T-Mobile confirms Android 6.0.1 update rollout for Nexus 6


Earlier this month, Google began pushing Android 6.0.1 to its various Nexus devices with new emoji in tow. Now T-Mobile has confirmed that the update is hitting Nexus 6 units on its network.

T-Mobile’s Nexus 6 support page has been updated to show that Android 6.0.1 has officially began rolling out to N6 users on its network. The update, which began going out on December 14, is the same MMB29K build as the one that’s available to several other Nexus devices. T-Mo says that it includes bug fixes and security enhancements, and it also brings a bunch of new emoji, like cheese wedges, tacos, and burritos.

If you haven’t already gotten Android 6.0.1, you can manually check for the 178.2MB update by heading into Settings > About phone > System Updates > Check now. It’s currently only available over Wi-Fi, but will be offered over cellular at a later date. While the update is only a small jump in version number, it’s an important one because it includes Google’s latest security fixes. And if you ever use emoji, you’ll want to grab it and start using the new and improved emoji characters.

So, have you gotten Android 6.0.1 on your Nexus 6 yet?

Thanks, @Chewcudda!

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Jose Hernandez

    I actually got it on the 14th, at 5am.

  • steveb944

    I’m still on Lollipop. I’m manually updating this weekend when I have time to bother with it.

    • yankeesusa

      What build are you on now and who is your service provider?

      • steveb944

        T-Mobile, hence why I’m on this site.

        I got the update last night finally. Went from Lollipop to 6.0.1

        • yankeesusa

          good to know. Reason i asked is because some on here are from project fi and metro pcs. But it’s good to know that tmobile is not delaying the 6.0.1 like they did with 6.0

  • Praisedeath

    I got the 6.0.1 update about 2pm Arizona time.

  • plastic101

    So we’re officially unified now?!!

    • yankeesusa

      It was officially unified since the m preview edition 3. T-Mobile just decided to add a couple things to ensure everything worked and then google included those things in 6.01 and tmobile i guess decided that was ok too.
      Since it is unified the great thing is now, built in visual voicemail without needing a visual voicemail app which is awesome.

      • jimt

        But this sort of says that 6.0 was not unified under T-Mobile, my carrier.

        • yankeesusa

          See, here’s the thing, and bear with me. With 6.0 google wanted to do only 1 build. So when i was testing build 3 preview edition it worked perfectly. Wifi calling was enabled, visual voicemail was built into the dialer and tmobile agreed they would support it which they did. Also, band 12 was supported. Then when the first build was released, it actually worked on every phone, including tmobile. T-mobile decided to do testing on it and found out that some people had issues with lte so they decided to tweak it. Through all this, google kept releasing builds that added the monthly patch, so october patch,november, patch and now december. Now with this latest december build, google made the necessary changes and now tmobile has agreed it works perfectly with their service. I myself never had issues with the 6.0 first build. Tmobile was just being thorough. At this point, it is definitely unified with 6.0.1. Especially since all over the news is coming in that att and verizon customers are getting this build pushed to their phones via ota.

        • jimt

          I have heard Tmo is pushing it also, but from what I have read you won’t get it unless you have MRA58K or MRA58X. So if you flashed R or N you will probably have to flash the factory image of MMB29K, manually.

        • yankeesusa

          Yea, i’m waiting to see that also. I think the ota will come in for everyone at one point. Those monthly patches have to be pushed one way or another and not everyone can manually flash it.

        • jimt

          Well, the only people with the wrong builds are the people that flashed the factory image to begin with. The people who waited for the OTA’s will have the right build on their phone. There are the people that bought a phone used on Verizon and now have a Tmo sim in it, though.

        • yankeesusa

          Very good point. I actually flashed the ota zip through adb and just couple days ago I got the 6.0.1 update. I think in the end those that got a phone from somewhere else will get the update sooner or later. From what saw on Android police, several builds will be getting the 6.0.1 update.

        • jimt

          I think they need to be official builds of the carrier or else you are in trouble. Might have to wait for 7.0 for all I know. OTA’s are very specific as to what they update. You can go wrong if you sideload them,however.

        • yankeesusa

          My brother in law has verizon and he just got 6.0.1. I think that this build MMB29K is pretty unified and will work with every single version no matter what service it’s on. I have a friend on fi and he got it too.

        • jimt

          Yes, the kicker is that the carrier only sends out OTA’s for their builds so if you are on a Verizon build, Tmo is not going to upgrade you. I got onto a sprint build in lollipop and never got updated by Tmo. I had to do a Factory image restore to get back on the same page as Tmo was on. Then the OTA’s started to come from Tmo. Maybe given enough time Tmo will send out OTA’s for non-official builds but you might die first or wait for 7.0, maybe.

        • yankeesusa

          That’s where 6.0 is different. After a while the phone will know the sim card is different and the correct build will be pushed. I know some verizon users that switched to tmobile and their phones have been getting ota. Plus, hard reset without sim will get them to the right build also.

        • jimt

          Well with 6.0.1 all is right with the world, finally. It has been a little confusing up to now. I got to MMb29k using the factory image taking the -w out of the flash-all.bat, worked like a champ, and will work like a champ for anyone. There should not be any more confusion. Thanks be.

        • yankeesusa

          I hope so.

  • I got it via the cell network, not WiFi, yesterday.

    • Rick

      Same here I got it on Tuesday 12/15 via cell network

  • James A Parr

    I got it today thru Project Fi… N6

  • Chris Fisher

    Mine showed up on 12/14 some time early in the morning. I was wondering if I would get it since I had the Google factory image for 6.0 and I left my bootloader unlocked.

  • jimt

    Yes!!!! It is official. And I guessed right when I loaded it a few weeks ago. Tmo couldn’t answer the question as to if it was a unified version or not.

    • yankeesusa

      It’s been unified since the release of 6.0, in fact it’s been unified since the preview edition.

      • jimt

        Does this look unified to you?, it doesn’t to me.
        (MRA58K) (MRA58N) (MRA58R) (MRA58X)

        • yankeesusa

          All these builds just have a different month patch. Only reason tmobile came out with their own 6.0 was to include a patch and make sure wifi calling was working but then they saw that it was working which is the reason that they are now pushing 6.0.1 which is MMB29K. This build includes the december patch and works with ALL NEXUS 6 whether it’s project fi, verizon, att,tmobile or just about any other service. So although it looks like many different builds, it’s not really in the sense these include the monthly patches that google promised to put out.

        • jimt

          I agree 6.0.1 is just one build I heard they had problems on Fi and Tmo and some were never official on Tmo for sure.MRA58K and MRA58X were the only ones official on Tmo. This is the first I have heard that they were just different security patches, interesting.

        • yankeesusa

          Look here: https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images?hl=en

          If you look under Nexus 6 you’ll see that the original 6.0 was released and worked with all builds. Then something happened in between and monthly patches were released which threw everyone for a loop. Then now with build MMB29K it shows that it is for every single n6 out there, not exclusive to a certain phone or provider.

  • SirStephenH

    I just flashed it myself when the image was first posted. Nexuses are awesome.

  • I don’t even have 6.01 on my Nexus 6P!

  • Hello

    My battery life has been horrible since 6.0 update

  • EastOakland510

    I got 6.0.1 on my nexus 6 why they take away fast charge fml

    • Brad

      They definitely didn’t… I still charge fast

  • skyvsat

    The problem with my Nexus 6 after 6.0 update, I had to factory reset the phone then battery had start working like new,otherwise it would be last few hours I was so upset with update.