BlackBerry Venice leaks once again, this time in a hands-on video


Another day, another BlackBerry Venice leak. This time around, we’re getting a look at the Venice on video thanks to Baka Mobile, a retailer for Canadian carrier Bell Mobility.

In the four minute video, we’re given looks at both the BlackBerry Venice’s software and hardware. On the software side, we can see a version of Android that looks mostly stock, but has a few notable tweaks. For example, when you use the shortcut to launch Google Now by sliding your finger up from the apps button, you’re presented with buttons for BlackBerry Hub and BlackBerry Search in addition to Google Now. The video also shows that the Venice has Tap to Wake functionality.

Switching to hardware, the Venice has a power/lock button its left side as well as volume buttons and a convenience key on its right side. Up top lives microSD and SIM slots, and the bottom of the phone houses its microUSB and headphone ports. If you slide up the phone’s screen, you’ll see its physical keyboard that doubles as a trackpad. The person in the video notes that the Venice is “comfortable” to hold while its screen is slid up and that it’s not too bottom-heavy.

The BlackBerry Venice is currently rumored to be slated for a launch on T-Mobile — and other US carriers — in November. While it may seem that most everything about the phone has leaked, BlackBerry may still have one or two goodies up its sleeve. Plus, you don’t really know a phone until you get your hands on it, so we’ll have to wait until the Venice actually launches before making any judgments about it.

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  • Joe

    I’m not one for physical keyboards so this device does not interest me. But this does look like a great phone for those who are. I think BB has got themselves a winner finally. They better advertise it properly.

  • take the good person test

    I am happy for Blackberry and their user base. This looks to be something many will like.

  • nearvanaman

    I know they won’t have the advertising dollars of Samsung but with a lot of people dissatisfied with the loss of the SD card slot in the Note 5, there may be some Note 3 and 4 users interested. Hopefully the battery clocks in around the 3450mAh that their Passport had. That thing was a battery beast.

  • Ordeith

    Ugh, Android.

  • Joshua Suits

    That unit they are showing off is a T-Mobile unit at around :48 you see the T-Mobile my account and TV apps.

    • gmo8492

      Good catch. :)

  • gmo8492

    This is going to be an awesome device. Despite people saying in earlier leaks that the Venice was going to be a “brick” it looks pretty slim like most other flagships. BB may have a winner on it’s hands.

  • AS118

    This or the Xperia Z5 Compact will most likely be my next phone.

  • Spanky

    If I was still using Android, I would buy this phone in a split second. After all these years, BlackBerry has finally put out a worthwhile device.

  • Evan Pickens

    The Bold 9000 was such an amazing phone in its day. If T-Mobile brings this phone out I will gladly swap my iPhone 6s for it!

  • Jordan Bookhart

    I’m excited…this thing looks AWESOME…as far as touchscreen keyboards have come, nothing will beat a physical keyboard….

  • rene

    they should have webos on that bb, to have something different on the market beside iOS and android, pretty sure would have kill it.