T-Mo to sell 64GB Nexus 6 online


T-Mobile’s product guru, Des Smith confirmed on Twitter that T-Mobile will stock both the 32GB and 64GB models of the Nexus 6. Pricing for the 32GB version is set at $649, and that model will be available to order online, and in stores from November 12. The higher capacity model has a full retail price (set by Google) of $699. Sadly, you won’t be able to pick one up in store. It’s going to be available online only.

T-Mobile hasn’t yet confirmed its pricing for the 64GB Nexus. If it is $699, we can expect something like $0 down with 24 monthly payments of $29, or thereabouts. If we hear more on that, we’ll update you.

You can pre-register for updates on the T-Mobile’s Nexus 6 availability on the product page at t-mobile.com.

Image Credit: The Verge

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  • JiGSaW525

    Any word on when we can pre-order on Tmo or is this the October 29th date Google provided from the Play Store?

    • dtam

      if you can afford to pay up front, I’d definitely order through play store instead of tmo. google was replacing a lot of nexus 4/5’s (bought through the play store) with cracks in the screen free of charge, so their customer service will probably be better

      • JiGSaW525

        You do make a good point. I have saved up switching from VZW ($160/mo to $100/mo) and buying the Nexus 4 and 5 at discounted prices. Thanks!

      • One time Only

        It is a one time ACCOUNT wide warrenty replacement. I recently did this and inquired about the Nexus 6. They were very clear about it being tied into my google account.

        • dtam

          still one time more than you’d get going through tmobile

    • Chris Siegell

      Yeah. Good question. Tmobile won’t be offering preorders? Only Orders on November 12th from the Tmobile website or Tmobile store?

      • eAbyss

        Go to your local store and see if they have a wait list. I just got on a wait list at my local store and it’s looking good that I’ll get one day one if they receive the stock they’re expecting. They said they just get whatever T-Mo sends them.

  • Mathew Colburn

    You’re welcome for e-mailing you on this. :)

  • D_Wall__

    i think im gonna jump from the note 4 to this..

  • thepanttherlady


  • mooreteacher

    If you have started within 30 days let me know. We can do the refer a friend. You will get unlimited data for a year or $10 off your bill if you have unlimited. Plus a $25 tmo card. Email me at mooreokteacher@gmail.com

    • Efren de Vera

      Hi. I’m new tmobile subsciber. Can you refer me so I can get the unlimied data. My email add is frn123@gmail.com. Thanks

    • jonathan3579

      Reported you too. :)

  • Paul

    Glad they aren’t raising the prices on it compared to getting it from google directly.

  • Chris

    Yaaaaay I might get the 64GB! Really not sure I need that much but it’d be nice to not have to worry.

  • Michael C

    Does anyone know if you can get the 64gb model with a jump plan being an online only exclusive ? How would the old phone be returned would they just send you the new one before getting the the old one back ?

    • Eric Butler

      Yeah online you just send the phone in after you receive the new phone. They send you instructions (and I think packaging as well). I will say you’ll get a better appraisal in store than you would online though.

      • thepanttherlady

        He’s JUMP!’ing, there is nothing to appraise.

        • Eric Butler

          Not true. When you Jump, part of the deal is you’re selling them back your old phone and it goes towards the price of the new phone whether you have to put money down or not. So there is an appraisal of the old phone that needs to be done.

        • thepanttherlady

          When JUMP!’ing, the old phone is turned in and the remaining EIP on it is “paid” to a balance of zero. Nothing is applied toward the new phone.

        • CalicoKJ

          In rare cases (had it happen when the SO went from the Note 2 to the Note 3), the phone may be worth more than the remaining EIP payments. In that case, the excess value can be applied towards the cost of the phone, or to the account balance. Otherwise you are absolutely correct…EIP goes to 0 and you start new payments on the new device.

        • jonathan3579

          Not sure where you got your info but you’re incorrect.

  • zach

    @michael c.. yes you can do jump with online orders. once you get the nexus you ship back your old phone to the address on the box.

    • Michael C

      Thank you Zach

  • kev2684

    november 12? i guess my money will go towards Google Play on october 29.

    • jonathan3579

      Yep, I already made the same decision.

  • Rickie

    I want to come to TMobile from Verizon is it worth it?

    • Chad Dalton

      Only a test drive will tell…get off of here, and go sign up!

    • Cam Bunton

      Try a 7-day test drive, see how T-Mo’s service works for you before jumping in.

    • Paul

      As they said, go talk to them about the test drive. I’ve met people that switched or didn’t because of it. Best way to find out.

    • skywalkr2

      If you are in a city, okay. If you ever have to go to the country, forget it. TMO is almost useless outside city limits.

  • Roger Sales

    Cheapest high end phablet still – does it have an sd cart slot? Not that it matters – 32 should be more than enough – it’s manufacturers who start at 16 that piss me off.

    • Paul

      The lack of the SD is my only reason for not buying this magnificent phone.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Definitely going to have to think about this if they really do plan on carrying the 64gb version online. I have the Note 3 now and ever since I heard about the next Nexus, I was interested, but only if T-Mobile planned on carrying the 64gb version. Hopefully this is true. :)

  • VG

    The question is: does the Google Play version support T-Mobile Wi-Fi Callong?

    • ChristianMcC

      All models of the US nexus 6 are the exact same, even if you get it through Verizon, thus they will all get the update in early 2015 giving Wi-Fi calling. What matters is that you have T-Mobile service for it to work.

  • spec-v

    If you have started within 30 days let me know. We can do the refer a friend. You will get unlimited data for a year or $10 off your bill if you have unlimited. Plus a $25 tmo card. Email me at cent_51@comcast.net

    • jonathan3579

      I hope your comment gets deleted. :)

      • Paul


    • donnybee


  • benben

    Very expensive only suckers will pay 700 for this phone when you can the note 4 with 30$ off

    • Rob

      The Note 4 is TouchWiz, locked to Samsung, doesn’t get updates as quickly, I can go on.

      Besides for those of us on JUMP, its only pennies to upgrade to the 32GB version and a few bucks for the 64GB.

      • skywalkr2

        To me the biggest reason is cheaper and bigger screen. Note 4 is only useful for folks needing the sPen IMO.

      • benben

        I don’t think you understand the jump program

    • thepanttherlady

      And an extra $30 I’d consider well spent in this case.

    • Paul

      Just a person’s preference. I love my Note 3, but don’t feel the Note 4 is an upgrade. The vanilla Android on the Nexus is tempting but I want expandable memory.

      So I wait until another contender enters the arena. That’s just my personal opinion. Really it’s a win for either.

      • Dakota

        64gb ain’t enough?

      • Edward Martin

        What are you doing with your phone to want more memory? I have a 64GB SD card in my GS4 that is no where near full.

        • Paul

          I’m a graphic designer so i use the extra space to conveniently carry files with me anywhere. I also carry along many office documents that may need to be changed on the fly. Also includes a lot of PDFs. outside of that I take a lot of video files as well as my photo albums.

    • Dakota

      Cuz $30 will break someone’s budget?

      • benben

        Sometimes 30$ its the deference between good deal and a bad deal

        • Manny

          700 is for the 64GB Nexus, which is the same price outright for the Note 4. If you compare the 32GB to 32GB the Nexus 6 is actually 649 or 50 bucks cheaper, so your 30$ great deal just became a 20$ overage.

          But thats besides the point, the only sucker here is you for thinking your opinion is so valuable. Presumptuous people. Its a good solid phone, just like the Note 4 is a good solid phone, but both phones do different things and offer different benefits. So sometimes, what you want is a better deal breaker then 30$, and if you are already gonna shell out anything past 500$ for a phone, why would 30$ be what breaks your back…

    • Des

      actually $230!!! check it..


      • Cruise Guy

        That’s a great deal. Thanks for mentioning.

    • Cruise Guy

      The Note 4 looks and feels horrible. I have held it twice in person, and it feels like a Fischer Price toy. I had the Note 3–very solid phoen, but the 4 just feels cheap. (albeit its still is a very nice phone). So I would say only a sucker would buy a cheap Note 4 and save $30. (I really enjoyed the Note 3 but never liked the build quality). Pretty naive comment benben. People buy phones for personal reasons. If you want a cheap looking phone with an S pen that works really well, buy a Note 4. If you want a 6 inch screen with a body that’s hardly bigger than the Note 4, buy the Nexus. Everyone has a choice and is not a sucker. A sucker would find value in your comment.

    • eAbyss

      Um…yeah… It’s $700 for the 64GB version. If you wanted to truly compare them you’d compare 32BG to 32GB as the GN4 doesn’t have a 64GB version available. This drops the N6 to $650 which makes it $20 cheaper than the GN4 (on sale for $670).

      Vanilla Android, no Samsung bloat, quicker updates, and $20 cheaper, you’d be a sucker not to buy the N6.

  • Rob

    Has anyone has a hassle with doing mail exchange EIP? I mean like phones broken in the mail, lost, etc? And if so, how were they handled?

    I have a 32GB M8 right now and its nowhere near full. I never even use the SD card I bought for it because I just have plenty of space but the 64GB is tempting either way, I just don’t want to have a hassle on my hands.

    I really wish HTC would come up with a high spec phablet like this, I’ve heard the moto speakers are garbage compared to the BoomSound I’ve come to know and love. Guess I’ll have to go to the store and check it out for myself.

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      Motorola speakers are not bad. I have a Moto G LTE for backup device and that thing is loud with even 1 speaker on the back. That’s a cheap $200 phone.

    • CalicoKJ

      I just sent the SO’s Note 3 off today (he went with the Note 4, but hasn’t seen this phone yet). I have to admit I was less than impressed with the padded envelope they sent to send the old phone back. He still had the box from his Note 3, otherwise I was going to be wrapping that sucker in a few layers of bubble wrap before sending it back. Didn’t think about it being lost in the mail, but fortunately I haven’t had much of a problem with that when I send things from work. I guess we’ll see in a week or so if my account shows that device returned.

      • Rob

        And see that’s exactly what I was afraid of is that they would just send you a bubble envelope like they do for a broken phone.

        I still have the M8 box… I suppose its an option I’ll think about.

        I don’t know why T-Mobile doesn’t let you go to the store to drop off the phone, all they do is check that the screen isn’t cracked and it powers on and that’s that.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Nexus 6 is a better option for me. I never really use the S Pen though it’s very cool feature. I have it on my Note 10.1 2014 and my daughter just loves to draw with the S Pen. I am more interested on timely upgrades and pure Google Experience.

    • Mschmal

      Same here on Note2. Never use S-pen. Love the big screen. Hate the slow updates. Hate the TouchWiz Lag. My Hubby’s Moto G with Pure Android seems faster than my Note2 and only cost $299. but the screen is 2 small for me.

  • Nain

    I have the note 4 and I love it. I’m getting the nexus 6 also, stop defending and bashing other phones. Just buy whatever you like and enjoy it. I personally stay away from eip and just buy them in full cost. Both phones are fantastic.

    • PiCASSiMO

      Why do you need a 2nd phone?

      • thepanttherlady

        One for each ear? =P

      • tomnewtn

        I always have a backup in case there is an issue with the one I’m using. Vs just relying on one device to conduct all my business affairs.

        • PiCASSiMO

          My back-up will be the T-Mobile G2 which was replaced by the Nexus 4 (now with my wife) which was replaced with the Nexus 5. I’m not planning on spending $650 on the Nexus 6. Will hold off until the Nexus 5 craps out with the G2 as back-up in the interim.

        • tomnewtn

          Yes, it’s a tad spendy but if you’re willing to buy an iphone, it’s in the running if the size works for you.

      • I never understand why people who only have one phone, think everyone is supposed to only have one. Most people now, have 2 phones, 1 tablet, and a laptop in their bag. Not bashing your comment, but why ask why to another persons needs or wants?

        • El Payaso

          I never understand why people who have their own questions think other people can’t ask questions. Not bashing your comment but it’s an honest question and I would like to know why too.

        • Silly lol. Obviously they need them or want them, silly. You have no value in what you tried to do.

        • PiCASSiMO

          I actually have a few phones myself… All serving a different purpose. Nokia Lumia 520 that’s locked to at&t which is used as offline navigation device. Or a HTC EVO 4G with freedompop that is used by my family when here in Chicago from Canada.

          So my question goes back to the individual to understand why a 2nd new (and expensive) phone is needed. If it’s simply because they want it and can afford it, then more power to them.

  • JaswinderSinghJammu

    Can I jump from my Note 10.1 to a phone or does it have to be another tablet?

    • Dakota

      Why don’t you just call Tmobile directly and make sure you get a credible answer

      • Farhan

        Why do you have to say things that make sense? Shame on you.

  • YASSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • IamTwone

    Looking to get the nexus 6 but my only question is when tmobile does the update for wifi calling will it have to be there nexus 6 or any nexus 6 with a tmobile sim. Since like the nexus 5 google only making 1 model for the usa.

    • David VanHouse

      Any Nexus 6

  • tomnewtn

    These are really nice, but I’d rather spend less for the Moto X and design it the way I want for less $$. But Google just sent me a new Nexus 5 to replace my damage one, so I’m good. I think folks are going to enjoy this N6 if it’s not too big for them.

  • OnePlus One is now the value offering. Too bad that it’s a lottery to get one, which hopefully won’t be the case if and when I need to replace my 5.

    • bravo

      get an invite for $5 to $7 on ebay

      • Izz Da Wizz

        I heard ebay was shutting those posts down

    • Mike Palomba

      Or just buy a used one

    • leslie cruz

      hey just saw your comment if you want a one plus you can get it now with out invitation. i just got the email couple days ago. But i will not recommended to you for tmobile.doesnt support band 12 so will not get good lte

      • thepanttherlady

        Pre-orders open up on 10/27 for an hour only.

      • TMUS hasn’t brought band 12 live yet. But the OnePlus issue is that it doesn’t support LTE on band 2, which TMUS uses in some markets, though its support of LTE in band 4 should allow it to use LTE in most places.

  • TS50

    Yea, dropped this tip like 6-7 days ago from the same source.

  • JMF_mobile

    That’s a big price increase from the $399 Nexus 5. Granted 32 GB vs 16, but still….

    • Izz Da Wizz

      Don’t forget the nexus S was $530 off contract…compare those specs to the nexus6 n u dont really have a bad price

      • mingkee

        It was old days (4 years ago) whereas Nexus edition of Samsung Galaxy S minus memory card).

    • Jared

      It’s also a bigger screen, bigger processor, bigger battery, bigger RAM, bigger camera, waterproof and has front facing stereo speakers. Why wouldn’t the price also be bigger?

      • JMF_mobile

        All true but if every new generation goes up by $250 they will price themselves out of the market.

        • Brad

          it’s not an incremental increase… it’s a different phone. It’s not like samsung galaxy s3 to s4.

        • yardie

          Or s5

        • Jose

          The Nexus 5 was a cheaply built phone with reasonable specs designed to keep costs down. The Nexus 6 is a well built phablet with top of the line specs designed to be a premium device. Apples and oranges.

        • JRomeo

          think of it differently…… prior nexus phones have been massively discounted by google…. because google can… and going forward into the future, the phones will no longer be discounted.

      • Jose

        Water resistant**

  • james

    You cant jump online i thought so ill be stuck with 32gb

    • Asahi

      You can JUMP! online

      • James

        Cool thx

      • Paul Hansen


  • Uxorious

    Given that John Legere has said that all their phones will support WiFi calling, does this mean the Nexus 6 will have it?

  • I will be getting the 64GB then! Nice!

  • miles ahead

    I see people complaining about price but if your in phablet market its great deal. Looks awesome trying myself to justify jumping i have lg g3 and its solid. I like bigger though and updates. Any thoughts.

  • MarkieE

    So, is November 12th the pre-order date? Or they start selling and or shipping out on the 12th? Just curious because Google Play Store’s pre-orders start on Oct. 29th with no shipping/sale date given.

    • doc

      I believe Nov 12 is the in store date. It usually a couple of week after Google’s launch. But I would imagine T-mo will do some kind of pre-order.

  • landmarkcm

    I just recently got the nexus 5 from Tmobie & loving it! One of the reasons I like it is because they put a 5 inch nice screen in a still pocketable size. This new one is just way to big. Also at least from the first camera samples leaked. They don’t look any better & in fact in a few worse! then the 5. Although I am sure that will be addressed as well with a software fix. Anyhoo the Nexus 5 is still a very viable device. Get it while you can! I had to check a few stores to find mine :)

    • Art Faucett

      I’ve had a Nexus 4, but I’m looking to catch a 5 at a price that will let me jump in. I’m usually a couple models behind, and I just can’t justify spending that much money on something that will really piss me off if i break it.

      • landmarkcm

        Ya if you can find it at a store. A few of the them still carry it. Full retail 396.00 or 398.00 I believe & then depending on your credit however much down. They actually gave me a $70.00 credit towards the purchase from Lg L90 I had gotten cheap at Target too. See how much they will give you for your nexus 4. Or of course there is always good ole ebay too..

      • Izz Da Wizz

        Damn i still say the nexus4 was such a beautiful phone….

    • MarylandUSA

      My Sony Xperia Z Ultra (actually, Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition) has a 6.4-inch display. Yet it slips in and out of my shirtpocket with ease. Sometimes I even carry it there magnetically latched to a spare external battery.

      • mingkee

        I will buy Z Ultra, but it will be used as tablet on MBB.

        • pbxtech

          I had Z Ultra for a while. Just be careful using the MBB sim on it. Better remove the phone dialer icon, don’t know if T-Mobile is blocking my Internet access a week ago, but it’s working again lately.

          I was hoping that Z3x (Z Ultra replacement) was true but I guess it’s just rumors.

    • JRomeo

      the Nexus6, they put a 6 inch screen in a still pocketable size, you will love it.

  • gg555

    What’s the difference, if any, between buying this device directly from Google vs from T-Mobile?

    • tomnewtn

      The shipper?

    • Guest

      T-Mo you get the option of a 24 month payment plan where as with GP Store you pay in full up front. No difference in price.

      • gg555

        So the phones are identical, wifi callling and all? No branding, no differences in the OS, software, nothing?

        It’s funny, if the price is the same T-Mobile is essentially give you a 0% loan for 24 months. I guess it guarantees you stay with their service or pay off the phone if you switch carriers?

    • Deez Nutz

      I’m guessing the device from Google won’t get the Wi-Fi Calling update when it arrives next year since it technically won’t be a T-Mobile branded phone.

  • mingkee

    I think $700 for 64GB is kind of steep and such price should have 128GB (64GB iPhone 6 is $750 and 6+ is $850).

    • harold

      So since the n6 is on par with size of the 6plus it’s $150 less

    • Yeah you are a little confused on specs and pricing. Because this phone is priced much lower than some others, and it is spec’d better. So how is the price wrong or too high?

  • Jose

    Didn’t I read somewhere recently that T-Mobile would be selling the 64GB version for $650? Correct me if I’m wrong. I still want the 64GB Whether $650 or $700.

    • thepanttherlady

      Yes, and the article was corrected.

      • Jose

        Dang. Oh well. Thanks :)

      • JRomeo

        I think Tmonews.com should post an article telling us exactly their best guess estimated time when tmobile will sell the Nexus6…….. Thousands are disappointed at the play store for not being capable to sell the phone, and we are waiting impatiently!

    • artcomments

      T-Mobile is selling the 64GB @ $699, $649 for 32GB both blue and white are going to be available.

  • nsuviolin

    I was concerned that they may not carry the 64GB version. With no option for expandable storage, hearing that they’ll have the 64 GB phone is great news.

    • JamesG

      for only $50 more its must buy

  • might as well just get a tablet. the Note is already big but 6″ for a phone is really pushing it especially considering this phone has no stylus support.

  • Sam

    If I purchase the Nexus 6 from T-Mobile, will the future update be slower than buying Nexus 6 from the Google Play store ? Thoughts…

    • JamesG

      No, same update schedule

    • Brad

      All updates come from google no matter where you purchase the phone.

    • eAbyss

      Google doesn’t specialize any of the Nexuses for any particular carrier. All software is equal.

  • NinoBr0wn

    What I want to know is if this GSM Droid Turbo is real, and if T-Mobile will be carrying it. The specs are even better than the Nexus 6, and the screen size isn’t obnoxious. I’ve had nothing but Nexus phones for the last 3 years, but they really disappointed me with this huge model.

    • Did you search elsewhere instead of posting here first? I don’t think people here are even thinking about that phone.

      • NinoBr0wn

        Search for what? I was just making a statement.

        • Billy

          Bro, I feel you! IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen; 16M colors, 1440 x 2560 pixels, 5.2 inches (~565 ppi pixel density); 32 GB, 3 GB RAM; 21 MP, autofocus, dual-LED flash; Qualcomm Snapdragon 805; Quad-core 2.65 GHz Krait 450; Adreno 420 and Non-removable Li-Po 3900 mAh battery= Motorola DROID Turbo! A GSM version would be very NICE!

    • Deibid

      Whether it is or not, Verizon’s Model will be fully compatible (remember all LTE Verizon phone’s come factory unlocked). Since it’s Motorola, it’ll have nearly pure Android Vanilla. Unfortunately, it’ll have the VZW bloat, but you most certainly know this will be a big phone on XDA for custom roms (Cyanogenmod :) ). If there is no GSM verison, I’ll just buy Verizon’s

    • veruz

      Wouldn’t hold your breath as Droid has always been a Verizon exclusive.

  • Tommyahjr

    What color model is Tmo getting?

    • jpac

      Only midnight blue

  • jj

    Will Google Play bought Nexus 6’s get WiFi calling when Tmo offers it on the N6, or will only N6’s bought directly from Tmo get it? Do we even know?

    • JRomeo

      in either case it’ll be an app you can download, and it’ll work on both.

      • jj

        Is that how it works with the Apple Store bought T-Mobile/unlocked iPhone’s 6’s? If an app can enable WiFi calling I wonder if that implies any unlocked 5.0 Lollipop phone could have Tmo WiFi calling.

    • eAbyss

      WiFi calling is going to be baked into Android L.

    • networkdood

      the t mobile signup page for Nexus 6 tells us early next year for wifi calling

  • thepanttherlady

    If you’d read this article, you’d know. ;)

    • yardie

      You’re a cutie. Jamaicans like pretty white girls ;)