T-Mobile offering solid discounts on Galaxy S6, GS6 edge, LG G4, and more


T-Mobile is now running a sale on several of its devices that includes entry-level devices like the iPhone 5c and higher-end models like Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. Here’s the list of several of the discounts that are on offer right now:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6: $579.99 for 32GB ($99.93 off), $659.99 for 64GB ($100 off), $659.99 for 128GB ($200 off)
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 edge: $679.99 for 32GB ($99.77 off), $759.99 for 64GB ($99.84 off), $759.99 for 128GB ($199.84 off)
  • LG G4: $479.76 ($120 off)
  • iPhone 5c: $249.84 ($79.92 off)
  • ZTE ZMAX: $149.76 ($48 off)
  • LG Leon LTE: $99.99 ($39.93 off)
  • LG G Stylo: $289.99 ($40 off)
  • Samsung Galaxy S5: $529.92, get $100 more off with code SAVEBIG

There are some nice deals in here, particularly if you’re interested in a spacious Galaxy S6 or S6 edge. The 128GB versions of both of Samsung’s flagship phones are the same prices as the 64GB models, so you can get get a phone with a ton of built-in storage for a pretty reasonable price.

Several of these discounts are a part of T-Mobile’s latest “Summer Shocker” sale, which will run through today, so you may want to act fast if you see any deals that you want to take advantage of.

Source: T-Mobile


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  • souggie

    Not too bad

  • AdamBath

    The 479.76 is the price we paid on the 25th for the LG G4. Think that’s just its normal price now.

    • skywalkr2

      It’s been listed as a discount for awhile now…

    • Robert L


    • Morton H

      The phone has been on sale for a few weeks now. I got mines for the same price. LG G4

  • tomarone


  • dontsh00tmesanta

    lol people might as well get the 128gb gs6

    But I was hoping the nexus 6 would drop too

  • Visvism

    It appears that flagship Android devices are really not worth picking up until a few months after release with the quick rate at which they drop in price. I’m sure many like being on the latest and greatest the day it comes out but if you can save up to $200 after only a little over three months that sounds like the move.

    • Visvism

      If only these price drops would have an effect on Apple’s pricing structure.

      • J.J.

        lol. when there are hundreds of choices in android, manufacturers must slash sometimes to compete. apple…this is the design/specs/features….deal with it because we know what you want.

        • skywalkr2

          In other words… supply and demand… Apple controls supply so they can control $.

        • J.J.

          Yes. When you have a cult following like they do it’s easy. Why do you like the iPhone…. Because you know… It’s an iPhone! *Comment does not reflect all iPhone users*(just most) so don’t yell at me

  • VG

    This is the problem with Android phones: prices are slashed only a few months after their initial release. I would never purchase an Android flagship smartphone when first released, I always wait a few months for the deals to begin!

    • Piterson Massenat Desir

      agreed. paid 920 to tmobile when the s6 edge 64GB came out. now its 760 for the 128GB version.

      • J.J.

        wow. i hate this new heavily tiered storage crap from samsung

        • Paul Taylor


        • Robert L

          womp womp

        • J.J.

          No sd card to expand so forced to pay premium for storage

    • Mike Palomba

      At least android phone prices go down… I paid like 950 for my 64GB iPhone 6 and if I was to walk into there store and buy it again today it would cost almost the same price.

      • Robert L

        Which… is a good thing. Because your phone holds value, Android phones don’t.

        So when you sell or trade your phone later in the future, you won’t be surprised as to how little its worth and how much money you’ve lost in the interim.

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  • emcdonald75

    I was going to purchase the Samsung S6 or the S6 Edge but after reading the reviews, I’m scared. People are reporting awful battery life and numerous system crashes and other problems. I think I will wait for the next Apple device. I love the flexibility of Android but there are way too many problems. My Galaxy Note 4 is acting horrible now after the Lollipop update. Still no update to correct the issues of crashes, poor battery life, restarts, and the LTE, 4G, Edge toggles back and forth. I have done the system wipe and reinstall everything and the problems still exist.

    • steveb944

      Nexus or bust, that’s my policy for solid updates. Keep in mind if you actually use the Apple device, battery life sucks and you’ll have issues but they’ll be hiding from you.

      • emcdonald75

        I hear nothing but great things about the battery life of the iPhone 6 Plus. I hear that apps crash but seldom and the 1GB of ram appears to be the only issue causing web pages or apps to crash. When I had KitKat on my Note 4 everything was great, but with Lollipop my phone crashes everyday. Apps will respond or sometimes not. And my phone will get very hot all of a sudden but then it will cool down. This is with me not doing anything except for having the phone in my pocket. It does so many strange things I am believing that it might be possessed. Lol.

        • steveb944

          It depends. If you use it like an Android, you’ll get comparable battery life, recall it’s only 2915mAh, while the Note 4 is 3220 with wireless charging and fast charge.

          Lollipop has been the worst release of an OS for Android. They promptly fixed it with 5.1, but that’s only trickling out to those that don’t have Nexus because OEMs suck.
          I personally don’t like Samsung/Touchwiz, but at least in this instance it seems it’s not not the culprit.

  • NardVa

    These Android smartphone are overpriced when they are released. A flagship should be between $450 and $500. All these $600 and up prices are ridiculous. Consumers are fed up and are buying more unlocked phones through other channels. You have the OnePlus 2 under $400, the ZTE Axon at $450, and the Moto X Style starting at $400.

    • steveb944

      They deliver more than Apple, with an equivalent MSRP.

      A lot of those affordable flagships are missing certain things that are standard on devices (OIS, wireless charging, NFC).

    • RLB63

      However, of you buy from another source you don’t typically get the same extended warranty or insurance.

  • J Cav the Great

    128GB GS6 for $650 seems like a steal!!…but still happy with my Z3…

    • Zacamandapio

      You can get a Z3 w/32GB of storage and a 128GB memory card (160 total) and still cheaper.
      I love my Xperia as well.

      • J Cav the Great

        I have a 32GB Z3 (25GB usable) + 32GB SD Card…I’m good..

    • emcdonald75

      I know. I was going to purchase it today. But I don’t want to deal with severe system problems and extremely poor battery life. I wonder has an update been released to fix these issues.

  • YABD

    I just paid 450 for the g3 1 month before they released the g4, now g4 is only 30 dollars more. Bad investment.

  • Albus Percival

    Is this only online or in store too?

  • Bklynman

    Can anyone tell me why Tmobile still selling the LG F3Q for $324?? Yes they are still selling this phone,when they could of been still selling the My touch 4g slide by HTC.
    When other phones have come and gone since this has been out. All these sales,I am pretty sure they are for new customers only,since Tm,doesn’t do anything for there customers,once they sign them up,not talking getting anything free,why can’t they just give there long term customers the same deal? Even when they had contacts,it was the same deal,sales for new customers,nothing for the oldones,when SG2 came out I got it at Target for $99.00. So why no sales for us?

    • RLB63

      I got an s3 at Sam’s club for $1.05 when out was still top of the line on an existing contact.you just needed to know the ropes.

  • Paul

    Samsung is trying REAL hard to get those S6 series phones to move off the shelves. Shouldn’t have left off the microsd slot.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      id be ok with the s6 if the ram management wasnt so messed up

      • orlando duran

        The ram management is great…lay off that pipe

        • Robert L

          Nah, not with that overbearing software. The phone has to kill programs too often, almost as much as a phone with 1GB of RAM.

          Here’s to hoping 4GB of RAM will fix the problem… :/

        • StillNotBuying

          Quit it Orlando. You can’t fix this.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          follow your own advice it is not great so horrible….still cant do more two things at once

        • gmo8492

          Nope, my cousin’s S6 shows as 75% usage even when no apps are running in the background.

    • orlando duran

      The no sd has been proven to be a moot point

      • NotBuying

        That is not a moot point dummy. It cost my sale and everyone I know who uses Samsung phones. Quit trying to gloss over their failure. Do you work for them? As far as I’m concerned they have really blown it.

        • digitallife

          That’s your opinion dude, just like he had his opinion. Put down the redbull and relax.

        • RLB63

          No I’m sick of the Samsung people all quoting from the Samsung playbook. If they would stop using the same words including non techies, it wouldn’t be so obvious. My daughter that is the last casting about spare batteries or SD slot her first comment was what do you do when it freezes? They lost 5 sales in my family alone and I know other techies that won’t touch them. Samsung batteries are terrible. Wait 6 months to a year. Then watch the phones coming back because of bad batteries or people screaming that the batteries aren’t good anymore and they won’t replace them.

        • Bulletproof2006

          I had to buy replacement batteries for my S3 after 1 year, and I kept it for 3 years, it was a solid phone.
          I kept the same phone for 3 years, not really a techie, and Samsung lost at least 3 sales from my family.

        • Chilehead
      • Paul

        Obviously not if the sales of the S models are low, and many of us are complaining. Not very moot at all.

        • kev2684

          if you’re not a techie these things doesn’t matter. to the general public, SD cards and removable batteries are not a selling point.

        • Paul

          Until the average customer runs out of space, complains, and moves into another device. So yes, it work matter.

        • Chilehead

          iPhone users aren’t moving. Not that I’m one of them but they aren’t complaining because the “average user” does not consume as much space as we do. We are the minority. Why would manufacturers design phones to accommodate a small percentage of consumers? I’m quite sure they’ve done their research. How’s the LG G4 selling?

        • Chilehead

          So poor GS6 sales figures are due to the missing microsd card slot? c’mon Paul really?. The average consumer (that doesn’t care about phones like we do) has no idea what a microsd card slot is! FYI iPhones are selling pretty well LOL.

        • RLB63

          Every story about the S6 on any site I’ve seen has people complaining about either that or the non removable battery. Even Samsung bragged about the swappable battery in tv ads for earlier models. They had things that made them different from the other phones. Now I’m told even the company that manufactures the iPhone is participating in the s6. Don’t know how true it is but they look a lot a like. If I wanted one of the other companies phones I would have bought one. Now I’m waiting on the g5!

        • Chilehead

          Only people like us complain about phone specs on web sites. The average Joe does not. Bear in mind that the market is now saturated with quality phones so people aren’t buying as often which is more likely the reason for slower sales for most manufacturers. I’ll also point out that I’ve had several microsd cards fail so I choose not to depend on them. As far as replaceable batteries the quick charging in my GS6 Edge and Xperia Z3 eliminates the need for me to care about battery replacement.

      • Bulletproof2006

        Not having an microSD card slot as a stand alone feature could be considered a moot point since you have the option to pay more for whatever storage size you need. However, no microSD slot is just one of the issues contributing to the low Galaxy S6 sales IMO.

        No microSD card, no removable battery, relatively small non-removable battery capacity, not waterproof, glass back, no manual camera controls, custom Android software overlay, and especially PRICE, etc.

        There is no phone that has every feature, so you have to prioritize what’s important to you, but the Galaxy S6 had too many features missing, which is where the iPhone clone without iOS criticism comes into play. But comparing any Android phone with the iPhone is a slippery slope.

  • skywalkr2

    The G4 for $480 is an amazing deal. Still can’t quite believe it.

    • archerian

      its been on sale like that for a few weeks now, rather stealthily.

    • Morton H

      I just got my G4 today for that sale price.. What a great damn phone. Quick Charge 2.0 works extremely fast. VOLTE and HD Voice works flawlessly I just received 2 system updates. Screen is very responsive and battery life last long, and Camera and The Quantum Screen wonderful beyond. I returned my OPO.

      • Bulletproof2006

        I agree 100%! I was an early adopter and got the 128GB card and of the course the extra battery, battery cradle and a 32 GB card. Sure I would have loved to have gotten it at this price, but with everything this phone offers and how good it has been to me so far, I only feel a little pissed off lol. The manual camera mode has paid off big time with a new born ( I take a lot of pictures in low light so that I have to blind my baby to get a decent pic). Since I had an S3 that was on its last legs, and I was ready to throw my money at Samsung for an S6, but the removable battery and memory storage upgrade prices turned me off big time.

    • dtam

      I finally got approved for the free leather case, battery and cradle.

      • Mike Thaler

        Same here. Bought it a week ago – got confirmation w. tracking number today that it’s on its way. Not sure if I’ll even use the leather back. Plastic backseems quite solid to the feel.

  • ragumaster

    wait 5c for 250 how ??? I still see 450 ?

  • mreveryphone

    People kill me with this no sd card slot, sales are down rah rah mess. If the sd card slot is so important then how come the g4 isn’t doing well in sales at all and they have it discounted twice the amount of the 6??? Shouldn’t the m9 be killing in sales right now?? I mean the sd card slot is the holy grail right???

    • RLB63

      Don’t think the battery is swappable.

      As for the g4 out isn’t totally up to what I want yet. However with how much they have come close to the other top of the line phones I expect the g5 to be worth upgrading to. The s5 isn’t enough of an upgrade either.

      I really don’t get it all these people during to defend Samsung. They KNOW THAT a swappable battery is do important that they had out in the tv ads for the s5 against Apple. They remove out don’t give much extra battery power and THINK people will be happy? Even they admit their profits ARE DOWN….

      • watkins

        These next galaxy devices dropping soon will bomb. There are way better devices coming in the next few months. I think that’s what everybody is waiting on. For me it’s the lg g4 pro and goodbye Samsung!!!

  • Tyler

    Don’t forget that Samsung has a Guaranteed $200 rebate trade-in program if you trade in a Galaxy S4, S5, iPhone 5, 5S, 6, or 6 Plus (no physical/liquid damage, not blacklisted, Find My iPhone turned off, etc) after purchasing either the S6 or S6 edge. This ends in August 11th.

    http://www.samsungpromotions.com has the details.

  • gmo8492

    Why do both the 64GB and 128GB Galaxy S6 cost $659.99? Is that some sort of typo because that would be some pretty dumb pricing structure for two different storage options.

  • Fuegoo

    People need to realize that only tech people care about sd cards and removable battery. I’ve sold probably hundreds of the S6/Edge, and probably…8 people were turned off by those missing features…They till bought the phone anyways though. Not once did someone go “ohh nooo, I guess I’ll have to go with the LG G4” that doesn’t happen in the real world. Now stop it.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      i went with the g4 after 2 weeks with the gs6

      reason? ram management…..got the 128gb s6 was solid!

    • RLB63

      Actually in YOUR world it doesn’t. Of the five people in my world that have galaxy phones not one will upgrade to the s6. We were eagerly waiting for it as well. My son went out and got the s5. My oldest daughter got the note 4. Said she would not get another galaxy or note if they blocked the battery swapping and the SD card. I’m waiting to see what the lg g5 looks like. Samsung has said their profits ARE DOWN. So all those that say it isn’t effecting sales of non techies are wrong. I am the only techie in my family and they decided on their own they couldn’t stand an Apple clone. I have already gone through multiple batteries on the S4. Since Samsung has shown me their batteries don’t hold up for st least the way my family uses them I won’t be upgrading until they fix the problem.

      • Noreality

        You are not in reality. There are tons of people more knowledgeable than you that would not bother talking to a sales person. I have friends who have Galaxies and all of them are fed up with Samsung selling out. If you want to be in denial that sales are down… It’s going to get worse.

        • RLB63

          First I do have by B.S. degree in IT. Then I have worked in banking and worked dabbled in security for their IT. So I think I have a little more knowledge about IT then most of the population. Nice try though.

          Samsung has stated their profits ARE DOWN. They are offering major discounts on S6. You don’t start offering double the memory got the same price of you are selling tons of units….

          Yes people are buying the S6. When their pics get hacked or even more likely they need a new battery people aren’t going to be very happy.

        • SmarterThanYou

          LOL! love how IT folks think they are tech savy with phones…. I design the SoC and software BSP/kernels guess I have more knowledge than the rest of the population…. its all preferences on these options. Either you buy it or don’t… no one cares….

        • RLB63

          Obviously you weren’t even paying attention to the thread. I ONLY mentioned the BS after he tried to sound so smart. I don’t think it is that important to the current discussion. Other people keep bringing up techie people as an issue. I know a LOT of non techie people that won’t touch another Samsung if they don’t add back the features. Not the least of which is my youngest daughter in high school, and not techie, that wouldn’t want one because of phone freezes and the inability to reset the phone easily. First thing she mentioned when I told her they dropped replaceable batteries and the SD card.

      • Misty

        Totally agree. I won’t upgrade beyond my s5 or note 4 until they bring back my free control of my device.

    • Chilehead

      Agreed. Most consumers could care less. If not all mfg’s would still be doing it.

    • watkins

      Lol you’re going to see with the launch of the next note how wrong you are.

    • Axekick

      I think only non-tech people would be shopping for a Galaxy S6 without already having thoroughly researched it. Most tech people have followed these phones from the very first “leaks” so they aren’t going to show up unaware that the phone lacks sd cards and removable batteries.

    • Misty

      Not a techie and can’t tell you how much I rely on the removable battery (one went bad, force shut down) and the removable storage. I’m super reliant on my phone to do at least 50% of my computing, so I have a high simultaneous running app ratio that occasionally causes it to freeze. I also move tons of data from one computer to another using the micro sd’s. I have a wallet card that contains about a tb in data. Finally, while not a techie, I do root and while I can still do that via usb, installing custom rom’s, etc. wouldn’t work.

  • Ordeith

    ATT is selling the Lumia 640 for $80, and I am not seeing a need for much more phone than that, personally. Certainly not anything that would be worth paying 3x-4x more.

  • john

    I paid too much for my new gs6 when it got released! my mistake for not waiting.

    BTW, if you want a TMO GS6 brand new, DON’T BUY from TMO cos you are not saving any discount with its huge phone sales tax. buy from ebay and other sellers brand new unopened for $170 cheaper.

    • Mike Thaler

      But it wouldn’t have wifi calling. Would it have Band 12?

  • Rob Sauceda

    Wait a minute wasn’t there something from Samsung saying if within 6 months there is a price adjustment they will honor the difference

  • George

    I wish the M9 was on there, HTC recently sold it for $479 but not with a 24 month financing option.

  • JLV90

    Samsung should put windows on the GS6 at least then it might have decent battery life.

    • RLB63

      Why? Windows phones aren’t selling. Looks like they are even getting rid of Nokia…

  • AJ

    Thank you so much for this.

  • Ty Christensen

    That is amazing, I just got a quote for my wife’s S4 on TMo and they’ll give us $200 for it. So essentially the 32GB S6 would be $380, now that is a deal. Thanks for posting this.

  • Justsomerandomguy

    Im tempting to trading in my Note 4 for S6 128gb.. Great deal

    • emcdonald75

      Me too. However, I’m afraid of Samsung and Android because of all of the issues I have had with the Note 4. I was honestly thinking of getting the new iPhone. Force Touch seems like an interesting new feature. Plus, I hear so many problems about battery life with the Samsung S6 Edge. Then I hear that Android M will help extend battery life. I just don’t know anymore. I want the features of the new Galaxy but with stability (no crashes and lag) and great battery life. Is that too much to ask for?

  • BillSmitty

    Still not quite enough discount for me to pull the trigger on the S6. I only really need 32 gigs and if they would have come close to the G4 price, I’d be buying today. Looks like I’ll be waiting a little longer, although I may go check out the G4, otherwise will prob get the 6S even though not much of an Apple fan. Most of the other phones I like are just too damn big.

  • RLB63

    I advise you check release dates before buying your next phone. Easy enough to find out on line especially when they get close.