iPhone users – iOS 8.2 is available to download now

Calling all T-Mobile users with iPhones: There’s a new software update waiting for you to download right now. Head in to Settings>General>Software Update and check for updates. iOS 8.2 measures in at 476MB, so be sure to make enough space on your device to download and install it.

The main reason for the update is Apple Watch. iOS 8.2 includes support for the company’s new wearable as well as featuring some improvements to the Health App. As always, there are stability improvements and bug fixes.

Apple Watch support means you will see a new Apple Watch app loaded on your home screen, this is used for pairing and syncing your Watch with the iPhone. There’s also a new Activity app for viewing your fitness data gathered from the Apple Watch which appears when the wearable is connected.

Health app improvements include the ability to select the unit of measurement for distance, body temperature, height, weight and blood glucose. There are also tons of fixes to the app for issues with Medical ID, stability when processing large amounts of data plus many others.

Other general bug fixes include Flyover in Maps, Mail, Music, VoiceOver and improved connectivity for Made for iPhone Hearing Aids.

You’ll be able to see the entire list of changes when you check for upgrades on your iPhone.

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  • beyondthetech

    Would’ve been nice if they added or unlocked Band 12 support with the update. Too bad it’s all hardware, right?

    • Mike

      The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will not support band 12

    • Westbrook

      Wrong. Where did you get your information, Today’s iPhone?

      • Mike Palomba

        No he’s right, it won’t support band 12

    • No, it’s software. However, you’re correct: it will not support Band 12 LTE. You’ll have to wait until IPhone 7 comes out later this year.

  • 9to5Slavery

    In 7 more fast months into 2015. It will support for 700mhz!

    • Not the IPhone 6 or 6+. The IPhone 7 will support 700 Band 12.

      • 9to5Slavery

        6S & 6+S

        • the2000guy


  • Roberto Jaimes

    Off topic but recently I haven’t been impressed with T-Mobile whatsoever. In areas where I normally got 20+ mpbs up I now get around 1-2. Ive been using wifi more and more now since T-Mobiles data is extremely slow in Austin.

    • wally

      I am the same way, I used to see 30+ Mbps down and now it’s more like 2 to 3 in some areas in Detroit. I can tell when T-Mobile had less customers the service was faster… Way faster

      • SVU BOlieve in AJ’s EMMAlution

        I used to get 6-7 inside my house and now I barely get 3 down. But at my job 20 min away from the city I get 17-20.

    • Paul

      They could be doing tower repairs or upgrades. This happened to me when they were upgrading towers in my area.

      • Roberto Jaimes

        Or they’re just slow af

        • Mike

          T-Mobile is doing a lot of upgrades and testing in Texas. I bet they will be going to a wider band channel there for LTE.

        • Roberto Jaimes

          How do you know

  • John

    Would be nice if this iOS update would fix the all to frequent crashes of Safari that’s been around since 8.0

    • TBN27

      You experience those? I haven’t been experiencing them at all.

  • AdDietNeeded

    Does anyone else find that banner ad super annoying at the bottom of the screen that takes three attempts to close it?

    Everytime I click on a new tmonews blog link, there it is again.

    Phonedog/Tmonews, the advertising on your sites is not working for me as of late. Please find a way to tone it down. Ads should not have the effect if discouraging site visits. That’s the feeling I have right now.

    • 9to5Slavery

      Ghostery browser

    • Paul

      Adblocker if you’re on a computer, or you can use some bowsers apps or even blocker apps to help with the ads on mobile devices.

    • patt

      Firefox for android supports ad block. Chrome and Google did it on purpose not to allow extensions..

  • tomnewtn

    Thanks Apple for the iWatch app I neither want, nor can remove.

  • monkeybutts

    Nothing I really want I’ll stick to my jailbroken iPhone.

  • guest

    apple is joining in on the bloatware wagon i see with that watch app thats useless. who wears watches anymore

  • Raiterio Patterson

    Nationwide is on your side; can I get a carrier update, been on 18.1 for too long

  • force feeding me another app.. grrr

  • catherine9836

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