

      Can you order online for a weekend movie? That’s what I did last time.

      • lomsha

        Nope just for today or Wednesday showings.

    • steadymobb

      That’s the point

    • JLV90

      People who don’t have typical work weeks and are off Tuesday or Wednesday? Theres also evenings and morning shows depending on what shift you work.

  • sidekicker89

    Would a solution to the server problem be use more servers to handle the increased traffic? I’m not sure how it all works. Anyone know?

  • emmanuel salinas

    Everything got deleted first time having trouble

  • matt

    It took me a few minutes to get a movie ticket and the vudu code. It wasn’t as bad as when they had dominoes the first week

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Got my 4 tickets for Finding Dory. We would never have gone to see it in the theater, but nothing else my wife wanted to see so….

  • stuman74

    Is there any way to get the T-Mobile Tuesday app to work on the LG G Pad X 8.0 Tablet? I keep getting a message that it is not supported. However, I can text with my tablet SIM phone number from this LG.

    • Fullmetal_Omar

      you can probably get the apk from another device or maybe even find it online. if your device is rooted you can fake your device model using certain apps available on the play store. Ive had to do this a couple times since my most recent android device is the Gs3 and I’m mostly an iphone user

      • taino211

        Yep, this is what I did to install on my LG G Pad X 8.0. I just used ES File Explorer from my phone to back up the APK, then transferred it over to my tablet and installed there. Got my freebies on both devices :)

  • Dylan Wentworth

    Did they outsource the development of the app to the same developers that made the Obamacare marketplace website?

    I have been able to claim all my loot but I do it early in the morning. If you wait until everyone crawls out of bed you run into problems.

    I noticed that the vudu movies can only be claimed one per vudu account now. Before you could add from different lines.

  • steveb944

    I still haven’t had any issues with the app itself.

    The only problem I had was Domino’s limit, and last week forgetting to use my MLB code. It’s great otherwise.

  • shawny redd

    T-mobile just need to give up and just give every body a $100 credit on their bill

    • Walt

      each week?

      • shawny redd

        Lol yea that would be nice…well with all the money they make you would think they could get a simple app operating correctly, they need to get a better developer.

  • Mike Thaler

    My only problem has been – can’t enter site til 2AM on Tuesday. (When I’m asleep.) Last week I think it was later. Why not allow a 2 or 3 day window to sign up for “goos” that would be delivered on Tuesday?

  • Commob

    Boohoo. All these people complaining about shit they didn’t pay for. Poor you. Somebody voluntarily does something nice and all you can do is complain? Entitled much?

  • Joe

    I’m finding the only thing I’m using every Tuesday is the free vudu rental. Everything else I just let expire. It sucks too because I have two phones and only use one vudu rental. Switching vudu accounts on my smart TV is a pain in the butt and you can’t stack the credits onto one account. So on one phone everything just expires and the other one I just use the vudu rental. Oh well.

  • Chapimex

    I had issues logging in, but it resolved itself in less than an hour. I’m happy to be receiving free stuff, but I am surprised they still haven’t figured things out. You’d think after 3 weeks it’d be all figured out

    • Michelle Coles

      So much free stuff… So little time!

  • I thought T-Mobile had this all fixed when they were throwing out cookies from the back of a van in downtown Seattle. Weren’t they hiring a bunch of savvy network people on the basis of Seattle Baked Goods? Looks like that worked very well.

    Still is it ethical to be advertising on a nationwide basis service you don’t provide to everyone, everywhere? Hmmmm.

    T-Mobile Tuesdays continues to work well for me on my AT&T Cricket Plan. Just like everything else T-Mobile does; T-Mobile really screwed the pooch. The Lyft was late, the Wendy’s frosty melted (the burger’s lettuce was wilted also), the Domino’s Pizza wasn’t delivery as promised so I went to the wrong location to pick it up. It was cold. And in order to get a “free” share of stock, I had to give out my SSN again, which T-Mobile also compromised less than a year ago. Thanks but no thanks.

    In addition to free stuff (when the server is online), I am also able to receive every day of the month, reliable coverage on AT&T’s network. Plus, at $35 per month, the service works with older iPhones which support AT&T’s “Enhanced LTE” Service in Band 2 and Band 5. Why should anyone need to wait for Band 12 when it’s advertised as national?

    Best decision I’ve made in over 11 years since opening my T-Mobile Account was the new service. Transferring my phone number away T-Mobile was a breeze. Call me Old Man Bell, but get yer own damned internet. Sorry, there will be no more Gigabit Speeds for people in my neighborhood or office if your on T-Mobile.

    I’m also getting my $25 Coverage Booster Deposit back. Why should I give away my internet connection and also pay $25 deposit for the privilege to fill in service gaps T-Mobile has? Sounds like more “Game theory” to me.

    • Tmobile Our Choice

      Simply said, one of the best things in America is choice, enjoy your Cricket Service – ATT. For me and others, Tmobile is our choice!!

  • sidekicker89

    I got my movie ticket today and I went to go see Independence Day …. it was o.k :/ what did everyone else see?

    • Michelle Coles

      I’m gonna see NOW YOU SEE ME 2 . Haven’t been to the movies in eons! Now the movie theaters have reclining seats okay! I’m going to really enjoy this. It took me awhile to get “my stuff” but eventually I got “thanked”… properly!! Yaaay!!!!

    • steadymobb

      A bunch of my friends with T-Mobile and I went to Finding Dory 3D…I didn’t have any issues – opened the app and redeemed.

  • Dominimmiv

    I have just given up. I love the service but tmo tuesdays is a fail in my opinion.

  • Sammii Wray

    Maaaan, somebody said it best down there, I forgot who, but, a major phone service company is PROVIDING it’s customers FREE stuff, let me say that again FREEEEEEE stuff, and all I am seeing are complaints! Damn! Yes, there will always be a glitch in the system when something first start. This is a first for T–MO give them a break, and just restart your phone if need be. Have several seats, enjoy your free VUDU movie every week, and be grateful Gosh….

    • Guest

      These stuff appear to be free but they aren’t. T-Mobile decided that instead of lowering rates or increasing data allotments, like other providers are doing, they will BS people into thinking they are getting something for nothing.

      It’s all BS, from the “get thanked” and “free” to the “people love freebies so much our servers can’t keep up”.

      • Spanky

        My service provider (whose name I won’t mention, as all the T-Mobile fans will jump down my throat, but I will say that it’s one of the big 4) recently gave me a permanent 5GB of data per month at no additional charge. I didn’t ask for this, they just did it. To me, that’s considerably more useful than free movie tickets that are only valid on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

  • icwhatudidthere

    Shut it down and fix these bugs. I tried it in the morning and nothing showed up. Then I tried it after I got the text message and it said I already played the stupid contest. Except I didn’t. That’s happened twice now.

  • Rohio

    The app finally worked, other than showing “already played”. Then it did an update and all of the rewards were gone

  • AngusMightHaveABeef

    It kept telling me to come back Tuesday. Annoying garbage.

  • Randy’s Buddy

    Look at it this way- the data is free and unlimited, text is free and unlimited, minutes are free and unlimited, roaming is free and unlimited, overseas roaming is free and unlimited.

    But what ultimately occured here is that T-Mobile ran out of things to give away for free and have to resort to giving other companies products away for free. it’s very odd indeed.

    It would be very strange if banks operated in the same way T-Mobile did. Sure, a bank just manages green pieces of paper… but people at the bank have so much respect for what the paper is worth, that business is based on it.

    T-Mobile, on the other hand has to give away stock as some sort of a token gift.. Hah.

    So, in the dictionary, there’s a word that is used to describe pink women who lack self respect and have to give everything, including their body away. And well, let’s face it, it’s the perfect way to describe T-Mobile Tuesdays because the company has run out of things it can give away for free. And yes, some men will line up at the store in Bothel, Washington to ride this bicycle because the only thing their credit report will allow them to purchase is something which is fast and loose.

    T-Mobile should give out tuna tacos next tuesday (or bearded clams) just to prove I’m correct.

    • Android_God

      You really are overthinking this a tad there…mmmkay

      • Guest

        I agree. T-Mobile can still do many things before giving stuff for “free” like more full-speed data, lower prices, faster speed, better network…

  • notyourbusiness

    Yup, I saw that error yesterday when I tried getting into the app.

  • Android_God

    I’ve seen the VUDU free movie rental a couple of weeks now. Does this mean I could have gotten 2 free rentals OR once you use it that’s it? I did like the credit on Lyft, that was very cool!

    • steadymobb

      You can get a rental each week it’s available

  • steadymobb

    I’m surprised…I haven’t had any issues the last 3 weeks.

  • justshutup

    Took about 50 tries over 5 hours but got the movie ticket. Is it worth it? No.

  • David Perez

    I haven’t had any problems since the program started. Got 4 free tickets from Fandango. Paid $0.00 to go see Independence Day 2. TY T-Mo

  • Mo

    This app sucks! Haven’t been successful in claiming free stuff. Should be simple and easy – can’t spend all morning fooling around for “free” crap.

  • It’s a gimmick, It was never meant to work

  • Rich

    The first time I was going to be near a Wendy’s on a Tuesday where I can finally get me a free frosty and the app insisted on being updated before I can do anything with it. Tried updating and it failed. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling it, still fails. It will download the 59mb file but gives an error every time I try to install it. I think the real problem with it is that it’s too bloated with unnecessary videos and other junk not needed. The app needs to go on a diet and trim off all the fat. T-Mobile rep wants me to go the 40 miles out of my way back to town before 5am to claim my frosty. Yeah, right! I had to take off today for a Dr’s appointment and it’s not likely I’ll be back again (on a Tuesday, no less) for quite awhile. Everything else offered is either a no win or useless to me.