Moto X Pure Edition available for $349.99 as an Amazon Deal of the Day


Another smartphone deal has surfaced. This time it’s the Moto X Pure Edition that’s getting discounted, with Amazon knocking $100 off the device’s asking price. That means that you can get the black or white Moto X Pure Edition with 32GB of storage for $349.99. If you’d prefer a more premium backside, Amazon is also discounting the 32GB model with a bamboo back, pricing it at $379.99.

This Moto X Pure Edition is factory unlocked and comes with a warranty. And while this device isn’t being sold by T-Mobile, Motorola has said that its Android 6.0 update will add support for T-Mo band 12 LTE. While the update doesn’t appear to have rolled out to T-Mobile users quite yet, some xda-developers forum users have sideloaded it and report that band 12 LTE is indeed working. Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when or if Wi-Fi Calling will be enabled.

Motorola’s Moto X family of phones have always been about offering a high-end experience for an affordable price, and the Moto X Pure Edition is no different. There are lots of solid deals on Android smartphones to be had right now, including $50 off Google’s Nexus phones, but the Moto X Pure Edition is worth a consideration as a sub-$400 phablet. However, since this is an Amazon Deal of the Day, you’ve only got a little more than 13 hours to decide if you’re going to take advantage of the sale.

Source: Amazon

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  • Adam

    When you buy this phone from Amazon, do you pay tax on $350 or $450? Sales tax is a good way to tell if a phone is being subsidized because when a subsidized phone has a discount, you pay tax on the non-discounted price. Then, you pay tax again in your monthly service bill.

    The government must hate subsidized phones, because they are double taxing them.

    • steveb944

      This device isn’t being subsidized by anyone. The taxes are based on final sale price. Discount shows on the main listing, final sale summary doesn’t even show the discount difference.

      Furthermore you may not even pay taxes on Amazon depending on your state.

      If someone would try to tax me full MSRP on an item I’m buying for a lot less I’d highly question it. Yet, I haven’t bought a subsidized phone in over a decade, so I wouldn’t know if that’s the norm.

      • Adam

        Most states have cell phone tax laws that require sales tax to be paid on the non-subsidized price. Since Amazon only charges tax on $350, this tells me it is not a subsidized phone.

        I have the iPhone promo and pay sales tax on the full retail price. This means T-Mobile considers this a subsidized purchase according to state tax law.

    • patt


  • YABD

    This device support Volte? and all the tmobile tricks?

    • Medion

      Everything except WiFi calling, apparently.

  • Grendel

    I ordered it but then quickly cancelled the order after I learned that there is still no Wi-Fi calling with the Marshmallow update. At least it has band 12 enabled with Marshmallow.

  • harrihuss

    Motorola’s inability to work with tmobile wifi calling, unlike apple and google who now support it, is a continuing disappointment. Last Motorola phone in our family was a StarTac, and it doesn’t look like there is much chance of that changing.