Samsung Galaxy S6 announcement expected on March 2nd at MWC 2015 [Rumor]


A new rumor this morning claims that Samsung will – yet again – choose MWC as the platform on which to showcase its next generation Galaxy S smartphone. The Korean tech giant is expected to announce the Samsung Galaxy S6 at an – as yet unconfirmed location – on Monday, March 2nd on the first day of MWC 2015 in Barcelona.

This should come as no surprise, since the company made the Galaxy S5 announcement during Mobile World Congress in the Spanish coastal city last year. Sammy also chose MWC as the location for its Galaxy S2 launch a couple of years earlier.

As for features and specs, we’ve read a number of different reports. First off, we’re expecting the S6 to join the Note 4 and Alpha devices in that it should have a metal chassis. It’s also expected to feature a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels (554ppi), covered by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It will also – purportedly – feature a 20MP camera with 4K video recording, a fingerprint sensor and 4GB of RAM.

Perhaps most interesting is that it’s also rumored to be moving away from Snapdragon as a chip supplier. Instead, Samsung’s going with its own Exynos processor. The reason, according to Bloomberg, is that the Snapdragon 810 chip originally intended for use in the S6 overheated during testing. A processor getting warm wouldn’t be a major issue if Samsung was sticking to its predominantly plastic builds. But with rumors and leaks suggesting it could be a metal unibody, like the HTC One, there’s potential to heat up the metal too an uncomfortable point.

It’s always worth taking any rumor with a pinch of salt. Any plans can change between now and when Samsung officially shows off the product. Whatever happens, I’ll be on the ground at MWC this year to find out exactly what all the smartphone manufacturers have up their sleeves.

Sources: Bloomberg, Chosun
Via: PocketNow
Image: NowhereElse

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