T-Mobile named fastest network in Detroit by RootMetrics


RootMetrics published its network report for the city of Detroit earlier today, making it the seventh time the company has compiled network performance results for the Motor City. And for the first time, T-Mobile leads the pack in terms of data speeds, with a Speed Index score of 95.6 and median download speeds of over 26Mbps, and upload speeds of 17.7Mbps.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 20.36.47

T-Mobile also won the Text RootScore Award for the first time since November 2011, with a score of 97.4, with Sprint, Verizon and AT&T in second, third and fourth place respectively.

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 20.48.46

As far as overall RootScores go, Verizon finished in first place (as usual), with T-Mobile just behind in second place:

Screen Shot 2014-11-11 at 20.36.54

The Detroit report is the latest in a line of reports following the same trend: T-Mobile finishing second to Verizon, but outperforming all the other networks when it comes to data speeds. It would seem that T-Mobile’s “Data Strong” branding is more than just an aspiration, the carrier really is focussed on providing a fast internet experience for its customers. The latest reports confirm that.

If browsing and texting are your thing, T-Mobile is your network.

Source: RootMetrics

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  • Roger Sales

    2nd is hardly a bad place for a company that has half the customers and 1/4th the revenue of two of their competitors. It’s good see the little guys fighting not just to survive but thrive.

  • Great to see T-Mobile getting better here in Detroit. For a while they were terrible (still are in some areas, but that’s changing quick). Now we just need some 700MHz already!

    • turtle6988

      There building now, just have to get a cluster built together before it is available for customer use

  • It would be nice if coverage in the DTW airport were as good as throughout the city. Indeed, the last time I was there, speed was typically over 30Mbps where there was coverage. But it was ridiculous to have to walk around the terminal searching a decent signal to place a mere call.

  • Aurizen

    last week the fastest it was philly… now its Detroit?

    • turtle6988

      Did you even ready the story. T-Mobile is the fastest of the big 4 in Detroit. It could be the same in Philadelphia. They test each city, there not saying Detroit is the fastest in the US.

  • Fabian Cortez

    That’s because no one lives in Detroit.

    • Guest

      Not people…

      • Rob H.

        Don’t hate. T-Mobile rocks in the motor city. Substantially better than Sprint an AT&T. Vzw can only keep up with their xlte.

      • turtle6988

        REALLY! Have you ever been to Detroit, do you even live in Michigan? I live right on the border of Detroit. All the rumors for the most part are complete BS. Yes Detroit has it issues but it’s not the complete shit hole everyone thinks it is.

    • espie

      It’s so fun to insult a whole group of 5 million people, isn’t it? And what area are you from, exactly?

      Detroit Metro contains the second richest county in the country. Still. And 5 Million people. So really, just cram it.

      • Fabian Cortez

        People get so butt-hurt.

      • Brian90

        Actually, Oakland county dropped about 15 spots after 2008. it’s no where near the top anymore. 6 years made of world of difference.
        The city is a shit hole but the western suburbs are actually very nice.

        Only about 700k live in the city proper.

  • Mike

    I visit Detroit alot and the mobile speeds throughout Metro Detroit is great 30+ Mbps . On the other hand my Sprint phone data is terrible 2-8 mbps.

    • Mike

      That’s why I left Sprint. Even CDMA Metro PCS was better– and cheaper.

  • Lawrence Hall

    Yes its solid in the metro D area. But there are some holes. I bitch about the one around my parents house in southfield.

    • monkeybutts

      Theres holes everywhere in T-mobile service. Luckily they aren’t where I live and work at the moment. Hopefully the 700 MHz spectrum and phones can help fill the gaps in current coverage.

  • Jon

    I don’t see the significance of this. Detroit is like a third world country. Oh well LTE for everyone or for those who can find work there.

    • Mike

      Metro Detroit has about 5 million people, most of whom do not live in Somalia-like conditions. Most communities are solidy middle class, and some are quite wealthy. Parts of Detroit are doing OK as well.

      • Much like in the third world countries…

        • Mike

          Fair point.

        • fsdf

          I’m from detroit….so true….m m m

    • espie

      Don’t be a dick. Detroit is the 11th largest metro area in the country.

      I know it’s easy to kick someone when they’re down, but really it just makes you into an ass.

    • espie

      Don’t be rude. I know it seems easy and fun to kick someone when they’re down, but really it just shows what kind of person you are.

      Detroit is the 11th largest Metro area in the country with at least 5 million people. And despite all the ruinporn you see online, it is not dilapidated.

      • Oh, yes, it is. I visit family in DTW often and the half-burned buildings and abandoned neighborhoods never fail to impress me. If anything, the online pictures don’t do justice to the dilapidation one sees on the ground.

      • Jon

        I’m speaking my mind as are you. And I said nothing wrong it isn’t my fault Detroit is in shambles. You can thank the U.S. companies who outsourced most of the jobs that were there before my time. If the truth hurts then you should stop being so sensitive to internet comments….

        • Candy83


          This is not about your feelings about Detroit. It’s an evaluation on the performances of the four traditional mobile carriers — AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless — with their wireless networks. I think you should be aware of this; your “speaking” of your “mind” has indicated a failure to comprehend this easy-to-follow-by-everyone-else report.

    • Tom

      Hardly true. The city itself is garbage but thats only a small area like the ghetto parts of any major city.

  • Oy, I have relatives in DTW and I visit them often. I agree with them: DTW proper is a complete shite hole. The surrounding area, not completely a shite hole.

    • chris

      Some areas of Detroit is crappy, but you must not have been downtown or midtown. Heck, southwest as well as several other neighborhoods are looking a lot better.

      • Yes, I have been around DTW proper. Not only was every neighborhood a relic of its past, but even sectors that were rather nice are now dens of dealers and prostitutes (e.g., the Greek Town). Perhaps this or that neighborhood is a lot better, but, for the standards outside of DTW, they are still pretty crappy.

        • Mike

          I have never seen that kind of activity in Greektown. Cops are all over Monroe Street (in fact, the county sheriff’s HQ is one block over).

        • The closer one gets to the casino, the more pimps and pushers one sees.

        • Mike

          Nope, never seen that. Been in and around the casino many times.

        • imrf

          OK, that proves it. You have never been to Detroit. That’s a stupid song lyric that you’re just spewing. Get out of here.

    • imrf

      DTW is an airport, not a city, so I’m calling BS on you even coming here. Second of all, DTW isn’t even in Detroit, it’s in Romulus and it’s 30 mins away from Detroit.Romulus does suck a bit, but the area around Detroit and Romulus are far from that. What city do you live in?

  • jacky

    how can anyone live in detriot and feel safe? youd have to look around constantly for your own safelty out of house all the time.

  • Candy83

    “PC Magazine” also concluded, in its June 2014 report, that T-Mobile ranks the best in performance in Detroit, Michigan. Verizon Wireless was close — and takes the honor for best regional coverage in this area of the U.S.