iOS 9.3 now rolling out with Night Shift and Apple app updates, watchOS 2.2 going out as well


The new iPhone SE that Apple announced today is running iOS 9.3 out of the box, but if you’ve already got an iPhone, odds are good that you can get iOS 9.3 today rather than waiting until the iPhone SE comes out on March 31.

Apple just released iOS 9.3 after months of beta testing. Perhaps the biggest addition is Night Shift, a new feature that aims to help make it easier for you to fall asleep at night. When enabled, Night Shift will automatically make your display’s colors warmer, which studies suggest make it easier for you to sleep. In the morning, your screen will shift back to normal.


Apple has also updated several of its existing apps in iOS 9.3. For example, Notes now supports locking your notes using Touch ID or passwords. Other updated apps include News with its improved For You section, more features for CarPlay, and Health improvements. Apple has also added some new 3D Touch features to existing iOS apps like Settings, App Store, Weather.

Finally, iOS 9.3 adds some new education-centric features. The most notable is multi-user support that’ll let several people easily share a single device. Unfortunately, that feature isn’t available to the public in iOS 9.3, but now that it does exist, it’s possible that Apple will make iOS 9.3 available to us regular folks later on.

Apple is now pushing out watchOS 2.2 to the Apple Watch as well. The update includes support for pairing multiple Apple Watches to a single iPhone, a Nearby feature in Maps for browsing places close to you, and an increase in the frequency of background heart rate checks when you’re stationary. Also included is expanded system language and Siri support for languages like Catalan, Croatian, Slovak, Romanian, and Ukrainian.

To grab iOS 9.3 for yourself, pick up your iPhone or iPad and head into Settings > General > Software Update. You Apple Watch wearers can get watchOS 2.2 by going into the Watch app on your iPhone, selecting the My Watch tab, and then going into General and then Software Update.

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  • iOS 9.3 Software Update

    Great, I just recieved my iOS 9.3 software update…

  • emcdonald75

    I hope the 9.3 update fixes several issues I have with the T-Mobile iPhone 6S Plus 64GB, like:

    Landscape mode gets stuck sometimes and it doesn’t rotate back to portrait. I have to turn the screen off and wait a little while before it turns back to portrait or I have to turn on the screen orientation lock.
    Bluetooth will not transfer audio at times in my car (2015 Chrysler 200C/UConnect 8.4NAV) or headphones. Also, messages will not work for my car.
    Calls drop like crazy. Very weak wireless signal. Sometimes, I cannot make a call until after several tries.

    I almost left the iPhone this past weekend to get the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but I like the battery life of the iPhone 6S Plus and the apps in the App Store. I also like the headphone controls for the earpods.

    • i have a 6s plus also 128gb.. i have the same cant make calls issue.. i thought it was my phone

      • emcdonald75

        Well all my issues were fixed with the 9.3 update except for the Bluetooth issues. My Bluetooth still drops unexpectedly and I still cannot get messages to work properly (reply by voice/text or store messages) in my car. Also, the iTunes 12.3.3 update crashes every time I try to sync my phone. It worked fine before.