Software update for T-Mobile LG G2 brings inflight texting support

lg g2

A software update pushed yesterday by T-Mobile brings the carrier’s Inflight Texting support to the LG G2. For those of you with the device, if you haven’t installed it already, it should be available for download now. Go to your settings app and check for updates.

As well as free Inflight Texting support, the update also brings improvements to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as improved battery life. There are also some improvements to the Inflight Texting user interface.

Source: T-Mobile

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  • VG

    Does the update also include that sneaky DT Ignite software that installs unwanted apps onto your phone?

    Haven’t heard much about DT Ignite since it was first announced. Anything new?

  • Me

    My G2 is on its way to LG’s repair facility in Texas since its screen no longer registers touch at the very top.. Which is apparently a common problem. I guess at least it’ll have a software update ready when I get it back -.-

    • Loganopolis Jammyjamjamjam Bop

      its because the digitizer has two seperate sets of sensors and cables. one at top one at bottom. thankfully they didnt bring that back for the g3. weird and dumb design idea.

    • gabriel

      i had that happen to me with the update.

  • k

    Got it. Dont see dt ignite yet, not sure how that is visible. More importantly is: WHERES MY LOLLIPOP! AND WHERES MY VOLTE!!!!

    • Mr Paul

      Your Lollipop update will come probably after AT&T but before Sprint. Your VoLTE will be here next year if you’re in a special T-Mobile coverage zone, or in another 5 years if you’re in the 2/3 of the country T-Mobile doesn’t cover.

  • O

    If you have root, don’t update. It broke my root.

  • Deez Nutz

    Update came out about a month ago; a little late Cam. Update will break root, but if you use Stump Root, it will use a brute force attack to root your phone. Just did it and root works fine

  • A$AP Chris

    I reported this a month ago

  • Mr Paul

    Gotta love T-Mobile. Failing to update several phones, but rushing to get workarounds so Wi-Fi calling will work in airplane mode. Shows your their priorities.

  • Toilet Seat Wipe

    Improve battery life? Not in my case. It’s gotten worse.

  • The Traveller

    Another unheralded but advanced BB10 feature. BlackBerry (even the old Z10) has had inflight texting support from the get go. Inflight texting is free for now on GoGoInternet, and works great! With nearly all of Delta’s planes having international and domestic WiFi and power outlets, it’s an enjoyable novelty.