MetroPCS launching Buy One, Get One Black Friday promo today


This week is turning into a big one for MetroPCS subscribers, because just days after the reveal of Music Unlimited and Data Maximizer, Metro’s Black Friday deal has been announced.

MetroPCS is unveiling a Buy One, Get One smartphone offer for Black Friday. The good news is that you don’t have to wait until November 27 to take advantage of the deal, because it runs from November 19 (today) through November 30. With this BOGO offer, you can buy any phone at a participating MetroPCS store and get one of the following five devices for free:

  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  • Kyocera Hydro Wave
  • LG Leon
  • LG 450
  • ZTE Obsidian

If you do decide to take advantage of this promo, keep in mind that you’ll need to activate your free device on one of MetroPCS’s new plans. If you know someone that’s in the market for prepaid service, this could make for a nice deal for you two, especially with the holidays coming. Think about it: You get a shiny new smartphone, and your friend or loved one can get one of their own for free. The free options aren’t the most high-end devices around, but they could be a fit for folks with less demanding smartphone needs.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • AS118

    Not a bad deal if you don’t need much out of a phone. These phones are decent for low-end phones, and getting 2 for 1 is pretty cool. I have a ZTE Obsidian as a spare phone around the house, and it’s not bad. Removable battery, microSD card slot, but only about 3gb free out of the 8gb of storage it has. Non-IPS screen, but it’s good enough.


    They will use some high MSRP price which is about twice or more the current street price.

    • Dweezil Narcolepsy

      Typically, the cost of the phones on no contract carriers is the actual cost of the device. We get spoiled by contract deals, which basically lock us in to make sure we pay the same amount or more over a certain amount of time
      for example, the Galaxy S6 is $549 with MPCS right now. If you got it through another carrier, say Sprint, you might not pay anything up front, but you get locked into a 2 year contract at $60 a month. After 10 months, the phone’s paid off, but you still have another 14 months to go.

    • Bklynman

      Not really,I was just on Metro site yesterday,they have, LG Stylo for only $149.00,
      until they were sold out they had, Nokia 640,for only $39.00,what little I read of the SGCP,in the reviews it seem like good phone,have not read anything about the other 4.

      • guest

        The LG Leon is a good one too, if you don’t need more than 1GB of RAM. The Hydro from what I heard is not so good; the ZTE one I don’t know; and the LG 450 flip phone has fair reviews.

  • randian

    Darn, I was hoping for a repeat of the $50 unlimited deal.

  • NardVa

    Not a bad deal if you are looking for a budget phone.

  • If Metro had good phones… like the inexpensive Motos, Asus, One Plus… I don’t think T-Mobile wants them to be competitive in that market. They just market to urban poor and ethnic groups.

    • Walt

      They compete with cricket and boost

      • We all know who they compete against, that wasn’t the point. They’d be MORE competitive with a better device portfolio. Even Cricket had Moto.

  • patt

    MetroPCS launching Buy One, Get One Black Friday promo today , blaack phones only?:D