Open Signal: T-Mobile has the fastest U.S. LTE network


We often hear T-Mobile claiming that it has the fastest network in the U.S. And, while it’s all well and good declaring it of yourself, it’s always nice to get confirmation from a third party. Our favorite carrier regularly points to Ookla speed test results to bolster its claims, and today, Open Signal has chimed in with some research results of its own.

According to the network analysts at Open Signal, T-Mobile has the fastest LTE network in the States. With an average download speed of 9.98Mbps overall, it’s some 3.44Mbps faster than Verizon, 3.48Mbps faster than AT&T and more than double the speed of Sprint.

As an overall picture of the U.S. though it could be much be better. None of the carriers managed to fit in to the “good coverage and fast” quadrant. All managed to fit in to “good coverage and slow” (except Sprint which has poor coverage and slow speeds). To be classed as “fast” any carrier has to have an average speed of 15Mbps or more.


Interestingly, Open Signal also monitored how much time customers spend on 4G LTE networks across the globe. In the States, the average was 77%. T-Mobile in customers in particular spend 76% of their time on an LTE connection, similar to AT&T customer who spend 78% of their time on LTE. Verizon customers seemingly spend more time hooked to their cellular 4G network while Sprint customers like to avoid it.


On the global scale, US falls behind the likes of South Korea, Japan, Kuwait, Hong Kong and the Netherlands when it comes to time spend on LTE.

On a national scale, it’s hard to come up with anything better to describe T-Mobile’s dominance on the speed scale than that written by Nate Swanner of SlashGear: “…T-Mobile is absolutely schooling their competition.”

Yes. Yes they are.

Source: Open Signal

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