Kyocera DuraForce XD is a rugged Android smartphone that’s coming to T-Mobile


UPDATE: Despite what Kyocera’s product page says, T-Mobile tells me that the DuraForce XD will support band 12 LTE.


We don’t often see new ruggedized smartphones coming to T-Mobile, but that’s exactly what will be hitting T-Mo’s shelves next week.

The Kyocera Duraforce XD is coming to T-Mobile on May 11 at a price of $0 down and 24 payments of $18.75, or $449.99 full retail. In exchange for your hard-earned dollars, you’ll get a tough smartphone that meets Military Standard 810G to withstand dust, drop, extreme temperatures, blowing rain, salt fog, and more. The DuraForce XD is also IP68-certified and can be submerged in up to six feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

In addition to withstanding dust, water, and crazy weather conditions, Kyocera says that the DuraForce XD is also OSHA certified for use in hazardous work locations where flammable gases, vapors, or mists may accidentally materialize. So yeah, it’s definitely a ruggedized phone.

When it comes to straight-up specs, the Android-powered DuraForce XD has a 5.7-inch 1280×720 touchscreen that you can use when your hands are wet or have gloves on them. And when you decide to watch a video on that large display, you can take advantage of the DuraForce XD’s dual front speakers. The DuraForce XD also includes 8-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front cameras, 16GB of storage, a microSD slot for adding up to 64GB of additional storage, 2GB of RAM, and a quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor. Powering this whole package is a large 3700mAh removable battery.

The DuraForce XD may not have bleeding edge specs, but it’s main feature is that it’s a super rugged smartphone that should be able to stand up to a goo deal of abuse, and do it without a case. So if you want a smartphone that won’t make you gasp when it takes a tumble to the ground, you might want to check out the DuraForce XD next week.

Source: Kyocera (Businesswire)

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  • Ima_trip

    Only if magenta had a true rugged flagship.. #inmydreams

  • This must be a joke with the price!

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      That’s the same price as the AT&T version

      • a d00d

        Again (referring to my post above), no joke on price: the money goes towards ruggedization. Again I refer to the Panasonic ToughBook and friends which cost as much as a gaming machine yet have around the same performance as your office computer (or less); yet that Toughbook will survive fire and flood!

  • Ohh

    Yeah, I’ve been waiting to upgrade from my Kyocera hydro wave.

    • Ohh

      On the second thought, I will not upgrade. No band 12, come with Lollipop.

      • Alex Wagner

        I reached out to T-Mobile and they confirmed to me that the DuraForce XD will support band 12 LTE.

        • Ohh

          Thank you that will make my decision easier or maybe harder. To get or not to get. On one hand it does support band 12 and on the other hand it can’t extend my micro-SD to be a part of local storage. Marshmallow please!

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    That is definitely one thick phone.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    SD400? Am I reading this right?

  • jonathan3579

    That thing is seriously overpriced.

  • Mike

    No band 12? The guys that work in the heavy factories that need this phone won’t even be able to use the phone for phone purposes without band 12

    • Alex Wagner

      I thought it was strange that there was no band 12 LTE listed on Kyocera’s product page, so I asked T-Mobile and they’ve told me that the DuraForce XD will support band 12.

  • VN

    Now that JOD is dead, or undead. I would like to see a Carrier renting refurb phones. I would like to rent a phone without B12 (because B12 sucks in my area, bellow .5Mbps), others can rent to try a particular model and who knows what else for. Is it a good idea or a horrible one?

  • Its Alright

    lol, why tf aren’t the specs better? i mean, come on? really? Like you couldnt fit a Nexus 6 into the body at least? lol, nice try tmo

    • a d00d

      Because rugged devices rarely, if ever, sport cutting-edge specs (except perhaps in certain very specific and very expensive military segments). The Panasonic ToughBook and its brethren are always 2-3 generations behind the current hardware generation and there’s no reason to think any other tough electronic device would be different.

      As to why this is, there are at least a couple of reasons: one, to allow time for bugs to be worked out (errors in the silicon that have to be worked around, for example), something especially important in critical equipment like medical and military; and, two, because dies and inter-connects are more durable on older equipment. For the textbook example, check out the Wikipedia entry on the RCA-1802 aka COSMAC, and rad-hardening: this device, despite being a 1970’s-early 80’s 8-bit MCU, is still used today and provides the brains of both Voyagers.

      TL;DR You can have hardened or cutting-edge, but you can’t have both or else your edge will get dull.

      • Its Alright

        tbh, I’m not even going to read passed the first sentence because rarely needs to be converted to frequently., eliminate the bs case market entirely. hint hint otterbox

  • AS118

    Nice, but I wish it were smaller. Big phones are hard to handle in hazardous situations and that could lead to slippage.

  • riverhorse

    It seems all new phone announcements have just slightly less than wished for… from GB to inches to pixels to bands to volts.

    • Loco Mole

      There has never been a device that fully satisfies everyone’s wish list.

      No wait, there is Saygus, LOL.

      • riverhorse

        Lol. I’ll actually take anyone’s 6.25-7+” version, at whatever specs… as long as they’re better than Blu Studio 7(1gb ram/16 storage).

      • waaa

        This wouldn’t be a good comment section if someone wasn’t crying about something!

  • Anonymouse

    I’d rather TMo release Moto X Force than this.

  • Tom Ostlund

    Last paragraph… ” stand up to a goo deal of abuse”