BLU Studio Selfie LTE coming to T-Mobile, will support band 12 and VoLTE


BLU Products frequently targets T-Mobile customers with their unlocked phones, but the problem is that those devices often lack fully compatibility with T-Mobile’s LTE network. That’s not the case with the Studio Selfie LTE, a new phone from BLU that’s fully certified by T-Mobile and will be sold by T-Mo dealers.

Phone Scoop recently spent some time with the BLU Studio Selfie LTE, and as you might guess, its main feature is a 5-megapixel front-facing camera that also sports an LED flash. The rest of the Studio Selfie LTE is described as “very generic,” offering a 5-inch display that’s “perfectly average” and a 5-megapixel rear camera that didn’t really leave a solid first impression.

The body of the Studio Selfie LTE is white and plastic, and the rear cover has a matte finish. You can also remove the back cover to reveal the card slots. Finally, the software on the Studio Selfie is vanilla Android with few meaningful changes from BLU.

Most notable to T-Mobile customers is that, since the Studio Selfie is certified by T-Mobile, it includes support for band 12 LTE as well as Voice over LTE (VoLTE). T-Mo has been pushing band 12 LTE (aka Extended Range LTE) in a big way lately, which is no surprise since it offers farther reach and better building penetration than its other flavors of LTE, so it’s nice to see a BLU device that supports it.

The BLU Studio Selfie LTE will cost $99, but today’s report makes no mention of when it’ll launch, and neither BLU nor T-Mobile appear to have made any announcements about the phone at the time of this writing. As for the Studio Selfie LTE itself, the handset doesn’t sound like it’s going to impress anyone looking for a high-end device or anything like that. At just $99, though, it seems like a perfectly respectable option for someone that just wants an affordable Android phone.

For more photos of the BLU Studio Selfie LTE, hit up the link below.

Source: Phone Scoop

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  • Randy Rowles

    Any Tech specs available for this phone?

  • kgraham182

    Hey Alex, is there any phone that’s not sold by T-Mobile supports VoLTE, wifi-calling, and B12. Is VoLTE certification done by the government or T-Mobile, why don’t more unlocked phones have it, and can you give a general ballpark figure of the fee to get certified.

    • steveb944

      Up until Marshmallow makes a proper release that’s the only potential for B12/voLTE/WiFi calling. So for now the new Nexus, pending approval.
      T-Mobile specific due to E911 on B12 voLTE, as far as I know.
      It’s pricey/annoying to do it for a single network for the companies releasing unlocked devices. I’m assuming because no company has confirmed anything.

      • kgraham182

        If its a per device fee that could add up quickly to support one network, but if it’s a one-time fee maybe T-Mobile should give discount to smaller companies like BLU.

    • Alex Wagner

      T-Mobile has said that any phone using its band 12 coverage must also support VoLTE and E911, to do so they have to go through T-Mobile’s certification process. As for the cost to get it certified, to my knowledge there haven’t been any figures made available.

      • walt

        Alex, I am a MetroPCS customer on their $60 unlimited plan. I have an iPhone 6s and Band 12 works great! problem is there is NO VOLTE on my phone, it defaults to 3G when i make calls. oh and yes, there is VOLTE in my area (Akron/Canton) because I used to be a t-mobile customer with my old iphone 6.

        Now you say t-mobile MUST support VOLTE if band 12 is active on a phone for E911 calls, but my iphone wont do VOLTE because metro is blocking this feature. I know metro is owned by t-mobile nut i dont understand why VOLTE isnt enable with a BYOD on metro. any suggestions?

        • Stefan Naumowicz

          Mvnos often don’t support all of the features that are available to the carriers primary customer base. Lack of volte on metro is a known example.

        • walt

          “T-Mobile has said that any phone using its band 12 coverage must also support VoLTE and E911”

          T-mobile owns metro pcs. they’re NOT a MVNO and this is a security flaw. what happens if i’m out in rural America and i have a band 12 LTE signal but my phone won’t make a regular call or even worse, a 911 call? sounds like a major issue to me

        • laqueffa

          Metro DONT offer volte .My friends here in Los angeles that are too cheap to get tmobile have metro branded phones galaxy s5 and yep no VOLTE phone drops down to 3G for calls . And volte is available here in LA cuz i have tmobile and my s6 edge stays on 4g lte when making calls.

        • Bill

          That’s not true metro pcs does have volte I have it my calls never drop to 3g and im in chicago

        • Rod

          Metro customers don’t get access to band 12/volte just like they don’t the free roaming in Mexico. If you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with only b12 coverage and call 911 if the phone and network both support volte it’ll force the call through. If not it would use any available network (including att,verizon,sprint) to complete the call. Not a security flaw or major issue at all.

        • ThatsMrtoyou

          Except, metro PCs is NOT an mvno. They are directly owned by T-Mobile

        • kgraham182

          Metro PCS does support B12/VoLTE, the problem is with the way iPhone APN are auto set to default. It’s been mentioned here in the past, if you buy the phone from T-Mobile. VoLTE might work and if you buy it directly from Apple, people are having difficulty getting VoLTE to work on MetroPCS.

      • kgraham182

        Thanks Alex

    • Marsupial

      Currently the only phones that are supposed to have full T-Mobile support (VoLTE, wifi-calling, and B12) are the new Nexus 5X and 6P. The catch is that Google might still be in the process of certifying them – they said that they would have the certification done with TMO before they ship but I have not heard that they have managed to get this done and phones are starting to ship. Nexus 6 was sold by TMO so I’m not including it. Besides the new Nexus phones, there is nothing else out there that is fully TMO compatible that I am aware of.

  • Angel

    This one they bring? I mean, I’m glad that BLU made it’s way to a carrier store. But this phone doesn’t sound intriguing enough to try it out, Most people aren’t gonna risk it. Not to mention what little is know of the specs doesn’t sound worthy of the risk. Not to mention if it turns out to lag and stuff people are immediately go on about how BLU sucks comparing it’s performance with phones that aren’t even on the same price range, because people are like that. Seen it many times. For cheap phones there are those like the LG Leon, I’ve even seen the HTC Desire 626s at a hundreds bucks on Bestbuy. I wish BLU would have tried to get the BLU Studio Energy 2, and market it HUGE battery and ability to charge other device; the Vivo Air LTE, and market it’s thin and elegant looking body. I mean if they where gonna go to the trouble of getting band 12 and it’s bells and whistle (VoLTE, E911, WiFi-calling) certified. They might as well do it for something more catchy. To open a better path in case they wanna bring a BLU flagship competitor. The BLU Life Pure XL was an great phone for its price and the BLU Pure XL is quite the bargain. QuadHD, Helio x10, 3G of RAM, 24MP camera and 64GB of storage for $350? Plus fingerprint sensor and NFC for those who need it. If it had B12 etc, it would be the best phone on T-Mo at that price range.

  • cruzz563

    If a small company like BLU can cert this mid-ranger, what is stopping Motorola from doing it? Another reason I won’t be purchasing from them after my 2014 G.

  • Do anyone know if T-Mobile will fully certify the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL? It’s shown on Spectrum Gateway as “Coming Soon”.

  • Joe Franklin

    Blu makes great cheap phones but they are the worst company at issuing android updates. I’m sure this phone will come stock with Kit Kat and a promised Lollipop update. Don’t hold your breath.