ZTE Axon Pro getting its Android 6.0 update, and it’s on sale at Amazon, too


After getting an update with Wi-Fi Calling back in December, the ZTE Axon Pro is now being treated to another big software update.

ZTE is now pushing Marshmallow to the Axon Pro, moving it from Android 5.1.1 to Android 6.0. Along with that Android OS upgrade, the update brings fixes for “various Wi-Fi Calling issues,” camera performance enhancements, improved device stability, a new boot animation, and some other bug fixes. Also included are Android 6.0-specific features like Doze battery savings and Google Now on Tap.


The update is a beefy one, weighing in at 835MB, so you may want to find yourself a speedy Wi-Fi connection before downloading it. To check for the update manually, you can go into Settings > About phone > System updates > Update Now.

The ZTE Axon Pro may not be carried by T-Mobile, but with support for band 12 LTE and Wi-Fi Calling, it is one of those unlocked phones that’ll play nicely with T-Mo if you want it. The Axon Pro is even more enticing now that it’s got Android 6.0, and if you’re interested in picking one up, now would be a good time to do so. That’s because Amazon is discounting both the 32GB and 64GB Axon Pro models, with the former priced at $329.98 ($70 off) and the latter carrying a price of $349.99 ($100 off). Amazon is also offering the standard ZTE Axon for $199.98 ($130 off), but its Android 6.0 rollout has been delayed and will begin in the coming months.

Thanks, Daniel!

Via: Android Police
Source: Amazon

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    Cool. My wife got a (non-pro) Axon back in Black Friday 2015 for $175 which was (and still is) a great value smartphone. Looking forward to Marshmallow.

  • Paul

    WOW, before the Note5 too. Ha ha, that’s great though. Way to be up on it ZTE.

  • glenn lewis

    I got the update yesterday. I love it, phone feels faster and looks fresher. Like having a whole new phone. I currently have the axon pro 32 gb model. Love it :-)

  • timmyjoe42

    Where does it say it has Band 12 support?

  • Paul Rivers

    I have this phone, here are the updates I noticed:
    – Unlock screen nows show more than 1 line (a flaw in the previous software)
    – Wifi calling is improved. Before it didn’t work at all. After update it didn’t work the first time I tried, but I rebooted my phone and then it worked. Not sure if it’s a one-time glitch or whether wifi calling is unstable, but it’s at last a big improvement over before when it didn’t work at all.
    – Band 12 and VoLte worked before, and they still work now.
    – They moved the proprietary “you are in a call” icon to the taskbar now. While it was a cool idea before, it was always right over the space you’d use to open a new browser window which I found annoying, so I’m glad they moved it.

    – I don’t seem to be able to remove my Skype contacts from my contact list any more, which is slightly annoying.
    – Running the update seemed to reset some settings.

    Overall it’s an improvement for me and I would highly recommend running it.

  • Jack Packlaian

    LG g3?? Still waiting T-Mobile!