John Legere’s Uncarrier 8.0 interview with David Pogue now available to watch [video]


As part of yesterday’s Uncarrier 8.0 announcement, T-Mobile CEO (and wireless legend) John Legere sat down for an exclusive interview with David Pogue, chief and founder of Yahoo! Tech.

During the course of the interview, Legere goes over the Data Stash program announced yesterday. According to the T-Mo chief, this is “arguably the biggest thing we’ve ever done since Uncarrier 1.” Its tagline: “What you don’t use, you won’t lose!”

The one big thing that stands out from John Legere’s comments is similar to what struck me earlier this year. T-Mobile’s market research is simple: Twitter. If lots of customers tweet about one thing – in this case, data rollover – T-Mobile makes it happen. Instead of just figuring out ways to make money, it’s learning what your customers actually want. And I like that, a lot. Even if the Data Stash isn’t available to customers on the lower plans.

Of course he went over the network improvements too, including the recent deployment of wideband LTE in New York City. T-Mobile customers in New York can now expect speeds of around 40-50Mbps on the company’s 15+15 network, with the highest speed test so far reaching over 100Mbps. Those are insane speeds for mobile data connections, especially considering where T-Mobile was two years ago. It has gone from 0-260 million people covered by LTE in under two years and has wideband LTE (the faster data pipes) active in 27 markets including Philadelphia, NYC, Bay Area and Dallas among others.

Check out the full interview with David Pogue of Yahoo! Tech below:

Source: YouTube (Yahoo Tech channel)

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  • Roger

    We could do a drinking game:

    1 shot: s-word
    2 shots: f-bomb
    3 shots: insinuating that host uses mobile data for porn

    • nat x

      he’s still hilarious lol

    • VG

      That game would only last about 10 minutes, everyone would be under the table. LOL.

  • Michael Mayer

    GIMMICK, GIMMICK, GIMMICK. INSTEAD of paying $60/mo for 3GB and roll-over data, I’ll STICK with my $45/mo 2GB plan (only AVG 350MB anyway)


      NOT a GIMMICK not everyone uses so little web.
      You need to switch to the T-mobile
      $40.00 plan UNLIMITED TALK/ TEXT and web slows down after 500mb save your self $5.00 a month

      • Both the $40 and $45 plans have the data service suspended when the quota is reached, unlike the other plans, prepaid or not, which just it slow down.

    • KingCobra

      Some people actually use data on their phones.

      • Whiskers

        Ah , there is WIFI you know….
        Many people use more WIFI than cellular data these days.

        • dontsh00tmesanta

          Obiviously not…

        • shadlom

          Glad there is city wide wifi where you live lol.

        • Whiskers

          I must be really lucky , lol.
          I have access to WIFI 15 hours a day in my daily schedule ,lol.
          Only time i need LTE is traveling.

        • Mike Palomba

          I rarely use wifi because of how good T-Mobiles data speeds are

        • Whiskers

          Glad it’s that good for you , it’s the exact opposite for me.
          I get clearer calls with WIFI calling and faster data speeds through my WIFI service. inside buildings .
          Only time my T-Mobile data is faster is if i’m outside and near the towers.
          But i’m ok with T-mobile’s LTE data speeds when i need it , it’s still better then my brothers service he has on AT&T.

        • Mike Palomba

          Don’t get me wrong I still need WIFI when in some buildings but for most places wifi is not necessary

    • g2a5b0e

      Oh, I get it. So, because this new plan doesn’t help you, it’s a gimmick. God forbid that it may be useful for millions. It’s clearly all about you. Makes perfect sense. You, sir, are a moron.

      • bisayan

        Boom nailed it!!!!!! Comment of the day!!- hahaha..

    • bob90210

      If you don’t use a lot of data then don’t buy a plan with a lot of data. I glad you figured it out.

    • dontsh00tmesanta

      Im glad you found something that works for you but claiming its a gimmick cuz it doesnt help ya? No sorry. itll help millions of other

    • Jay Holm

      Damn it I hate the word “gimmick”, it is way, way overused, no different than words like “racist”, “creepy”, “stalker”, people use words so loosely that their true meaning gets diluted. No different than using the word “troll”, people throw words around way, way too loosely.

    • Ray

      You are a moron. Nobody asked about your flip phone usage.

      • superg05

        he might be a moron cause the base price for data is 1gb free so he’s paying $45 a month for nothing X)

        • mopar6464

          And your a bigger moron , he clearly states he only averages 350MB/month .
          So where is he paying $45/month for nothing when he clearly don’t use what he’s already paying for.
          So your stupid idea is for him to pat more for something he will never use…
          Now as for the Gimmick comment , that’s a different issue altogether.

        • MarylandUSA

          @mopar6464, I think you’ve missed superg05’s point. His point is that even with a 2GB/$45, Michael is paying too much when he can be on a cheaper plan that allows 1GB, three times what he uses.

        • mopar6464

          It’s possible , but please show me where there is a Cheaper individual post paid plan a month where he would pay less than $45/month for 2GB/month .
          The lowest individual plan T-Mobile offers right now is $50/month for 1GB of data , then it jumps to $60/month for 3GB.
          So unless he has a family plan with two lines , then he can’t get the $50/month unlimited for a single line deal.

  • ucmee

    john’s like the crazy uncle, but I love to hear him. Call Dave a ‘big porn user’. I’d love to hear the CEO’s of Verizon and ATT talk about what they’re doing to change their business to be friendlier to the customer.

  • steve849

    So, this John Legere bad-boy thing, it’s just an act, right?

    • bob90210

      Does it matter? The plans don’t change based on the number swear words Legere uses.

    • galaxyNote4isBoss

      It’s pretty much plain and simple for me since June 2012. Nothing beats T-Mobile they are the carrier game today.


  • Hagalaz

    I just want to be able to use my TMO data-only SIM in any TMO device, the way things were back in the day before someone decided that every smartphone HAD to have a voice plan. How about it, Mr. Legere?

  • Rick Rudge

    David, it’s called Data Stash! :-D I love it. Thanks for sharing, Cam. :-)