“Blue screen of death” on your iPhone? You’re not alone


Yesterday afternoon, MacRumors reported on an issue supposedly plaguing a number of T-Mobile’s iPhone users. Many customers are complaining of seeing “blue screens of death” and random, frequent restarts. It’s a little unusual to say the least, and seemingly no one knows what has caused the issue. Devices affected include the iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s.

Katyovescoach on Reddit published the following:

“Hey guys. So this morning my iPhone 6 (4 months old) started just randomly restarting itself every 20-30 minutes or so. I wasn’t even using it most of the time, it was in my pocket at work (could tell because of lock screen that indicated I needed to enter my pin after a restart as opposed to finger ID). At one point I was texting my SO about it, the screen turned blue for maybe 2 seconds and it restarted. Weird thing is my SO’s 6 started doing it too (same network/phone plan, but purchased months before mine). Is this a problem that others have experienced? Should we just head to the Genius Bar later? Neither of us have had any problems or repairs on our phones ever. Also we’re on T-Mobile. Thanks for your help.”

If you’ve experienced this issue, there are a few possible fixes. Some more drastic than others. If the first one doesn’t work, move on to the second and so on, until the problems have gone.

  1. Reboot/Hard Reset – Press and hold your lock key and home button until the phone restarts
  2. Disable Voice over LTE (VoLTE) in your iPhone’s settings menu
  3. Switch off Wi-Fi Calling – wait a couple of minutes – then switch it back on again.
  4. Switch off LTE completely – Might not be ideal if you rely on your cellular connection, but it might just work.
  5. Factory Restore via iTunes – Obviously, the last thing you should try is completely restoring your phone and setting up as a new device. Hopefully you don’t need to resort to this, but it should work if nothing else has.

Let us know if you’ve had the issue and if you manage to get it solved easily.

Source: Reddit
Via: MacRumors, Engadget

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  • Daniel O.

    It’s true. Yesterday happened to me, it was annoying. I was using Telegram when happened. Was on wifi calling. Once did the hard reset the problem was gone.

  • Fabian Cortez

    Happened twice yesterday at around 7:00 PM EDT for me.

    I was messing with Wi-Fi Calling at the time.

  • same here, happened two or three times last night but it stopped after that and everything is fine now…

  • besweeet

    I’ve never once had a blue screen happen on my iPhone 6 Plus. It’ll occasionally respring (because of jailbreak tweaks — iOS 8.1 for 8 months, now on the 8.3 jailbreak), but not fully restart. I also leave VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling off as I don’t use those features. Not sure if that’s what helped? The iPhone has supposedly been pretty bad when it comes to VoLTE.

    • Fabian Cortez

      There’s an iOS 8.3 jailbreak?!

      I guess I’ve been behind.

      And yes, certain Cydia tweaks crash the springboard here and there.

    • Mike Palomba


  • Visvism

    Happened twice to me yesterday. Once while at work tethered to my Macbook while on the 4G HSPA network. The other while arriving at home and switching from LTE over to WiFi. Blue screen then reset and Apple logo on screen.

  • Walker

    Been happening to me from time time but only when I’m playing Mortal Kombat X. I’m using iOS 9 tho. I thought it was just a typical bugs with betas but I guess it’s affecting ios8 users as well. Doesn’t happen often but still shouldn’t happen

  • Evan

    It’s been happening to me for about a week now

  • Ryan Wilkins

    It happened twice to my 5S yesterday in rapid succession. The phone rebooted while I was using it.. blue screen then Apple logo just as other’s have reported then it happened again within seconds of the phone restarting and right after I had entered my passcode. I haven’t noticed any other reboots. Makes me wonder if someone has managed to hack into the T-Mobile network and attack the phone from the baseband side since baseband isn’t exactly known to be the most secure thing around.

    • Ronnie Miller

      Exactly what happened to mine yesterday and twice also, back-to-back. It happened in the afternoon, I think around 2PM or so PST.

      • Ryan Wilkins

        Mine happened earlier in the day. I’m in Cleveland, OH so Eastern time zone. Mine happened yesterday mid morning as I recall. I was in Detroit around 5 PM yesterday (2 PM PST) and the phone didn’t reboot at all so obviously wasn’t happening at the same time.

        My wife said her phone (iPhone 6) also on T-Mobile did not reboot at all yesterday.

  • Cam Fas

    Just happened to my 6 plus 128 gig yesterday twice in a row

    • donnybee

      What iOS version and Carrier update are you running? Maybe we should see what we can track, if anything..

      • Cam Fas

        19.1 wish I’d have known if I was on that before the incident

  • Cam Fas

    Something is fishy

  • donnybee

    Hasn’t happened to me that I know of yet. Fingers crossed.. But I did have an app show up on my homescreen that I don’t remember downloading. It’s called 2Do and I just went through a couple days ago to clear out apps I didn’t use and today when I saw the app I didn’t recognize it at all. When I went into my app download history, it says it was downloaded a month ago but I’ve never seen this thing before.

    That’s the only weird thing that’s happened to mine. iPhone 6 with the 8.3 update and 19.1 Carrier update.

    • Cam Fas

      8.4 isn’t out how did you get it

      • donnybee

        Oops, I’m on 8.3. Fixed it. Thanks for noticing that

  • Cam Fas

    They know something and most likely won’t tell us this wasn’t just a random event too many people repored this recently and it was enough to try an article written I bet something that we don’t know was pushed too all iPhones via the back doors either some type of update from the carrier or something worse and hours before it happened my phone was burning hot and I hadn’t used my phone for 8 hours and the battery rapidly drained to 50 percent it has never done this before or after this event bet is has to do with all that nsa stuff people have been taking about

    • anon

      tin foil hat must be super glued onto your head.

      • Cam Fas

        Figured some idiot would say something like that and of course we know you arnt giving out any reasonable possibilities. You just must refer to name calling I’m assuming that’s a low I Q generic reponse to make you feel good

      • Cam Fas

        My how far we have come as a society that the minute somone speculates they have a label thrown on them. The fact still remains a large number of phones all started getting blue screens at the same time so either someone had access on a large scale or someone screwed up on a large scale regardless phones don’t just start resetting all over a network by themselves someplace someone was responsible anyone with half a brain can see this as a fact

    • Car Hound

      Whew, take a breath and add a couple periods! Frankly, that would add to your credibility.

      • Cam Fas

        I enjoy the fast lane.

      • Cam Fas

        You can blame Siri for the lack of punctuation.

      • Kevin

        It’s a real problem. I’ve had 2 5’s go down to the blue screen problem. The guy at the Apple Store said this is a known problem….there either is a hardware or a software problem that Apple is trying to ignore

  • Ryan Wilkins

    On a network outages email list that I’m on, there was mention that T-Mobile USA had a nationwide call completion outage either late last night or early this morning. I wonder if this is somehow related. I was not making phone calls during that time so I can’t say if it was true or not. Apparently, T-Mobile confirmed the outage but I haven’t actually seen that confirmation yet. Another poster to the list commented this morning that the outage lasted about 3 hours.

    Can anyone confirm or deny?

    • Yes there is an outage within the last 24 Hours, looks like some people are still having issues.

      • Kevin

        It’s not just a t-mobile thing. I’m on Verizon and had the same problem in Feb. I finally had to get a new phone. The guy at the Apple Store said it was a known issue.

  • Ryan

    It has been happening to my 5S for the last three weeks. Last night it did the respring loop for about 30 minutes straight, not letting me use it at all. Then later that night did the respring once so I gave up on it for the night. Not sure what is causing it.

  • Jay

    STOP Watching PORN!!! that’ll do it.

    • Logan C.

      trust me, if watching porn messed up the iPhone 6 Plus you’d have heard it from me FAR before today.

  • Pbs

    It happend to me even in the LTE network as well as Wifi calling enabled i got a Blue screen couple of times in iphone 5S and iphone 6. Any software update from Apple provided or it is a Tmobile Glitch?

  • TheVorlon

    I saw this yesterday after I launched the T-Mobile MyAccount app.

    When the iPhone rebooted, it crashed again a few minutes later.

    After it rebooted the second time, I quickly force quit the T-Mobile MyAccount app and the reboots stopped.

  • Desmond Foucha

    This is not just T-Mobile it is sprint iPhones to or at least my 5s is switching on and off at random

  • Paul

    I had 4 reboots with the blue screen yesterday, called Apple and they told me to do a hard reset. After that its been working fine. Wifi calling is turned on and when im away from wifi, i’m on LTE, still no problems since the reset. I’m on a T-Mobile iphone 5s.

  • Diver Dan

    My son’s iPhone 5c, on TMO, started locking up
    and rebooting on Wednesday. It would only work for about 30 minutes and then
    crash. We tried everything to fix it. The only thing that worked was a full
    factory restore via iTunes. When we did this it said that it put a carrier update on his phone.

  • Rohan Bhatnagar

    I had this same exact issue with my 16 month old iphone 5s 16GB back in February 2015. Back then there wasn’t enough information about this issue on blogs etc, but it had been seen by many people.

    Now since the last two days its happening to my wife’s iphone 5S 32GB. I am screwed, will have to dish out another couple of Benjamin’s to apple.

    I ended up paying apple for another new iphone 5s, as they would just not listen that this
    happened during one of those over the air updates. I wish Apple- a company with over $100B dollars in the bank would take better care of its loyal customers and not leave them hanging in the dry when the phones fail due to their shortcomings in engineering and not actual user faults. Apple always tries to cover-up when they mess up a situation that’s just so typical of apple and it’s very disappointing.

    • Wolfenstein

      Well you as a consumer hold that power to make them treat you right. Don’t purchase their products. That is how you change things. I think most people forget the power they hold.

  • Seabass

    My iPhone 6 rebooted randomly yesterday, but it was only once, and everything was back to normal after it turned on.

    • Jeffrey Wang

      My top part of screen was completely blue, and the bottom was scattered with black dots but mainly blue. Then it went into an infinite boot loop.

    • Kevin

      Mine started that way also…but became much worse over the next few weeks.

  • Diego Vazquez

    Actually I don’t understand how this is even T-Mobile related. This article should be about the iPhones having issues rebooting and BSOD in general. Today I had people coming in with iPhone 6/6+, 5S and 5 that were Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile and some of them had BSOD and wouldn’t restore. It was problem central in my store.

  • Kevin

    This has happened to me but with Verizon. I tried everything and nothing would work. It would work for a few hours or a day or two then start crashing again and rebooting…very frustrating. I had insurance on it so I had to return it and get a new phone.

  • I’ve had weird issues like rebooting but no blue screen. He biggest issue I have is with Bluetooth. After about 5 days my iPhone 6 Plus will stop auto connection to the headphones I use everyday and to Sync in my car. I have to do a reboot to get it to work again. Anyone else have this issue?

  • TBN27

    i had the random reboot once in a blue but it didn’t reset everything when it happened. i also get the “ghost text message” notification and i cannot seem to find a way to stop it from happening. other than that no blue screen or massive failures.

  • superg05

    it just works hun :`) all those cutting corners for 200+% profit margin per phone finally peaks it’s head

  • arturia

    i have been getting this problem for about a month. iphone 5s. never jailbreak. just updated to ios 8.4 in fact.

    yes, tried restarting my phone whenever problem occurs.
    yes, even restored my phone.
    no, blue screen of death problem still persists.

    i’m waiting for the new iphone and my server provider line can re-contract in september. just pray that this phone actually survives till then.

  • kimba

    This is NOT a T-Mobile problem – the rumors of this being a T-Mobile issue are 100% INCORRECT. I’m an AT&T customer and this began happening on my iphone 5S approximately 3-4 weeks ago. I had invested in Apple support when I first purchased the phone and was stuck on the phone with them (very nice, but honestly – they simply didn’t have a clue what’s wrong, where this issues is coming from, if it’s hardware or OS based, and it wasn’t his fault – Apple doesn’t seem to be making this the TOP priority it should be) … and we freed up enough storage on my phone to upgrade to the latest operating system, which he was hoping would resolve the issue. Wrong. The issue was gone for approximately a week or 2 and then suddenly a few days again, with the latest and greatest OS on the phone and the latest and greatest ITunes on my computer BOOM – blue screen of death – constant reboots and worse … at times the phone just goes black, dead, won’t even attempt to reboot, just off and won’t start. Those are the worst of times and the only fix I’ve found for that was literally leaving the phone alone for as long as I can, then eventually connecting it to Itunes via my laptop over and over again until it finally tries to turn on – at which point it eventually turns on (at times an hour later), but to the blue screen of death – but then at least it goes back to reboot over and over mode, which eventually stops and turns on my phone.

    If you google this issues, it’s been going on since 2013 or earlier – this isn’t a new issue for the iphone or other MAC/Apple products, but it has been getting far worse and spreading more and more now. There’s only 2 possible issues, a problem with the hardware or a problem/bug/virus in the OS systems (all of them, as I’ve gone through 3 now and the issue has followed me through all 3).

    Once again, this issue is being reported as a T-Mobile issue, and it’s not – and I honestly believe that it’s not getting the media attention, thus not putting enough of a squeeze on Apple to “own” and “acknowledge” this issue, and therefore make it a TOP ONE priority to find the problem and release a fix. Customers on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and more – customers of all the providers are experiencing this, not just T-Mobile. Trying to publicly announce this as a T-Mobile issue is taking away the accountability that Apple should have – the public acknowledgement that Apple should be making and the TOP PRIORITY that this should be. These phones are VERY EXPENSIVE – this type of malfunction is unacceptable.

    I’m sorry to say this everyone, I don’t mean to be a negative nelly and I’m not shouting, nor is their anger in my tone or emotions – I’m just being informative … you cannot fix this problem through any means you’re finding on the Net, or that Apple is telling you to do. The bottom line is this. Apple has not yet figured out the route cause of the problem, therefore they have absolutely no idea how to resolve it. This is NOT the “instant message issue discussed in other forums” – this is a serious malfunction in hardware, OS systems and/or someone figured out how to get a virus to destroy the Iphone and APPLE simply doesn’t have any idea at this point what the route cause is. There are many different thoughts on what will fix it (as I described mine above) – but that’s not a fix, it’s a frustrating run of timely events and it only fixes it temporarily. Once your phone becomes either infected by “whatever this is” – or your hardware starts malfunctioning by “whatever this is” – there’s absolutely nothing that will resolve it long term, including the latest and greatest OS system, or resetting to factory and starting from scratch.

    So, please, when reporting this online, please don’t make it seem like a T-Mobile issue, it’s not – it’s across all providers – it’s an iphone issue, and it’s happening overseas as well, not just in the US. Please contact Apple demanding top priority to this issue, and not your providers – because your service providers are not at fault. And please help spread the word, because this is news worthy – these are insanely expensive phones, phones people are relying on for far more than merely phone calls or internet access, but notes, reminders, calendars and more … and Apple is not being held accountable for this, not being pressured or threatened to make finding the problem (as it continues to spread to more and more customers) their TOP PRIORITY and therefore don’t have a resolution.

    After 8+ years of being an iphone user, and I LOVE the iphone, know it inside and out, absolutely adore it and don’t want to give it up, with a free upgrade now due me from AT&T I’m forced to go Android (not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s not what I want). First of all I wouldn’t get another iphone until the 7 came out (I don’t like the way the 6 is made) – my 5s is far better than the 6, other than the size which is too small compared to other phones these days … and secondly – why would I upgrade to another ridiculously expensive phone (iphone or otherwise), knowing that either the hardware or software has serious issues and Apple isn’t doing their due diligence to resolve it? I rely far too heavily on my phone for to-do lists (notes), reminders, alarms, calendars, calls and voicemail to be dealing with a phone that’s dying every other day due to a serious malfunction or virus/glitch in their operating system, neither of which they’re taking seriously enough to locate and resolve.

    Good luck everyone who’s experiencing this and please spread the word – this isn’t a provider issue – this is a HUGE Apple issue that they are NOT being held accountable for publicly or otherwise.

    • 박들뜽

      I’m not a T-mobile customer and I’m still facing this problem :(

  • Magid

    I had the exact same problem
    IPhone 5s
    It’s doesn’t matter what iOS version you are using because it’s hardware, I tried every little solution I found on the Internet, it didn’t work, still blue screen Apple logo and again and again, so the fix was a replacement at Apple, The problem came out after 11 months from the day I purchased the iPhone, at first days it wasnt frequent, I never thought it would be hardware I was using iOS 8, I thought with the next update it will be fixed but that didn’t happen, so when I took my phone to to Apple my warranty was expired, they told me that I must pay 269$ to replace the phone with a new one, my iPhone was unusable it works for hours and keep restarting for days, so I paied the 269$, I am angry cause I didn’t make anything wrong, it was like new phone, without any scratchs , never hit the ground, never left in sun or high temperature, never touch a liquid, it was like brand new.
    They took my phone and the 269$ and gave me the iPhone 5s same model same memory size “16GB”, I’m sure they will take the camra and home button and screen and voice buttons and everything cause it’s fully working and clean. I forget to say my phone was factory unlocked so T-Mobile or AT&T or whatever telecom company was its not thier problem. It is Apple problem and fault and they no nothing about how to solve it, they should replace it for free “recall” cause simply it’s thier fault. Next time if I bought iPhone I will buy extended warranty ” more than one year” cause in my case it wasn’t enough. I hope I helped you and I hope they fix your problem. Sorry for my bad English. Regards

    • Vlad

      Nex time, don’t buy an iPhone.

  • 박들뜽

    Yesterday, my iPhone 6 Plus suddenly started rebooting by itself every now and then. Today, it doesn’t open at all. Every time I connect it or try to fix it, I only see a blue screen. I tried to restore and update via itunes, but it just encounters errors every time. WHAT DO I DO??? It’s so sudden :(

  • jessica

    mine has been going to the apple
    icon for about 3-5 mins then goes to blue screen for about 2 sec and has a white bar cross the phone kinda in the middle then shuts off an repets the same it still comes on the loges ive had it on is 2/3 days then when it died today it did it again: (

  • Bevaughn

    Hey, does anyone know if Apple have officially responded to the blue screen of death.

  • JerryS

    I had a 5s for over two years…it worked great for that time, until the battery started acting up. It was bulging, so Apple said they couldn’t change it, but had “new” 5s’s to replace for battery issues for $85. I’ve had this “replacement” for about 30-40 days, and in the past two weeks the blue screen is happening more and more often. Getting frustrated, when I go to use the phone, answer a call, look at a text, open an App, take a picture, look at a picture…and it goes blue and restarts about 5 or so times, in a loop. Getting to where it is almost ridiculous and not usable. I have an appt, tomorrow, at the Genius Bar…who sold me the replacement and took my old phone away. I’d much rather have my battery issue phone back. Hoping they replace this crappy phone, being under their 90 days. UGH!!

  • Aidan Arguin

    I bought an iPhone 5s from ebay, it’s unlocked, and about 8 months later and this phone is bent, slow, has blue screens randomly (Although they happen EVERY time I reset it by holding Home + Lock, which I have to do a lot because this phone is really slow), my Touch ID does not work, and the headphone jack broke. *Never buy phones from eBay!*

  • Rene Hulleman

    Thanks for your help, step-1 already did the trick. Saves me going to the apple store! I had no idea that this was the way to restart. I normally hold the off button for a long time to power down.

  • yeridane

    Thanks for the steps in the post. My iPhone faced the same issue – blue screen of death. But I used TunesKit iOS System Recovery to get out of the issue.