T-Mobile’s Chief Information Officer is leaving the company


There’s a bit of executive news coming out of T-Mobile this week, as it’s been confirmed that one of T-Mo’s top level execs will be leaving the company.

Gary King, T-Mobile EVP and Chief Information Officer, will be leaving T-Mo on March 18. King became CIO in December 2013. According to an SEC filing about the change, King will be paid one year’s worth of salary “in exchange for a release and covenant of future cooperation.” King will be replaced by Cody Sanford, who most recently served as an SVP of technology.

As for why he’s leaving, a T-Mobile spokesperson said that King wants to focus on his family and his life outside of the office.

King’s departure is notable because of his position in T-Mobile, but with nearly one month to go before his departure and a replacement already waiting in the wings, there shouldn’t be any issues with the transition to the new Chief Information Officer.

Via: Reddit, Seattle Times
Source: SEC

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  • Willie D

    The wording of this sounds skeptical at best to me.

    • T-Mobile User

      “focus on his family and his life outside of the office” is an euphemism for being fired.

      • AS118

        I don’t know, if he has enough saved up, and he’s old enough to be too tired to want to work anymore, he could just want to leave.

  • Cam Fas

    It’s great that executives can strike deals to continue being overpaid for no longer working up to a year after leaving. While the working class gets the shaft and lives paycheck to paycheck. I love the service but corporate America is just too much sometimes.

    • PC_Tool

      It’s alright. As soon as someone not part of “Corporate America” comes along who can do the job as well as he can, but for minimum wage, that’ll stop happening.

      Oh wait…no it won’t; because “Corporate America” isn’t the problem…but they sure do make a really handy scapegoat.

      • Cam Fas

        Sometimes they do but remember it’s just opinion. Don’t take it too personal my opinion doesn’t mean it’s true just like your opinion doesn’t make it true we can always agree to disagree and there is absolutely nothing wrong with this. This place is just one to exchange ideas that’s what it’s for and what makes it great.

        • PC_Tool

          Bliss in ones own ignorance is offensive. Not personally, but as more of an affront to the entire human race and millions of years of evolution.

          “You have an opinion, I have an opinion. Aren’t opinions great!”

          Opinions can be utter crap. They can be outright false and misdirecting. They can be used as an excuse to remain ignorant. This seems to be the case with yours.

          Opinions don’t have value just because they exist. They are about as useful as dull knife without at least some knowledge backing them up. Ever heard of an “educated opinion”? Those are worth something.

          The opinions of folks who’d rather blame “the system” than look any further? …not worth so much.

        • donnybee

          You win the internet today. Bravo!

        • Cam Fas

          It was never supposed to be a battle merely an exchange of opinions and ideas.

        • PC_Tool

          So…you don’t actually want any discussion…you just want to spout nonsense. Got it.

        • riverhorse

          Folks, ‘Tool is not into PC. He tells it like it is, no troll / no blowhard.
          That’s how real men solve problems… no hem/haw, touchy Feely, polite beating around the Bush.
          The reality is that MOST people one runs into ARE SERIOUSLY DEFICIENT(in some fashion)-inclusive of family, ergo one must catalog them according to the old 80/20 rule(or be stuck in an endless washing machine spin cycle of perdition).

          IN CASE you think me arrogant / elitist-
          Per the IRS:
          1. Bottom 50% Americans pay 3% of taxes.
          2. Bottom 69% Americans receive more(grants / benefits / subsidies / services) than they contribute in taxes.

          And so forth and so on… think of school grade percentages when judging the top 30% remaining: lop off another 15% as mediocre + only average, etc.
          5% of Americans are excellent / 1% exceptional.

          Now how many opinions( & votes, yikes!) are truly worthwhile, you think?

          THAT’S THE REALITY… too many people are knuckleheads / like drugs / lack social skills / lack professionalism / want the easy way out(at interview talk the talk, but after hired the attendance excuses gush forth).
          Years ago folks of this ilk were protected by unions, until they waned in power in this country.
          Years ago there was also courtesy and class in this country: classes were taught in manners, charm, diction… police could arrest you for things like profanity and spitting in public, wolf-whistling dames… people dressed up when going outside the house as a sign of respect to others.
          Now folks saunter in asking for a job while reeking of Marijuana, pants around their ankles, talking smack slang. And while in the process request a specialized schedule because they need certain times to care for their 4 kids out of wedlock.
          And poor you when they subsequently notice new hires w/o having taken them first.

        • Philz

          ^^All True^^

    • Patrick Day

      Aww aren’t you cute? You must be one of those Occupy socialist types. How do you know he hasn’t earned the right to that salary? All the long nights away from his family in board meetings to make sure Tmo is the best. He could be a great human, I don’t know I earn a meager sum teaching, but I know the value of my work, and I get paid accordingly. One day because I saved, and invested wisely I’ll retire too. I also teach my kids those values, I also teach them money and rights aren’t given, they are earned. Bernie fan!…there, it’s now officially a negative epithet.

    • Android_God

      A bunch of toddlers bickering below. Just scroll really fast to avoid these retards

    • guest

      But that’s how it is. What could be the alternative? Or what the solution?

  • T-Mobile User

    Wow, one year’s worth of salary! He will finally be able to afford proper orthodontics.

    • nycplayboy78

      Ooohhh you’re petty :)

  • It must be Nice…

    Simply said, it must be nice, it must be nice…my best wishes to him and his family!

  • Android_God

    Cloudy with a chance of butthurt in the comment section today!

    • Mommy

      I told you it’s bed time. No internet.

      • Android_God

        Your unoriginality is BLOWING ME AWAY!! Nice job!!!!! :D

        • Mommy

          Don’t care. Did you take your meds?

        • Android_God

          Adele is crying for you. Let’s work on your mediocrity. You’ve got a long way to go.

  • John

    Sounds like he got fired. Nice severance package though.