Android 5.1.1 rolling out for T-Mobile Galaxy S5


T-Mobile’s working hard to change its reputation for rolling out software updates late. At least, it is with the Samsung Galaxy device range. The latest device on the fine magenta carrier to get Android 5.1.1 is last year’s divisive Galaxy S5.  From today, T-Mobile customers rocking the “Band Aid phone” will be able to download and install the latest public Android version.  T-Mo is yet to update the phone’s support page with the info, but SamMobile has the scoop.

“….you can expect to see performance improvements, support for RAW and lower ISO values if you’re using a third-party camera app that makes use of Lollipop’s camera API, and a slew of bug fixes.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 you should see an update become available OTA at some point in the next few days. Be sure to check your settings for updates, or try the Samsung Kies PC/Mac software.

As always, be sure to let us know if and when you get the update installed. If you spot anything new, good or bad, hit us up in the comments.

Via: SamMobile

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  • Verizonthunder

    About time

  • Jason Walker

    I just did the update and maybe it’s my imagination but it feels snappier

  • itguy08

    Holy Carp. Perhaps this will be the update that transforms the phone into a decent phone rather than a POS?

    • Oliver Jackson

      It’s always been a decent phone,how you take care of it is up to you.This just made it more awesome

      • itguy08

        Not sure how you would characterize lag, random reboots, general sluggishness as user error. More a Fail on Android and Samsung’s parts.

        • yeah right

          or just Samsung’s part.

        • itguy08

          I’ve found Android in general to be, well, not that good (and that’s being generous).

        • lzdking

          I’ve had many AOSP based phones. My old Nexus phones outperform the Galaxy S5. Definitely a Samsung issue.
          I non touchwiz based rom on the S5 greatly increases performance.

        • William Kestle

          girlfriend has a nexus 6 and i have the lg g4. both phones are MUCH faster and more stable than our galaxy s5’s used to be after lollipop update

        • orlando duran

          After the update, do a factory reset. Will amaze you

        • itguy08

          Amazed me not. Still a POS and you shouldn’t have to wipe your phone and loose all settings for an OS update.

          Never had to do that on iOS.

        • orlando duran

          Said no one ever…….lol. you just dont know what you are doing

        • orlando duran

          The s5 was a great phone. Let me guess, did you upgrade to 5.0 and didnt do a factory reset after the update.

        • itguy08

          Did that too and it was still a laggy, glitchy POS. You shouldn’t have to do a wipe on an OS upgrade.

          And this update, while it seems snappier still has lags and freezes.

          I’m over Android as an OS!

  • bryck2003

    Now it’s time for the Note 4 to get 5.1 goodness.

  • Update completed, Swype not working well — letters keep dropping. Anyone else having this problem?

    Otherwise the rest of the phone seems to be functioning fine (maybe a hair better), no noticeable improvement on the awful battery drain.

    • hamr1

      Yep, your right. Swype is not shining now. It only works 50% at best!

      • hamr1

        I switched to Swype until default Samsung input issues are resolved

    • Tjc99

      I know. Same problem here. I can’t live without swype.They better fix this quick with another update. Has anyone called tech support about this?

      • Went through the whole tech support process yesterday — test w/out SD card, master reset (yuck), and ended up with them processing an exchange for overnight delivery. They recommended I don’t upgrade the new phone to 5.1.1. New SG5 in hand at 5.0, back to moderately useful phone.

    • Overall screen sensitivity seems to be a problem — not just using the keyboard (where I noticed it first). Battery drain is worse and phone is lagging like crazy on day 2.

      Who knows how to downgrade?

  • Terry

    my update downloaded, 2 hours to download (my wifi at work sucks), and started to install and then totally failed. UGH!!!

  • Alex P.

    I did the update, phone seems to work great – the animations are more “smooth” (but might be because update cleared cache and reset some settings). No visual changes, the useless “S Finder” and “Quick Connect” buttons are still permanently present in Notification panel (can’t remove them, unlike on new S6).

    What I did notice is that phone seems to stay connected to LTE signal better, even with weak signal. For example, before today’s update my GS5 was mostly using HSPA in my particular location (due to weak LTE Band 4 signal), but after today’s update it seems to stay connected to LTE in same exact location without dropping to other bands. Not sure if T-Mobile/Samsung did some modem updates/modifications but whatever they did – I like it.

    • earth777

      yeah.. was looking forward to delete these two useless buttons but for some reason, we did not get this feature but the S6 did.

  • Terry

    Finally got the update to work. all seems to be fine, however have not really checked out everything. However I noticed that I have a new Icon that I did not download. “MILK”

    • Android_God

      That is is Samsung’s radio/video service.

  • sommesepino

    hey guys, I’ve a questions :are there new API 2 camera? did anyone try to use app as manual camera or camera fv5? thanks you

  • Kevin R

    The new update is pretty nice. I like the new options for the silent aka “do not disturb” mode. Swype is broken, though!

    • Terry

      I am having the same issue. I know it is not a good fix, but I have noticed that if I hit the space key after each word, then I can still swype, but what a pain.

  • Desertbears

    I hope the S4 is next.

  • Slickyrickyross

    I just installed the update and everything seems fine.. but my phone keeps vibrating randomly. Anyone else having this issue?

  • Clinton Pringle

    Is it just me, or anyone else having alot of issues since the update? Hangouts, which I don’t use, randomly shuts down. The battery seems to be draining quicker, and the screen likes to slide half way down the screen with the icons becoming inactive until I restart. Wish I hadn’t updated.

    • Alex P.

      Aside from randomly crashing Hangouts (which I also don’t use and I wish I could permanently remove without rooting) I have 0 issues with this update. Battery life is pretty much the same with my typical usage.

  • RonJeezy

    We get excited over these updates and they all pretty much mess up something on your phone This update was terrible. Phone hadn’t been the same since the first Lollipop Update. I think this is the plan to ruin your phone to make you upgrade. I’m not happy.

  • Luis Correa

    i did the update when it came out and it made my phone very slow at everything i even called t-mobile about it and they told me that i can do a factory reset on the phone but i don’t want to loose anything that i have on my phone i’m loving that i can put my phone on silent and still get my notifications. thru

    • JJCommonSense

      Back your phone up to your computer uaong and reset your phone.. you’ll be much better off… u might want to reset it like 2 or 3 times

  • Don Goyo

    This is the worst update EVER!!!! I’d love to know who the F is in-charge of testing this damn updates!!!! Its not a matter of being the first to roll out software, its a matter of rolling out, at least, decent updates. After this, Hdmi doesn’t work and when connected the phone keeps restarting, there’s white noise on some apps, Swype is broken… is it really that hard?????

    • Rene castro

      My phone shuts off when I hook up my hdmi. Did u fix urs.

      • Don Goyo

        I went back to 5.0

  • Goku

    Now with this update my internet speed is very slow!!! I have to use wifi to get any decent speed!!! WTF is t-mobile doing!!! Sending out a half ass update. Work out all the bugs before you push out the update. I am switching to a dumb phone. Smart phones are not that smart any more.

    • Beth Newton

      Did your wife ever resolve the speaker issue? Mine did the same thing, and I’ve searched everywhere for a week… no solution! Very annoying!!!

  • Anirudh R Chilukuri

    did it get the theme engine or the new touch wiz ui

  • Tbone

    My wife received the update and now, every incoming call is automatically on speakerphone. She has to press that icon to turn it off. Very annoying.

  • Ex Isheep

    Like I always say If it works don’t fu* with it, even 5.0 I had my son update his phone first to make sure everything ok, then I updated mine 3 months later, no regrets, 5.0 works perfect. This time I will have my friend update his before I update mine muhahahah

  • Jorge Soto

    My phone is extremely slow after upgrading to 5.1.1, constant app crashes, very lag response on every operation. Also, it will not lock on screen timeout, will only lock if I press the lock/power button.

    • Jorge Soto

      More issues, my computer no longer detects the phone. I am trying to backup using Kies it does not connect.

  • JP

    The Swype not functioning properly is AWFUL. T-Mobile should recall this update…

  • Martin123

    Phone is very slow after update and apps constantly force close, even when not in use. Swype hardly works. WHY WOULD YOU TAKE AWAY BLOCKING MODE?!?!?! Like the Milk music app that’s about it. Update sucks overall!

  • Picchus

    To all having issues, try this, wipe out the cache. It solved 90% of my problems without doing a master reset. Sorry, swype keyboard still unresponsive at times.

  • N Danier

    No special features in the camera. The RAW support feature is not implemented on third party camera apps.

  • David Arnold

    After 5.1.1 my phone is even slower and now random reboots. Even in the middle of the night sitting quietly on the charger or in my pocket, just reboots with no rhyme nor reason. I plan to do a factory reset this weekend, so painful. ALL of these stupid issues are a combination of Samsung AND T-Mobile bloatware. NEXUS from Google next time. Pure Android is truly a joy to use! Honestly my S5 has NEVER been as nice or as fast as my old S4. The S4 even took better looking photos with a lower resoultion camera, someone explain that to me??????

  • Mecca Morris

    This update was horrible, phone is slow, turns off and on by itself, freeze, makes me want to toss the phone and go with another carrier, it’s so frustrating

  • trsh

    Phone is slow; keyboard swiping is basically unusable (it swipes a word, but if I try to swipe another word it just enters the last letter the swipe ended on, so frustrating), and it’s murder on my battery (even with power saving on!) Reset cache and keyboard still having issues, not sure about battery yet.

    • Angela Ayres-Hudson

      Same. Swipe us screwing up. Home screen turns black, phone gets hot and is super laggy. The swipe is pissing me off!

      • trsh

        I reset my phone and it made it faster, better battery; but Swype is still broken :(

    • Jason Castleberry

      FIX THE SWYPE! I have the same issue. Really really upsetting. If I have to click each letter I might as well get an iPhone. Ugh not really but COME ON!

    • Calvin Schwanz

      Yep, first update I did made it so my phone lagged like crazy, can’t do or open anything without it taking forever. Now that I downloaded another update, thinking it’d fix the lag issues, i can’t swipe anymore, every other word doesn’t go through, and I’ve gotten so used to swiping. This phone was so great and they ruined it, it’s horrible.

  • jessica

    HDMI out no longer working (phone goes into cyclic rebooting), battery is being drained rapidly and phone is overheating, can no longer remove trusted certificatesource under security, ui is very slow and laggy (no screen transition or animations on and I’m using a black screensaver), Internet and apps are slow to open and video playback is not smooth. Those are the first things I’ve noticed. Disappointed that I can’t revert back to 5.0 because of the new security update.

    • Beccie Abey

      I just bought the HDMI adapter two weeks ago and now it’s useless… this update.

  • K-Tastic

    Just downloaded minutes ago and my phone is extremely hot. Evem the screen is on fire!

  • Beccie

    Although I’m thoroughly frustrated with this update it’s comforting to know it’s not just my phone. What’s the likelihood there’ll be a patch that fixes these glitches?

  • EmeryE100

    The initial install of Android 5.1.1 made my S5 run very slow. I could not have more than a couple apps running in the background. However, I finally did a Factory Reset and now my phone is running great, better than when I install 5.0.

  • Justin Michael Feld

    Update is terrible. I have already spoken to T Mobile and Samsung about it my phone lags all the time requiring me to reboot it it gets hot all the time battery life is terrible not to mention I can no longer use my HDMI cable it gets stuck in a boot loop until you unplug it for the amount of “improvements” this update was supposed to bring let me tell you it was a complete waste of time and messed up a perfectly good working phone you all need to contact t-mobile flood their customer service with complaints about the update so though hurry up and put out a patch to fix these problems I can’t stand not being able to use my HDMI not to mention how slow my phone is now should have just stayed with 5.0

  • Thomas Riley

    There’s an update for the S5, downloading now. Hoping it cures the lag and sluggishness

  • Rick

    HATE THE UPDATE It’s ruined a perfect phone! So sluggish, I have to wait even when I click keyboard, when I go to symbols or caps! Funny how it happens as soon as S6 comes out! WTF!

  • Jack Hague

    This update ruined everything. The keyboard is useless since it doesn’t register half the swipes. There browser stutters and crashes all the time. I can’t comment on my news app. It turned my smart phone into a special ed phone.

  • humpfh

    This update is awful. Missing from the stock phone from previous devices are an ability to change settings, an ability to add custom ringtones to an individual, an ability to add an existing music file as a ringtone, and the app drawer folders.

    None of this was fixed.

    NOW we can’t even mute conversations. T-Mobile was super helpful but utterly unable to help as Samsung coded it and the capacative buttons on a SAMSUNG device are different/less functional/”wrong”, and when I talked to Samsung neither had a Note or a device running 5.1.1 so she was telling me to look at things that I was calling her to report were missing in the first place!!! THEN she the to blame it on Google. uh, no. I test new phones all the time. This is a Samsung issue.

  • G.r. Stoppo

    I own a galaxy s5 ran by T mobile. It’s incredibly slow when I run apps like the browser or after a while with Facebook. I downloaded DU hoping it would fix the problem, together with cleaning the cache often but with no results. Keyboard is sluggish and imprecise at times and it appears that the phone easily heats up. I’ll try resetting the phone as suggested by Samsung but, it appears that talking to friends this is a common issue (we’re at 5 of 5 phones with the same problem!).
    I’ve read forums that blame Samsung but, I own a s5 active ran by AT&T and I never had any of the issues that in 5 we’re having!
    Why does tmobile s5 have so many issues? The 5 phones mentioned are 3 months old or younger!
    This is ridiculous!

  • Ashlie C. Cannatella

    My phone is well maintained, so I don’t have many of the problems that others are mentioning, no heating issues or problems with lag. I don’t use the stock keyboard or texting apps either, so everything there is fine. All the settings are the same, just some have moved around. However, my phone is currently in an update loop or sorts, I’ve updated and I’m running 5.1.1 but it keeps prompting to install the update again. Also I’m not fond of what happened to Google Chrome with the tabbed browsing. I also hate the new drop down menu, my status bar looks weird and feels boxy when it comes down, they changed the way it looks and I dislike it quite a bit. They also changed the colors of the settings and the menu, I liked that it was darker, now it’s like a bright blue and white. Very strange. Also, whenever I plug my phone in to my HDMI adapter for my TV, it gets stuck in a boot loop and it’s driving mad! That being said, I want old version of Android back! :(

  • Bajamin

    I know companies wont read this but for those that haven’t updated. DON’T!!!! This update RUINED my s5. CONSTANT freezes. Randomly takes 20 seconds to open apps. Webpages bog down so hard. Snapchat will say I have messages. I click on it and they are deleted. Battery randomly runs out in half a day then works for over a day. Navigation is SLOW. Google voice will sporadically decide to turn on. My ringer randomly turns on when silent. My text will randomly shoot me all the way to the top of all my messages when replying. The “menu” button has decided it will register every time i try to press the “?123” on google keyboard. PRIORITIES for alarms is the WORST update EVER on a phone. This update is the biggest piece of shit ever and I have had every Galaxy phone since launch. I have been an avid android user since the G1. But with the bullshit the last two updates, I think I will go windows phone for a while. This is the WORST update ever. And yes, I have done the “fixes” and a master reset.