$100 off T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 3 from November 21

T-Mobile is set to kick off its holiday sales season in style later this week. From Friday, November 21st, the company is going to be offering the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with $100 discount. What’s more, the carrier is “keeping it simple”, it’s not a “pay full price, get rebate later” kind of deal. It’s a straight $100 discount which should show up automatically on retail systems whenever a customer is attempting to activate or upgrade to either of the two smartphones.

The discount is available for a limited time, and is set to end on November 30th. Just 9 days after going live. Pay in Advance customers will also be able to take advantage, providing they have a plan costing $35 or more.

We were sent the community message below which shows virtually all the details:

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 19.18.36

Staff should expect the Samsung Winter Sale price cards to arrive in store on November 19.

With the discount, it’s unclear whether the Samsung Galaxy S5 will drop $100 from its current “on sale” price of $609.60 down to $509.60, or drop from its pre-sale price of $660 down to $560. Either way, it’s a great deal. Even greater is the Note 3 deal. Its current price is just $516.96. With $100 discount, it will only cost shoppers $416.96 (roughly $17.37 per month on EIP).

Keep an eye out for any new deals on T-Mobile.com. We’ll update you once the pricing is officially announced.

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  • beyondthetech

    Been contemplating getting my first Android device a while now. I see that the Nexus 5 will or already has Lollipop available, while the Samsung devices could wait as far as 3rd quarter of 2015 to get it. Considering the Nexus 5 is about 400USD, is it worth spending the extra 16USD to get the S5?

    • Brad

      Most people find samsung to be a good first time android device for some reason… I tend to like vanilla android, so I’d say go with a nexus device. I don’t like samsung’s “improvements” to android.

    • Chris

      Like Brad said, it really depends on the person. If you know anyone that has an S5 or a Nexus 5. I’d suggest, asking them to see if you can play with it for a bit. I know people that loves Samsung’s added features. I know people that don’t and bought either a Nexus, Sony or Moto phone.

    • steveb944

      Definitely not worth paying the extra IMO.

      The benefit of going Nexus is the quick updates and no bloat, leading to a faster device and more free space. If there are certain features you NEED from Samsung then S5 is the way to go, otherwise it has nothing.

      You’re pretty much guaranteed at least one more major software revision on the Nexus 5 after Lollipop because it has good hardware and software support. As for the S5, eventually it’ll get Lollipop and it’ll take even longer for any update thereafter as Samsung’s priorities change.

    • MadJoe

      Moto X 2014. I don’t know why, but I love that phone. I’ve considered selling my Note 3 and buying it many times, but I also have a mortgage, car payments and kids to worry about, so I have held off.

      Also, although all of the negative comments are warranted because of Samsung’s lack of updates in the past, they have made major improvements to their update schedule recently. The S4 was their first phone to receive 4.4.4, even before the Note 3 (still waiting, but..), and they have announced that the S4, S4 mini, Note 3, S5, Note 4, (plus others) will receive Lollipop either the end of this year, or 1st quarter next year. So don’t fret too much over that. Just know that Touchwiz is an abomination and even replacing it with a 3rd party launcher doesn’t completely undo all of the lag induced by it. That’s the reason I am done with Samsung devices.

  • salnova2k2

    Safe to say the Note 4 will probably be left out of any Tmo holiday promotions?

    • skywalkr2

      Supposedly Note 4’s are selling like crazy at full price.

  • Nathan S.

    Man, A note 3 to replace my aging Note 2 might just be nice. THis Note 2 though, it has been my most solid and trustworthy device to date.

    • GameBoi/KillaBit

      I’m thinking the same thing. I want a Note 4, but these phones just coast too much these days.

      • Nathan S.


  • ssjchaseutley

    I have an SG4 and it’s the last Samsung product I’ll purchase. Zero support concerning updates. Latest update made it so i can no longer view videos in my browser…it works if i maximize the video but the video becomes out of sync.

    Aside from that, my charging ability was severely lessened. Down to just over an 1 amp…used to be just under 2.

    Anyone else have troubles?

    • skittle

      I have the Note 4 and my charging ability is still max after the updates. Charging is very fast. I have all of the current updates and video works fine in browser.

    • Marcus

      I have the GS4 and the latest updates, but haven’t experienced any issues. What videos don’t play? I do factory reset my device after any major update. Samsung has reps in all the Best Buy stores, maybe they can help.

    • Pengko

      you need to use google more and stop blaming. It looks like you have an issue with flashplayer apk not playing your video after the kitkat update right? use dolphin browser and download the apk from there and install. (its modded to work for kitkat).

      In terms of the battery amps make sure the brick is correct with 2amps and try a different usb cable or even by another brick with 2 amps. They do fail or it could be your phones micro usb port failing.

      • murdoxin

        “you need to use google more and stop blaming”

        So, in other words, he should spend his time fixing Samsung’s screw ups rather than doing more important things. Heavens forbid he actually expect the working device he actually paid money for.

      • ssjchaseutley

        I tried 3 other factory Samsung bricks with original and non original USB cords. Since the update to 4.4.4., my phone has not been right.

        And I use all Google services. However, your comment about using the dolphin browser to fix apk is something I will try out.

    • MadJoe

      The S4 was the first Samsung device to get 4.4.4 (my much newer Note 3 still hasn’t received that update, and neither has my wife’s S5), so how can you say it has no update support? As for your other troubles, I have an S4 that my kids use as a PMP and it has no troubles even with their abuse. Try factory resetting the device, or at least cleaning out old apps you no longer use.

      • ssjchaseutley

        It has no support. I contacted Samsung 2 weeks ago and they recommended I perform a factory reset. I did. My charge rate hasn’t improved ( just over 1 amp).

        The update ruined the ability to watch videos through chrome: all videos play sound but video is scrambled. If I use full screen, it will play but it does so out of sync as well.

        I’m glad you had a better experience than me and I wish I had your experience.

  • monkeybutts

    meh I’d prefer something that wasn’t Samsung for sales. If I wanted Samsung I would have taken the $200 check for preorder on the note 4 or buying the S5 last month.

    • David

      Your loss.

  • Anyone know if there will be any other black friday deals from T-mobile?

    • salnova2k2

      I’m waiting around… Want to pick up a Note 4 but don’t want to regret it if there are some deals the next few weeks.

      • JaswinderSinghJammu

        They can do the price adjustment if it’s within 2 weeks.

    • Bklynman

      That’s what I am waiting for too. I have jump(1st one.) Gave up on LG releasing G flex2,
      Right now,To doesn’t have anything I really want. Right using Note 3. If nothing comes out between now and January, I will down grade to ZTE ZMAX,wait until May or June when the new phones comes out again,then if nothing comes out cancel jump.

  • bob90210

    You can get new S5 phones on ebay for $500 right now so $509.60 is definitely not a great deal.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      You can’t get them with EIP or JUMP on Ebay….


      But then you’re dealing with eBay..

  • steveb944

    That’s a pretty good price for the Note.

  • guest

    does anyone know if T-Mobile is still paying off ETF because i want to leave verizon


      They still are. But if you’re on verizon EDGE remember its technically not a contract and they wont pay that off.

      • Adrayven

        Which is why Verizon has been pushing EDGE so hard lately ..

        Yet a different way to ‘lock’ you in..


          Well when the spigot leaks you just try to tighten the faucet handle more right?

    • theresa

      Yesss! Up to 4 lines I believe. Just switched from Verizon last night. FINALLY! I have 4 lines. The guys in Bayshore NY were very helpful. Got a Samsung 5s … $25/Mos with a trade in. I wonder if I can get reimbursed some how with the sale on 21st

      • JE_25

        Actually it is now up to 10 lines. Initially it was not 5 but they have increased it since then.

  • Darwinski

    Dang, 416.96 is a crazy good price for the Note 3. I wouldn’t buy one again, personally, but still decent price.

    Have had a few problems with my note 3. Glass broke after falling off my couch onto wood floor, vibrator stopped working after a year and now it is turning off randomly (bad battery?)..

    Anyhow, planning on moving to Nexus 6 and Motorola/Lenovo.

    • Chris

      Wait… So you “had issues” because you dropped it on a hard surface and the glass broke? …………..

      • brybry

        His username is very ironic.

      • Darwinski

        It was literally an 8″ drop from the couch to the floor. Sorry, but it’s not normal to shatter from that.

  • George

    We need some HTC deals soon, Samsung lost me after their mediocre customer service and terrible bloatware.

    • David

      Wait so you want HTC because someone other brand had “mediocre customer service”? Hahahahahahaha please be kidding.

      • sosharpdevy

        HTC makes good phones.

  • Roger Sales

    Obviously this a promotion to keep growth up from people waiting for an iPhone 6 to tempt them to give in and get any device available right now.

  • Brian

    Not a bad deal on the S5, especially for those of us with that $200 rebate for switching from a BlackBerry to a Samsung that expires on 12/31. $300 net for the S5….SOLD!

    Another line was eligible for the $300 promo on the S4 a few months ago and also got that $200 rebate as well ($100 net). Love Magenta!

    • john

      can u please tell me what blackberry u traded in for the s4? can it be any working blackberry phone?

      • JE_25

        It’s not a trade in deal. Anyone who was using a blackberry before April 1st(I think) and still uses it today can get a $200 rebate for buying a Samsung device. They get $100 for buying a non Samsung device. No trade in required.

        • Brian

          Thanks for answering that one. I think it was actually for any line using a BlackBerry as of April 3. I don’t believe that it mattera if you changed to something else after that date so if you decided to try using a non-BlackBerry device after 4/3, you’re still eligible.

        • Kev

          By upgrading to the Note 4, I got 200 from t-mobile. Traded a HTC One S for $29 and participated in the Samsung Note 4 pre-order promotion and got $171 from Samsung. That is $371 for upgrading/pre-ordering a phone I actually wanted.

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    Getting gs5 for wife

  • Dean Smith

    wait for the S6, it will be only iphone killer in samsung history! You will love it inside OUT!

  • B Brad

    Anyone heard new rumors of a google play edition of the S5? S5 is pretty unique with a 5.1″ screen, removable battery, and ability to add wireless charging. Pure android (even if I had to do it myself) would cinch it.

    • MadJoe

      Google has nixed the “Play Edition” program (you can still get an M8, but that will probably be the last device outside the Nexus line) in preparation of their “Silver” program, but that lost steam and looks like it’s going to be officially nixed as well. Grab a discounted S5 from T-Mo this weekend and root it. You lose Knox, but so few people use Knox it’s not worth worrying about. And with JUMP, the warranty doesn’t matter, either (even though I doubt Samsung will void your warranty over rooting).

  • Dan

    I wonder if they are gonna discount the LG Flex anymore for the holidays, I know it’s discounted all ready hoping for a little more.

    • skywalkr2

      I don’t even think they sell it in store anymore.

  • Art Faucett

    35 bucks to qualify. Missed it by 5 bucks, I’m patient, they will continue to drop.

    • SP

      Hey Art, I’m a tmobile rep and typically if you just add a $35 refill to your account you’ll get the sale price, i’d at least give it a shot :)

  • TTT

    This sucks. I just bought two Note 4’s yesterday.

  • Nam

    When will be the next S5 sale?