John Legere’s Uncarrier 8.0 interview with David Pogue now available to watch [video]


As part of yesterday’s Uncarrier 8.0 announcement, T-Mobile CEO (and wireless legend) John Legere sat down for an exclusive interview with David Pogue, chief and founder of Yahoo! Tech.

During the course of the interview, Legere goes over the Data Stash program announced yesterday. According to the T-Mo chief, this is “arguably the biggest thing we’ve ever done since Uncarrier 1.” Its tagline: “What you don’t use, you won’t lose!”

The one big thing that stands out from John Legere’s comments is similar to what struck me earlier this year. T-Mobile’s market research is simple: Twitter. If lots of customers tweet about one thing – in this case, data rollover – T-Mobile makes it happen. Instead of just figuring out ways to make money, it’s learning what your customers actually want. And I like that, a lot. Even if the Data Stash isn’t available to customers on the lower plans.

Of course he went over the network improvements too, including the recent deployment of wideband LTE in New York City. T-Mobile customers in New York can now expect speeds of around 40-50Mbps on the company’s 15+15 network, with the highest speed test so far reaching over 100Mbps. Those are insane speeds for mobile data connections, especially considering where T-Mobile was two years ago. It has gone from 0-260 million people covered by LTE in under two years and has wideband LTE (the faster data pipes) active in 27 markets including Philadelphia, NYC, Bay Area and Dallas among others.

Check out the full interview with David Pogue of Yahoo! Tech below:

Source: YouTube (Yahoo Tech channel)

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