Samsung Gear S2 update rolling out with battery life optimizations


Now that smartwatches are a thing, it means that our watches now require charging and software updates just like our smartphones. And today, folks with the Samsung Gear S2 are getting to experience a watch update first-hand.

The Gear S2 is now getting a software update to version R730TUVU1AOL3. The update is rather small, weighing in at just 4.85MB. The changelog lists battery life optimizations as the only change. As of this writing, T-Mobile’s Gear S2 support page doesn’t appear to have been updated to reflect this new update. In fact, clicking the “Update available” button pushes you a support page for the original Gear S.


While the Gear S2 is getting a software update just like a smartphone, the process of updating your watch is a bit different than the way that you update your phone. With the Gear S2, you need to grab your phone and launch the Samsung Gear app, then go into Settings, About Gear, and Update Gear software.

This update may be a small one, but battery life is a big feature of smartwatches. After all, once your smartwatch runs out of juice, it becomes an expensive bracelet with a blank screen. So this Gear S2 update is definitely worth seeking out if you’ve got Samsung’s smartwatch strapped to your wrist.

Thanks, Nicholas!

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