Android 5.0 Lollipop update for T-Mobile Galaxy Note Edge enters testing


After what seemed like a really long wait, the Galaxy Note 4’s Android 5.0 Lollipop update entered T-Mobile testing a couple of weeks ago. Now, its edgy (sorry) sibling is also in the process of testing the update to make sure it plays nice with all of T-Mobile’s software and services.

Head on over to the software updates progress page and you’ll notice that the device has moved from “Manufacturer Development” to “T-Mobile Testing”. This means we’re now in the final stage of development before the carrier gives it the “OK”.

It’s more than likely going to be a few weeks before we see the software begin its public rollout to customers. So, hang tight Note Edge users, you could have Lollipop on your phone relatively soon.

Thanks Robert and Jr.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • taron19119

    What the f##k im sick and tired of waiting is taking so long it better be bug free

  • Heach


  • vinnyjr

    First time in a very long time I didn’t root my phone (Note 4) Im thinking now I should of rooted the damn thing and would be running one of the slick custom roms available over on the XDA website. Just wanted to keep it stock and see how it performed. Running the paid Nova Launcher, smooth and very fast. Just give us Lollipop, we are the last Carrier to get it. I will say I have not had any problems with the Note 4, T-Mobile’s Network is fantastic in my area, have a very strong signal inside and out of my house, my speeds are just crazy fast. On that I have to say Thank YouT-Mobile, Thank You John Legere. Please, give us Lollipop.

    • Nick

      I have a rooted Note 4 but I cannot install a custom rom because I do not have good signal in my house and I have to rely on Wifi Calling. Other than that I get very good signal elsewhere. Wish XDA developers can come up with a hack to install Tmobile Wifi calling on custom roms and I would jump ship and install CyanogenMod. I have used it for few hours and loved it but could not go for longer because of signal issues in my house.

  • besweeet

    Kind of disappointed that the Galaxy S4 isn’t on their list.

  • sushimane

    What the f when is the xperia z3 getting android 5.0 it’s been a minute since we heard anything about the z3 it’s been in testing. Don’t get me wrong the z3 is a good phone I’m just wouldn’t mind getting the update in a timely matter.



    • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

      $299.99 at Walmart no contract.

  • tomarone

    When am I getting my update for the premium Tab-S 10.5 I bought?

  • thatphonefreak

    I have to say this update has gotten pretty ridiculous. I had the nexus 5 with 5.0 etc on it and the changes were cool. I missed the spen functionality from my note 3, so got the note 4 thinking it’s a flagship phone at the moment so it should stay pretty current on updates. It’s just a slap when lower end phones an older models are getting it first. Plus every other carrier is way ahead. Sprint!!!!???? Really?????!!!! How about they just skip the crap software like tmobile TV and my account, etc… that no one needs and just release it already! Hopefully soon they’ve already has the regular 4 in “testing” for weeks.

  • john

    I got rid of the phone cause it was lagging so bad and buggy. The edge screen takes up way too much ram i had to clear my ram every 5 minutes in order to keep it working! They lost a customer cause they took way too long to update this phone, i was with android since the g1 and now i went to iphone cause i was completely fed up with the lagging.

  • Tatdude806

    Note 4 anyone???
    And what about us with the note 10.1 (2014)? Sammy has foresaken all of us! (Bad thing is that there is no CM12 for the Note 10.1 (2014) otherwise I’d be on it!)

    • Android_God

      The only reason they did it was because they like to sit around and watch people cry about it on internet forums.

      • Tatdude806

        No one is forcing you to read these forums, let alone comment on them with crappy remarks!

  • JJCommonSense

    I know every1 is salivating for the 5.0 update for their Note 4 just like I am… believe me I’ve tweeted TMO every time I see an article or blog about some other, much older device getting the update…. BUT.. I also just read on Tech Times that there have been a number of issues with the update on the Note 4…. (sigh) so maybe TMO is making the best decision by delaying… it looks like there will probably be an Android 5.2 before we even get to 5.0….

  • Android_God

    I wonder how some of you even make it through life if a f****** phone update irritates you this much.

    • iMotoXperiaGalaxy


      I forget my NOTE 4 is still not on 5.0. I don’t give a f***! It still works and does what I need. Glad NBA Jam is back on it.

      • Android_God

        Yup! ! Love my Note 4! What cracks me up is that all these people whining about getting 5.0 KNEW what they were getting into when they bought it! Lollipop WAS ALREADY OUT! They could have waited!

        • g2a5b0e

          Not true actually. The Note 4 came out on October 17th on T-Mobile. I remember because I was there the first day. 5.0 started rolling out 2 weeks later. That being said, your point is somewhat understood. Don’t buy a phone for what it might end up being; buy it for what it is. Anything else is just icing on the cake.

        • Android_God

          No doubt!! I ALMOST returned it for the Nexus 6 but after trying it out at TMobile I decided to stick with the Note 4.

        • g2a5b0e

          I considered the Nexus 6 too, but after trying it out, I realized that Vanilla Android is still too boring for me, I didn’t liked the way it felt in hand (not too big, but it just didn’t feel right), the screen is inferior to the Note 4’s, & after 2 Notes, I just can’t live without my S-Pen.

  • iMotoXperiaGalaxy

    Ugly phone! And I have a Note 4 and I don’t find it ugly. If the Note 5 Edge has a microSD slot and looks as good as a S6 edge or iPhone 6+… it will be a day one purchase from me.

    • watkins


  • AM Gone

    I hope that the LLP update will fix the Note 4/Edge problem that many of us are seeing with Wi-Fi calling.

    • Nick

      I have Note 4. What problem do you encounter with Wifi Calling?

      • AM Gone

        i do a lot of overseas travel and Wi-Fi calling functionality is a must. Get various error messages including SR 081, 082, certificate errors, etc. There are many website entries from various folks that have the same issues. Upon return yesterday from Japan TMO tech support said that they were aware of the issue and had me turn of LTE calling to fix the issue. Seems to be working for now, with LTE turned off, but appears to be a band aid to me. as this is most likely some software issue with Sammy. Never, ever had Wi-Fi calling problem with Note 3.

        • themishmosh

          Thanks for the tip about turning off LTE calling. Having Wifi calling errors or failure to activate with a previously good wifi calling setup. Seems like only for the past month and a half or so.

  • Oliver Jackson

    People,patience is a virtue. Getting upset and going on rants about updates isn’t going to make it come any faster to some of the whiners. Just be glad both the Note 4 and Note Edge are in the final stages and let them work the bugs out before it’s released.I still run 4.4.4 and it does what it suppose to do ,no hiccups here and its definitely not ugly lol

  • J.J.

    If wanting this update trumps all the features and awesomeness of the note 4 on KitKat then you need to only buy nexus/flash a rom. If you can’t live without all the wonderful things that make it a note series then wait patiently for a hopefully stable update that you were never promised at purchase!

    • Android_God

      I had to do a factory reset due to some issues with my Note 4. Yes it sucks to have to do that, but now it’s back to working like a champ.

  • Nick

    I have a rooted Note 4 but I cannot install a custom rom because I do not have good signal in my house and I have to rely on Wifi Calling. Other than that I get very good signal elsewhere. Wish XDA developers can come up with a hack to install Tmobile Wifi calling on custom roms and I would jump ship and install CyanogenMod. I have used it for few hours and loved it but could not go for longer because of signal issues in my house. Any of you know if there are any hacks to install Tmobile Wifi calling app on custom roms.

    • Mike

      I get wifi calling on my note edge that’s running hyperdrive custom rom

  • adobepro

    I’m not sure what Lollipoop brings compared to Kit Krap, and quite honestly, I don’t care about it (unless it restores full SD Card support) but what I’m disappointed in is that the SG6 got the Theme Engine and Note 4 didn’t, and apparently for those in Europe that got the Lollipoop update, Samsung didn’t provide the Theme Engine for it either, so it won’t be in this release for TMO users. The Note 4 is also a current Flagship and is just as expensive as the SG6, so I’m very disappointed that they release this for the Note 4.

    • Android_God

      That’s a good point! That’s too bad they didn’t include the theme engine in Europe. Hopefully they will for the TMO version. I guess we shall see…

      • adobepro

        Sad to say, but after speaking with a chat rep on Samsung yesterday, the Theme Engine was developed solely for the SG6, and there are no plans to provide it to Note 4 and SG5 users. The only thing SG5 and Note 4 users can do is to complain as much as possible to Samsung.

      • adobepro

        The update was released yesterday, 4/27, and I’m confirming that on the T-Mobile Note 4 SM-910T, the Theme Engine is not present. I wish it was. The color scheme is an eye strain verging on to be an eye sore. This phone really needs to have the Theme Engine.

  • mreveryphone

    Got tired of wait and bought the s6 edge… WOW it’s night and day performance wise. I do miss the screen real-estate and SD slot but I can live without that until the Note 5 comes out… Granted if Sammy includes it… But I don’t think they’ll want to lose that fan base by excluding it… Time will tell…

    • Chris Meyers

      It’s only night and day because your note 4 is running kit kat and the s6 is running lollipop. Since my S5 was upgraded to lollipop its also night and day better. The processor in the S6 isnt that much better than the Snapdragon 805 and the GPU is probabbly worse.

      • mreveryphone

        There may be some truth behind that… I’ll have to compare once the note gets upgraded.

      • Mike

        The S6 is still less bloated and will perform better

      • Kamina

        The processor and gpu on the s6 quite a bit better than the 805. Also my note 4 is on lollipo. The difference is still night in day compared to the responsiveness of the s6.

      • superg05


      • justin

        Dude, the exynos 7420 is way fucking better than the sd805. Way way better In every aspet.

        • justin

          And i believe it’s the same gpu as in the exynos version of the note 4. The mali-t760

    • Bravo

      I did the same. More because I love the design and color of the s6 edge gold platinum. I hope the note 5 look as good cause I do want the bigger screen.

    • watkins

      They sure as shit better include it or the note 4 is my last Samsung device.

  • TexMex1234

    Still no luck for Z3.

  • Yunier Cabrera

    no update for sony z3 this suck

  • Bapcai82

    my t mobile Z3 ear speaker crackles and buzzing during call and you can hear the distortion on the speaker phone even on lower volume setting…i heard there are many people experience the same problem.. its so annoying… I’m giving up waiting for the z3 update.. sony kiss my fking ass…

  • Mathew Colburn

    Des jus posted on Twitter that this update is approved and starting to roll out next week.

  • mreveryphone

    Yep… They better!

  • Flowingwind

    Got the Android Lollipop “update”. T-Mobile should have done More testing. The massive memory leak in Lollipop is a big problem it closes apps and will crash the OS. This causes your Note 4 to reboot and get stuck on the boot T-mobile screen (only temporary quick fix, remove the battery).

    If the Tmobile Note 5 ships with Lollipop (Android 5.0 or 5.0.1) it will ship broken.