Moto 360 landing on T-Mo shelves on November 12th


November’s turning out to be a busy month for our favorite carrier. It’s launching a slew of devices, including the Nexus 6, HTC One M8 for Windows and the Galaxy Note Edge. But we’re also going to see the Moto 360 land in the company’s stores if @askdes’ Twitter feed is anything to go by. For those who don’t know, Des Smith is T-Mobile’s senior product guru:

Of all the Android Wear devices, the Moto 360 is by far the most promising from a design standpoint. But there’s still some way to go before the tech catches up to make it a truly outstanding product. I’ve owned one for a few weeks now, and only used it about 10 days before switching back to my Pebble Steel. For the following reasons:

  1. Display only comes on when you lift your arm. So, most of the time the screen is black. For someone who sits at a desk most of the time and just wants to glance down at his wrist while typing, this is terrible. And even then, it doesn’t come on every time. 20-30% of the times I raised my arm, it didn’t light up making the whole process frustrating.
  2. The Display isn’t very sharp. While the analogue watch faces look cool in all the press releases and mockups, they don’t look that good in reality. The screen isn’t sharp/detailed enough to make it look great.
  3. Battery needs charging every 2 days. On a watch that has its display off almost all the time, a two day battery life is ridiculous.
  4. Square peg in a round hole. Android Wear’s square-ish notifications and user interface don’t look good on a round screen.

Saying that, the fact that it’s so darn good-looking is almost enough to make me want to wear it all the time anyway, even if it’s not being used. And it’s not like these kind of problems don’t arise with every first generation product. No company has made a perfect device first time round.

T-Mobile hasn’t announced any pricing yet, as far as I know. Staff, be sure to keep us informed through the usual channels when stock or pricing information land in stores. Email or use the “submit news” form above.


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  • Verizonthunder

    It looks nice but the gold moto 360 really stands out

  • nate5555

    A solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. PASS

    • JohhnyBGood

      Agree.. my Citizen eco-drive works without having to plug it in every 2 days or raising my hand like an id iot,

      • Chimphappyhour

        Raising your hand like an idiot? You mean the act of merely raising your arm to look at your watch? What kind of drama queen are you?

      • skywalkr2

        I have my Citizen eco-drive on right now, but am also interested in Moto360.

    • g2a5b0e

      By your logic, you should pass on a smartphone, too. Or are you going to tell me you don’t own one now?

    • TechHog

      With how large smartphones are these days, I disagree.

  • Mystery Man

    Can’t you turn the screen setting to always on?

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Yes, you can; it’s called Ambient Mode. It makes the battery only last one day instead of 2, but since you are charging your phone every night, it’s not that big of a change to charge the watch at the same time. Most people take their watch off at night anyway (especially bulky mens’ watches), so not really an issue.

      • skywalkr2

        and its easy to charge as you just sit it on the cradle.

  • Bennion

    I prefer the Pebble as well. I don’t need another device with battery life that I need to worry about.

    But I totally agree with you about how beautiful they are. I hope they sell well and improve, and maybe someday I’ll get something like that.

  • Paul Garrison

    Now T-mobile needs more Moto Phones

  • anthon

    Tmobile should ask Motorola to make a moto x second generation with band 700 and wifi calling feature.

  • Jesslyn Hendrix

    Wasnt the software updated recently? I’ve heard that noticably improved the display.

    • skywalkr2

      the display already looked fine to me… it was the battery that is dramatically improved.

  • Macajuel

    I wonder when the LG G Watch R is coming?

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Late this year from reports. It’s going to be really expensive, though, and it looks to be even bulkier than the other smartwatches out there. It should have better performance and battery life, though, as it uses the latest CPU and display technologies.

      • steveb944

        Already released, it is a bit more at $299

    • steveb944

      Already did on Google Play

  • skywalkr2

    same day as Nexux 6 purchse… dang you moto!

  • steveb944

    Too late T-Mobile. I already ordered my black stainless steel from Moto! It’ll arrive the 17th.

    • modulusshift

      Or Material Design in general, since everything seems to go through a circular transition in Lollipop. Or is he an iPhone user?

      • steveb944

        Yep, he’s primarily an iPhone user.

        I’m sure when the new software update for Wear releases it’ll look even better.

  • nain

    I have a moto 360 paired with my note 4, after a 12 hour shift I have about 60% battery left. Which I don’t complain about cause I charge it every night alongside my note 4. Every time I lift my arm to look at my watch it lights it. No issues with mine.

    • nexus23

      I don’t understand why people have a difficult time with charging it. It wireless charging. Put it down, wake up and pick it up.

      • Chimphappyhour

        Because some people are real life info-mercial types. You know, those that just can’t seem to get the simplest task right and then make frowny faces.

  • Frontrowfred

    Cam, I want the stainless steel band on the moto 360 pictured in this article. It’s one of the very first pictures of the moto 360, yet this particular band gets no mention. Any leads?

  • nexus23

    I like the ability to listen to music with my Bluetooth headphones and music on my 360 while not having to bring my phone to the gym. If you put it on ambient mode the display stays on. Plus tapping the display will show the display if your too lazy to lift your arm.

  • NickZuclich

    Speaking of the Nexus 6… Has anyone confirmed if it will actually be in stock on the 12th? I’ve called several stores in my area and no one knows yet.

    Considering Google play and Motorola orders aren’t arriving until the following week, I’m curious.

    It seems like this Nexus is more “carrier focused” and public facing than previous ones.. Maybe most of the stock right now is going to retail locations?

    • Brad

      I’d like to know too… I’ll be calling at midnight on the 12th if so haha… I really want that 64. Though rumor has it – it’s online only?

      • modulusshift

        The 64 is confirmed online only. Rumor says that the 32 GB in stores might only be in blue.

        • Brad

          Thanks… I might have to get that plug in people were using for the play store

  • Deadeye37

    I’m going to wait a couple years before getting a smart watch. I really want them, but I want the technology to mature a bit before I drop my $$$.

  • JB

    Would one be able to put this on EIP by itself or does a phone need to be on there as well? I bought my Note 4 outright, so I’m not sure how the accessory thing works…

    • Get_at_Me

      Itll work on eip by itself. You can finance an accessory thats atleast $70.

      • JB

        Thanks. I’m assuming that I have to go into the store and do it? There seems to be no eip option online


    Why do people worry whether their carrier will stock the Moto 360 or not? Just order directly from Motorola, it’s that simple, and you get free 2 day shipping. I’ve had my Moto 360 since early October.

  • Startswithaj

    Ouch. That first one makes me not want to buy it. A big reason I was interested was because it looks more like a watch than all the other smart watches & not displaying the time all the time just seems silly. Oh well. Doubt it would work with a Windows Phone anyways.

    • modulusshift

      Wouldn’t work with a Windows phone, no, but there is an option to keep the screen on. Might be one day battery life instead, though.