Keep it in your Data Stash commercial published [video]

Following on from its Uncarrier 8.0 announcement a last week, T-Mobile has decided to publish its Data Stash commercial on YouTube. And yes, I know it’s Boxing Day, but I couldn’t resist not sharing it with you. It’s something to look forward to for January, which will be upon us before we know it.

Style-wise, it’s reminiscent of T-Mo’s current crop of ads. Black and white graphics interrupted by bright flashes of hot pink and – of course – some young, cool, trendy-looking people.

As a reminder, once here, Data Stash will let you keep your monthly data that you don’t use for up to 12 months. What’s more, T-Mo will give you a 10GB kicker to get you started. Providing you pick a qualifying price plan.

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  • UMA_Fan

    Their iPhone WiFi calling commercial was their best commercial ever

    • eanfoso

      Not my favorite phone nor commercial but glad they are spreading the word about Wi-Fi calling.

      • 9to5Slavery

        no one asked that it is your favorite phone or commercial.

        • g2a5b0e

          This is a forum & as such, no one is required to seek permission to speak or only give answers when asked. In others, no need to be a d*ck.

    • 1ceTr0n

      Which commercial?

  • bojangles

    this is news? a commerical? Nice cam, really nice.

    • UMA_Fan

      I wish he would do it more often actually

    • JDM

      Personally, I don’t see why not. :)

  • American T-Mobile User

    Boxing Day isn’t a thing in the US, Cam, so don’t worry, it’s not a problem to post something to a website about a US carrier on a holiday that doesn’t exist in this country.

  • Cam Fas

    Wonder if big Verizon and big att will do something similar. Honestly in 2014 a gig of data coasts a company cents if that maybe in the next few years they will all finally just say one price fits all. Data calls text bam one flat fee besides in a year they will all just about have the same coverage and in two years no one really will have any other advantage over another on the coverage side of things

    • Gary

      Verizon already offers something like this. For 20, a user can get 3GB of data that is good for 90 days.

  • Sprint

    Did anyone notice that Sprint just introduced, quietly, their $100 Unlimited Family Plan for two lines and $40 for each additional line? Is this Sprint’s way of competing with T-Mobile?

    • Sean

      I don’t know…you tell us.

    • Romdude

      It’s ok, their service sucks, it doesn’t matter for me anyway.

    • Acdc1a

      Still has a $36 activation fee per line. All things equal, I’d rather have the T-Mobile $15 sim card charge.

    • Christopher Olson

      Who else would they be competing with lower pricing? Not prepaid…

  • Christopher Olson

    Does anyone know if this takes effect for your billing cycle that ends in January?

    • guest

      No, it doesn’t start until your first full billing cycle that takes place in 2015. (So, the first one that starts in January.)

      • Christopher Olson

        That’s what I thought, I was hoping my unused 4 gigs this month would get to start me off. Time to start streaming videos for the next week!

  • csnbharathi

    Will it stash my 3 gb tethering too?

    • matt

      no, but any data in stash can be used for tethering