You can now purchase T-Mobile Wi-Fi CellSpot Routers to own in-store


Along with a memo revealing that T-Mobile will be offering a generous discount on the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note, the company also announced that Wi-Fi CellSpot Routers will be available for purchase, to own, from today.

Now, while you may have been able to get the free router (with deposit) previously, until today, you haven’t been able to purchase one to own in store. If you’re a T-Mobile customer and the free router set up doesn’t work for you (because you may have to give it back at some point) you can go in to store and pay just $99 to take one home. And you won’t ever have to give it back. It’s yours to keep. And it’s a steal, these routers cost $199.

Incidentally, if you’re a non T-Mobile customer, you have to pay $199 to own one.


Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 21.50.35

As a side note: It appears T-Mobile has been waiving the $25 deposit normally associated with the free CellSpot devices since November 3rd. And is still doing so “for a limited time!” When this deposit waiving ends, I don’t know. If you’ve been holding back on getting one, there’s never been a better time to grab one of the company’s routers.

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  • UMA_Fan

    I have issues with wifi calling on iOS even with one of these routers and a brand new modem. Everything else Internet wise works great. Wifi calling is extremely buggy and I’m not getting HD calls when on wifi but only via cellular connection.

    • Dan Hesse

      That’s because you are a UMA fan and can’t move on with newer, more efficient and faster WiFi calling based on something other than UMA. All my WiFi calling is as good or better than my old Nokia C-7 with UMA – and the range is far superior with HD voice. Only thing I haven’t tried is LTE handoff. Just works so haven’t paid attention to handover of calls.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Oh Dan.

    • jacky

      lol at ios, samsung wifi calling rocks woooo. who says ios is perfect.

    • Adrayven

      Likely your ISP.. I’ve got a 6+ w/this router.. works great..

      As for HD calling; that only works if calling another T-mobile customer.. it’s not HD if calling anyone else on another carrier.

  • Brad Wilson

    has anyone tried one of these wifi routers that previously had the Cell-Fi booster? That’s what I currently have and I’m trying to figure out if going to this would be an upgrade or not.

    • CalicoKJ

      I am in the process of returning my booster. It worked OK when I had non wifi capable devices. Now that the last one has upgraded, I’m moving over to the router.

      • Brad Wilson

        I’d be interested if you like this better than the cell-fi once you get it.

        • CalicoKJ

          I will do that. However they are completely different technology. The booster took the barely 1 bar of 3g service at my house and bumped it a bit. Great for the non-Wi-Fi calling devices since that was the only option for them to get service. I’ve already disconnected it though because it’s pointless vs, Wi-Fi calling (which is much more of a reliable and strong signal). I’m using my existing router until this one shows up (hopefully on Friday).

        • Brad Wilson

          I bit the bullet and I have decided to do the same thing that you are.will be intersting to compare notes

        • Brad Wilson

          That’s all I really wanted to hear. I was concerned I would be going through the hassle for the same result. If I end up with a better, more consistent signal, then I’ll obviously be pleased with that.

  • bob90210

    “it’s a steel, these routers cost $199”

    Wrong Cam. Both the retail and T-Mobile versions are made of plastic.

    • jacky

      nice pun bob lol.

    • Cam Bunton


  • CalicoKJ

    I can vouch for the waiving of the $25 fee/deposit/whatever they are calling it. I ordered mine yesterday and there was no charge.

    • Singleweird

      there’s a “waive” button that most reps don’t see (because why the heck would we look for a waive button?) but you do have to MANUALLY waive the fee at the end of the checkout process.

  • Martin Faltesek

    I’ve tried every phone up to and including S4 that had WIFI calling, and it was simply atrocious unless you don’t mind dropped calls, echos, and severely delayed conversations on a lightly loaded WIFI network and in the same room as the AP. Does this specially configured router really make a significant difference? Seems like it would be in T-Mobile’s best interest to release the tuning configuration details so other OEM’s or open firmwares could provide a similar setting on their devices.

    • TMo Tech Rep

      Sounds like you are fishing for proprietary info… nice try.

      • Martin

        I would be totally surprised if T-mobile cares more about protecting their optimization than improving their customers WIFI experience which has not been that hot, frankly. I totally believe in their uncarrier moves and hope they have plans to do the right thing. I figured this router was more about getting something available sooner than later in customer hands than protecting IP. Maybe I’m wrong.

        • CalicoKJ

          My M7 has some of those issues with my current router, but they are few and far between. Now my previous router was awful for wifi calling, so I know some of the problems can be router related. The cellspot is a rebranded ASUS router, I’m not sure about the interface or firmware, but my understanding is that this router prioritizes cell traffic which should help with those issues. I have one coming, so I can’t speak to the actual experience…yet.

        • T-Mobile Cares

          I am so glad you are going to try one of our CellSpots, but i would like to correct one statement you made. This is a fully branded Asus router designed and optimized to prioritize T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling feature. Enjoy your new device.

        • Will

          You forgot to mention that T-Mobile’s optimizations remove 2 of the guest networks, lock the bootloader and firmware, disable DUAL WAN, disable AI Cloud for cloud backups, etc. What is T-Mobile’s game in crippling a router?

        • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

          Paranoid much?

        • Andrew Paul Moulton

          You want T-Mobile to go out of their way to configure routers produced by OTHER companies to prioritize cell traffic? Do it your damn self.

      • bob90210

        The cellspot is a modified ASUS RT-AC68U. The original RT-AC68U has linux as the operating system in the firmware. Linux is open source that licensed under the GPL. The GPL requires that distributed modifications to the original must be open sourced also. Therefore, it is likely that any changes made for the cellspot must be open source also.

        So no need to fish for it; T-Mobile must provide the source.

        • TMO Tech Rep

          Good luck with that…

        • Will

          Why would T-Mobile purposely disable key features of the router like 2 of the guest networks? Sounds like T-Mobile has future plans for those two guest networks? No thanks. I already went in and locked out T-Mobile from my CellSpot router.

        • bob90210

          Thanks but I don’t need any luck since I don’t plan on doing anything with the information other than to provide it to people who ask about it.

        • TMO Tech Rep

          I don’t think you even know how to do this. And even if you thought you did, you would only accomplish perhaps compromising your network to nefarious security attacks or best case scenario, just bricking your router and voiding it’s warranty…

          But sounds like you’ll steer clear of this… Great job posting stuff most people would not be able to use even if that code was legit to begin with.

  • shamatuu

    I’m still confused on why would you buy this when you already have WIFI at home that you are already paying for?

    • eanfoso

      It’s a signal booster and a router

      • bob90210

        The cellspot is not a signal booster. It is a rebranded wifi router with some quality of service settings for wifi calling.

    • CalicoKJ

      What you are getting is a router, not the internet connection. Typically, most people pay for their internet and then setup or have the ISP setup wireless in some way in the house. This router is better than many of the routers out there, and I can just about guarantee it’s better than any router that ISP’s are handing out. If you’re content to not own it, there’s no charge. If you want to buy, it’s a $200 router that you’re getting for half price.

      • Will

        No it is a $99 router and not the full Asus 68U router. Several of the advanced functions such as Dual WAN, 6 guest networks, and AI Cloud have been purposely disabled. So it is definitely worth the $99 price but it takes quite a bit of work to make it into the same $200 router. You have to go in and swap out the bootlooder called the CFE with a version from the Asus 68U). Otherwise it will also be the crippled T-Mobile version and not the more advanced and stable Asus version. It is not as simple as just flashing the firmware. T-Mobile and Asus automatically update and lock both the bootloader and the firmware in the latest firmware update. So if you think you are getting the $200 version for $99, think again. It’s still a very capable version but not the more powerful one. And if you are technically skilled, you can change the bootloader and load stock Asus firmware (or third-party firmware). But your time is probably worth more than the $60 or so dollars you will save if you buy the full Asus 68U version. Plus you risk bricking the router by changing the bootloader.

        Intel did the same thing with it’s processors a few generations ago. They crippled high speed cores to sell them as cheaper parts. But the difference is that Intel would sell you the ability to upgrade to the faster cores for like $50. Asus and T-Mobile permanently lock you out.

        • Munkoli

          Dude, it’s a piece of piss to change the bootloader. You don’t need to be technically gifted or even highly skilled. It’s just a case of following instructions that are laid out on the internet in point by point steps. And it takes about 20 minutes.

    • Andrew Paul Moulton

      Idk have you ever upgraded a TV even when you were paying for Television service?

    • Singleweird

      the device is NOT a signal booster in any way. It is the EXACT same thing as your at-home router, but it prioritizes call connections over all other connections (netflix in your family room, little johnny’s torrent download, someone playing XBOX live, etc). its also a kick-ass router in general which will improve wifi calling by default.

    • This router is one of the top of the line routers, able to operate on both 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies. That means extended range and having the ability to handle higher speeds. It also prioritizes your Wi-Fi calls, so if someone is using most of your internet watching YouTube videos or gaming, your Wi-Fi calls get 1st priority, so that means you’ll get high quality calls, and less calls being dropped. Which may happen with your current Wi-Fi router since it does not prioritize Wi-Fi calls.

    • Cam Bunton

      Because it’s one of the best routers on the market, and it’s worth double what T-Mo is charging for it to own..

      • Will

        It’s actually become a little dated. Much more powerful routers are available. It’s still a decent $99 router and much better than other $99 routers out there right now. But it is not better than say the Asus RT-87U or the Netgear R7500. But those routers cost $250. So it’s good for the money.

        • Munkoli

          Actually it is better performing than both of those routers. Look at smallnetbuilders review site. Just because the newer modems have an extra antenna and are rated to a higher maximum doesn’t mean the regular and realistic 2.4ghz and 5ghz throughput and range is better, in fact it is worse. This (AC-R68U) and the Netgear R7000 are superior in ways that actually matter, not just in hypothetical maximum connection speeds with devices that don’t exist yet.

    • PaulRivers

      There’s several reasons which may or may not apply to you.

      1. If your existing router isn’t working 100% right. I’ve seen a lot of people say their router doesn’t work 100% but they’ve just lived with it for browsing the internet.

      2. If your existing router has poor range. A lot of older routers didn’t do as good of a job as newer routers in wireless range, don’t want your call to drop because you walked to the far end of your house.

      3. If your existing router uses an older slower standard. Some people might still be using Wireless G. Most people are using wireless N, though wireless AC is the latest standard. N -> AC isn’t a huge leap, but it can’t hurt.

      The biggest advantage to wireless A or AC is that it works in the 5ghz range. I moved into an apartment building, and there’s a ton of networks on the 2.4ghz frequency of Wireless N. My Centurylink router that I bought in the last year? Only does Wireless N. At my previous townhome, Wireless N didn’t have any issues because there weren’t many other networks around me. At my current apt, I get noticeably faster speeds with wireless A (and assumably AC as well) because the wireless N spectrum is so incredibly crowded. (Yes, I tested it, it’s noteably faster). The 5ghz spectrum is less used, but also bigger, and doesn’t penetrate walls as well – a minus for covering your whole house, but a plus in an apartment building where this makes it less likely that your neighbors 5ghz network would cause interference on your own 5ghz network.


      Let’s say you have an excellent, up to date router already. This router is setup to give wifi calling traffic higher priority than any other traffic. So let’s say you’re downloaded a Windows Service Pack, a huge long running download. With a regular router that might interfere with the stability of your wifi call as you’re downloading an enormous amount of data over wifi. With this router the router gives wifi calling a higher priority than any other data, so it doesn’t change the stability of your wifi call at all.

      None of these reasons mean you “need” to change anything if your existing router is working fine. If you don’t have any issues and everything works great, don’t switch. But the TMobile router is great for solving the above problems.

  • ” J.D. “

    Hi everybody Had mine for a while and I must say it gives great range it also has a bunch of features like giving you the ability to attach a hard drive ( USB 2.0 or 3.0 ) and setting up your own DDNS for FTP use and a whole lot more. I’m happy with mine was using a Cisco wrp 400 but it died out so I picked up this for absolutely no cost to me not even the 25$ deposit. so to all the doubters how do you go wrong unless you want to spend 200 $ up to get a router that will give you all the same features….

    • Mirad77

      Nice to know, but with all the NSA drama I wonder if Tmo or any other may sniff into your data from the HHD.

      • Singleweird

        if you’re worried about that, you should disconnect electricity to your house and hunt for food. that harddrive is the least of your worries.

        • Mirad77

          How long did it take consumers to know about carrier IQ and the likes sniff data from us? What am asking is legitimate and comparing that to electricity is very wise of you.

        • Reality Check

          – Worries about CarrierIQ and the NSA.

          – Posts from a logged in account, likely on a device s/he frequently uses.

          – Most likely uses “smart” devices…

          Any worries you had regarding your private data? Lay them to rest: You have no “private” data.

        • Mirad77

          Reality Check! That says it all.

      • ” J.D. “

        Hard to do requires admin log on & its also encrypted ..

  • xealo

    “And it’s a steel, these routers cost $199.”

    Oh its a “steel” alright!! :P

    • JJCommonSense

      LoL I was wondering about that spelling

  • MastarPete

    I know for sure that T-Mobile has been silently waiving the $25 deposit over the phone for postpaid since it launched. I ordered mine over the phone by calling technical care back around September 17th, the deposit was waived and when it finally shipped it was sent overnight for no additional charge. I’m not sure if shipping is still being upgraded but others in the thread also reported that they opted for standard ground shipping but their routers were actually shipped overnight. The few people that said they paid for faster shipping seemed to actually get theirs slightly faster, based on a shorter delay between order placement and when it actually shipped.

    There is info in the forum that has been re-posted in slickdeals thread about converting the cellspot back into an AC68U by changing the bootloader and flashing an official Asus AC68U firmware or a third party firmware like Asus Merlin, DDWRT or Tomato.

    I’ve been running mine stock and it’s been great. I don’t have any AC client devices and my internet connection isn’t fast enough to make the router a bottleneck so I haven’t been able to tell much of a difference over my Asus RT-N66U.

    A free high-end router just for being a T-Mobile customer. Don’t stop to think if you need it or not, just order!


    I put my T-Mobile router in about 2 weeks ago replacing my FIOS router.
    I can say its a great router way better then what you get from your internet provider
    it has three antennas on it my daughter no longer yells from the other side of the house that she cant get on the internet….Very Happy

    • Shiva Maraj

      How did you connect it to your Fios Router? Dod you just turn off the wifi setting on Fios router and connect the T Mobile router for wifi?

      • T-Mobile Cares

        There are two ways to install the router. The most and efficient is to replace your existing router, as TYLERDERK did. You no longer need your ISP router once you have the CellSpot. Should you choose to keep your ISP router in place, you can bridge the CellSpot to your existing router by connecting a cable from one of the ports on your router to one of the yellow ports on the CellSpot. It’s that simple.

        • PaulRivers

          “The most and efficient is to replace your existing router, as TYLERDERK did.”

          That’s not exactly true. If you’ve signed up for service any time in the last 5 years or so you have a combination modem/router in one device, so you still need the modem half of the modem/router from your isp.

        • CalicoKJ

          Unless one of the first things you did was to turn that combo device into just a modem and use an external router because the range of those combo devices sucks. ;)

      • If you have a modem and wireless router separate, than get replace the wireless router with the cellspot. However, if your modem has built in wifi capabilities, then you would need to disable the wifi on that modem and connect the cellspot to the modem.

      • Will

        You may need to keep your Actiontec FIOS router to provide guide info data over the MoCA network (the cable). So if you use the FIOS cable boxes for TV, you will have to either use the CellSpot Router behind the Actiontec router OR move the Actiontec router behind the Cellspot and make sure that all of your cable boxes (or TIVOs if you use them) are all on a network behind the Actiontec router.

        If you don’t have FIOS TV and are using the ethernet jack on the FIOS ONT, just go into the Actiontec, write down the MAC address of the WAN port. Then release the IP address of the WAN port and disconnect the Actiontec router. Then you can plug in the Cellspot router to the ethernet port of your FIOS ONT. Keep in mind that you may still have to put the MAC address into the Cellspot’s Wan settings to emulate the old Actiontec on the FIOS network.

        One thing to remember is that FIOS will only support the Actiontec routers. So if you don’t know what you are doing, just put the CellSpot router behind the Actiontec router and don’t plug anything into the Actiontec router’s ethernet ports. That way all traffic will travel through the Cellspot router.

  • pwitlow

    Still can’t purchase this today. One store refused to sell it until they got more stock after November 21st and the other store said its not available to purchase. Called 611 and five reps later none of them or their managers even knew what the cellspot was. They continued to try and sell me the new ZTE hotspot until I hangup…

    • T-Mobile Cares

      I am so sorry you experienced not being able to procure one of these awesome routers. Give us a call and ask for a Technical Support Representative and I guarantee you will have one shipped out immediately.

      • Will

        I also recommend just calling the 1800 number to purchase one. I went to 5 stores and not a single one would sell me the router as a prepaid customer. They said they don’t make any money off prepaid customers so they all referred me to phone sales. At least they were honest about just wanting to make sales and get me on JUMP.

    • CalicoKJ

      I had the same problem when calling. The first CS rep sent me to sales, who sent me back to CS, who sent me to Tech Support. At least the second CS rep knew what I was asking for. CS can setup the orders (if you get a rep that’s familiar with the device), but TS will get it done much faster.

  • Alex Zapata

    I know what I’m getting soon….

  • Chris

    My deposit was waived when I ordered one a couple weeks before November 3rd.

  • Mirad77

    From what I’ve read here and from some well informed members (and some smart a$$ ones), this is not a cell booster but a wifi router with built in feature to enhance wifi calling. Why would I want to but this rather than using my current wifi router?

    • TechHog

      Because it’s a really good router for the price.

      • Mirad77


    • peter downey

      This is correct. It is just a regular router. But this specific router happens to be one of the best on the market, not to mention the fact that it has some fine tuning directed towards ensuring WiFi calling works great. I can not recommend these routers enough. compared to what your ISP is giving out, these things cannot be beat.

      • Mirad77


    • T-Mobile Cares

      You are correct, this is not a booster, but a W-Fi router. It is in fact the best router on the market and has been designed to prioritize Wi-Fi Calling to ensure the best overall experience for our customers. And do not forget, this device will cover a 3000 sq ft area, including wall penetration and deep basements.

      • Mirad77

        Thanks, the info is helpful.

      • Frank

        Whats the model number,, I have a ASUS that sounds and has all these features

        • Will

          The model number of the Cellspot is the TM-1900. Many people, including T-Mobile support, will try to tell you that it is the Asus 68U. But it is not. It has both a different bootloader (CFE) and firmware than the Asus RT-68U. The hardware may be the same. But it’s the firmware that makes or breaks a router. Many manufacturers use the same chipsets and similar hardware. Firmware is everything on a router.

        • bob

          I have heard that if you download the latest Asus RT-68U firmware and update this one before it is connected to the network, then you have a RT-68U for $99.

        • Will

          Nope. As soon as you update the firmware with the latest stock Asus RT-68U firmware, the bootloader also gets updated and the device permanently locks to become a Tmobile cellspot TM-1900.

          In other words, it reverts back to the TM-1900 firmware without any help form you.

          You can only correctly make it a RT-68U by going in through Telnet and installing a stock RT-68U bootloader. But that also means using a hex editor and modifying strings in the bootloader. If you do it wrong, the device becomes bricked. But once you change out the bootloader to an older one, then you can install any firmware that you want, whether it is the TM-1900 or the stock Asus RT-68U or a third party firmware like Asus-Merlin.

          It’s not as simple as just loading firmware like it was in the past. Tmobile and Asus fixed that and lock you out permanently now, regardless of whether or not you try to flash the firmware before plugging it in.

        • bob

          Good to know. At least it seems like it is still possible if you’re willing to possibly brick the device.

        • Will

          Yes it is possible but not as easy as it was when the TM-1900 was first released. You have to be comfortable editing the CFE (bootloader) with a hex editor. If you change the wrong thing, the device will be bricked.

        • bob

          Will, do you have a reference for how to do this firmware change?

        • TechHog

          Can you confirm that it doesn’t perform as well as the RT-68U?

    • This router is one of the top of the line routers, able to operate on the 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies. which means extended range and able to handle higher speeds. It also prioritizes your Wi-Fi calls, so if someone is using most of your internet watching YouTube videos or gaming, your Wi-Fi calls gets 1st priority, so that means you’ll get high quality calls, and less calls being dropped. Which may happen with your current Wi-Fi router since it does not prioritize Wi-Fi calls.

      • Mirad77

        Thanks. The reason I asked is that I own my modem which had built-in Wi-Fi and is a dual band ( yes there is sperate ssid for both bet they use the same password) and had been serving me well for the past year. I just want to justify having another router. I appreciate all the info though ( some will insult rather than educate or correct fellow members).

    • beyondthetech

      It’s probably one of the best routers around right now. I love the integrated VPN server, DLNA media server capabilities, has USB 3.0, QoS, guest network, single SSID for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies (hate those routers that have to give a separate SSID for the other spectrum), and you can even plug in a 3G/4G USB modem as an internet source (i.e. fallback internet), iTunes Server and Time Machine capability for Apple products, and more.

      • Mirad77

        Thanks for the info.

  • TMobile Care$

    Is there going to be a router fee after 6 months of service or is that still hush hush for now Cam?

    • T-Mobile Cares

      There will be no associated “router fee” at any time while using the CellSpot. Our intention is to provide better Wi-Fi Calling to our customers that are not receiving the best in-home coverage from our towers.

      • Nick

        I feel like both of these comments were posted by the same person to advertise

  • TechHog

    > free
    > with deposit

    uh what

    • monkeybutts

      theres a $25 deposit, but it’s usually waived.

    • $25 deposit, but in the future if you return the device, you are refunded the deposit. so. It is “free” technically.

  • Jake

    Cam, it’s steal not steel. Steel is metal. Steal is a great deal.

    • beyondthetech

      For all intensive purposes, their still a great steel. Perhaps the righter of the article was just doing they’re on high jinks, or may be its the website’s fault. If its really a error, he must of seen it. All in all, Im happy to be able to grab it at these price, as its one in the same as that Asus router.

      • Andre Vilela

        Righter? Maybe writer.
        So profound a post about an error about a word that sounds the same as other with airing word that sounds the same as other.

        • druff
      • Grammar Boy

        The expression is “for all intents and purposes” not “intensive”

        • beyondthetech

          I hope you realize the entire comment was littered with eggcorn and grammar errors, and most importantly, that it was intentional.

        • derp hurr-durr

          We love people who are annoying and pompous on purpose.

          It makes it so much easier to avoid them in the future…

        • Tony

          I had to look up the term “eggcorn”. Learned something new. Also surprised it was somewhat only recently coined in 2003 (according to wikipedia). Guess that’s how new words in language spread.

        • Art Faucett

          You calm down two. Get it? TWO? LOLOLOLOL

      • Cam Bunton


    • Art Faucett

      Calm down

  • Bordelais

    I had one sent to me maybe about a month ago. The deposit was waived.

    I now have near perfect voice coverage throughout my house. Not a single dropped call. It has successfully stopped my wife and kids complaining about poor T-Mobile service. I also have improved wifi signal in every room in my home.

    Definitely worth it, and a smart move on T-Mobile’s part.

  • rodman

    I have a T-Mobile HTC one m7 and have my cell spot configured with one SSID for both the 2.5 and 5 gig networks. Sometimes I get decent WiFi calling, but it isn’t nearly as reliable as I thought it was going to be where voice begins to sound choppy and people tell me that they can’t hear me ect. I also get dropped calls if I go moving through my house because the Wi-Fi calling doesn’t seem to hand off the connection when changing from the 2.5 to the 5 gig network and vise versa.

    I have Time Warner Cable 10 up and 1 down and do suspect them for call quality issues at times. I assume that any traffic on my end would be negated by my T-Mobile router. If I go into the settings, the QoS is disabled, but am assuming that the call QoS for Wi-Fi calling to be automatic.
    I know that I can tell my phone to only connect to the 2.5 network to keep it from switching, but wanted to ask if anyone knew of another way without disabling anything.

    • Singleweird

      Use the 5ghz band for your phone and put everything else on 2.4ghz. Also make 2 different ssids. You don’t need to be handing off wifi to wifi unless you have a huge house and multiple access points.

  • Jon

    Is it still available for free for Tmobile customer assuming they can waive $25 deposit?

  • Mike Rettinger

    I just got mine and they waved the fee!! This router has great wifi.

  • Dave Slater

    I just ordered a cell spot signal booster. It’s my understanding that each account can have only one cell spot signal booster or one cell spot router, not both. Is this correct? If so, perhaps I’ll pay $99 to have the router as well.

    • Bourgeois

      I have both. It took multiple calls to technical support finding the right person willing to put in the order to send me the router without having to return the LTE cell spot signal booster. Deposit waived on both.

      We have a family plan with two phones that support wifi calling and three that don’t. My argument was that if I returned the cell spot signal booster three of the phones would be pretty much useless in my house.

      As a side note, I am really frustrated and annoyed that wifi calling was not added to the iPhone 5. I’m afraid that improved network quality was trumped by increased hardware sales.

      • Bourgeois

        If for some reason you can’t get T-Mobile to send you both (which is likely), I can say the $99 is worth it. The wifi signal in my house is so much better with this router.

        • f1ip

          I got them to send both to me. I called for the router and they sent me one, then I messaged them on FB telling them that my signal sucks for my nexus 5. So they sent me a booster since the N5 don’t have Wifi Calling.

  • CrzyP

    Just tried to purchase one and they looked at my like I was crazy. Said I would also need to turn in my Cel-Fi booster.

  • Jerry Rich

    If you don’t give the “rented” router back you have to pay $99. What’s the difference!

    • idisestablish

      You also don’t get your $25 or $99 deposit back (based on credit), so you’ve spent $125 or $200 if you simply don’t return it.

      • Jemar55

        You get the deposit back when you return the device. Pretty sure I saw it in the terms and was informed by the rep when i placed my order. (But mine was waived)

        • idisestablish

          Yeah, we’re discussing not returning the device. You don’t get your deposit back if you don’t return it.

  • Jose

    All these deals are true for postpaid accounts, but prepaid accounts cannot get this router and have to purchase it at full price.

  • Ben

    Am I the only one who paid a deposit? I’m starting to feel like a sucker here.

    • AS

      I also paid $25… Gonna go get my money back tomorrow.

  • f1ip

    Is it possible to purchase another router for $99 price even though I already have one on my account as the FREE one??

  • you dumb

    People are over thinking this.
    It’s a super cheap bad a$$ router.
    Just order it already!

  • Patrick Cox

    We just got one on Saturday. Totally free and they did not even ask for our phone numbers or account numbers.

  • sarah

    So it is basic Wi-Fi correct? Will I still need a landline in order to get this?

  • Carl

    Leaving T-mobile but for $99, I’m keeping the cellspot router.