John Legere talks merger rumors, #bendgate and more in entertaining GeekWire interview [video]

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There are few more entertaining CEOs than John Legere. Since bursting on to the scene as the head of T-Mobile a couple of years back, his antics on Twitter and colorful language on stage has been a huge part of what makes T-Mo the attractive cool-kid on the carrier block.

In an interview with GeekWire this week he was quizzed on a number of topics, and wasn’t shy in responding. Especially when it came to talk on the rumored buyout offer from French telecoms company, Iliad. Referring to the company’s chief as “that long-haired porn guy” and stating how sick and tired he was of reading about rumors about rumors about rumors. The truth is, T-Mobile is a very attractive company right now, and it’s had a lot of interest from more than one party. And, although consolidation is a good way to achieving growth, T-Mo doesn’t need it.

In the other parts of the interview he mocks the #bendgate stories, reveals more about how the deal with Apple and the iPhone went down and a lot more. It really is one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve seen for a while. And, as you should probably already know, he uses some choice language. So cover your ears when the F’s, B’s and S’s fly around.

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  • Dark enV

    Watched this yesterday. Funny stuff

    • Cam Bunton

      Yeah. Tried sharing it yesterday too, but were dealing with some nasty server bugs all day. Loved it.

      • noc007

        I have a sledgehammer you can borrow.

      • Dion Mac

        I’m a lil cinfused as to how come you didn’t make a big deal out of the jpd award. I think I saw a mention of it a couple months back, but wasn’t sure. But JL said it. This was a big f*cking deal!

  • Elier Ruiz

    That was a good show.

  • FBA;

    I am not sure about the bending but the new Iphone 6 drops and scratches well, <<<<<<

  • cheeto0

    Of course he has to kiss apple’s ass on bendgate.

  • UMA_Fan

    I think what sets Legere apart from his predecessors at T-Mobile is his focus on connecting with the customer directly with his executive team. Also the fact he listens to customer care calls directly and even humorously the automated system. Pretty fascinating how he admitted at his level people will tell him what he wants to hear but he realizes the only way to see how certain policies taste in customers mouths is to try it himself.


    Love it!
    Great CEO changed the company around and keeping it real.

  • I knew when Sprint announced that they were adding/gaining traction with new customers, that they were coming from the big two. More importantly, Verizon, probably. Just makes sense!
    Excellent interview. Never a dull moment from JL!

  • Joel

    John is by far the coolest CEO of the 4. If I was a share holder, this guy would be who I want running the show. The biggest difference between him and any of the the other CEOs is that he actually cares for what customers have to say first before anything or anyone else.

  • Richard Yarrell

    It’s always been pretty plain and simple for me since June 2012 Nothing beats T-Mobile or John Legere.

  • Aurizen

    This is great, cable needs a guy like this desprately.

  • gmo8492

    Wow, John doesn’t give two sh**s about the Germans.

    • vrm

      can you blame him ? After all he has done for the co., he and the co are being left out to hang dry for a Japanese megalomaniac and a porn star.

      • hannover

        Hahaha well said

  • Oliver Jackson

    Mr.Legere is the best thing to ever happen to the wireless carrier industry. He keeps it 100 in regard to the customer and the people.#TMobileistheshiznit

  • Jeremy

    I would hate to work for a boss who every few words is F*** that or this.

    • JonBarros

      why would having a boss who talks like most people be a bad thing?

      • skittle

        “Most people ” ? Speak for yourself. Okay, I like that he has turned the wireless industry on its ear. But hopefully you dont think he got there by !#/$!#/@. If that’s true “most people ” would be a CEO.

    • josephsinger

      Oh puhlleez. You need to get over that and go back to your puritan congregation and say a few more prayers.

      • skittle

        Really? There is nothing wrong with someone who can speak without having to resort to gutter language. I can completely guarantee you that if any of T-Mobiles customer service employees ever adopted the !#/^^# crude language and attitude and spoke with customers that way they would be fired. Legere himself would not tolerate it. Its called being professional!

        • josephsinger

          If you know he’s going to speak like this maybe you need to turn away when you know he’s going to speak. His being “brash” is likely what’s saved T-Mobile. You don’t like his tactics don’t use them. It’s worked for his “professional” needs.

        • Joesph Springer

          this guys an idiot

    • Joel

      I rather have some one say, great f-ing job today man! Instead of, well done! That’s just me. Another words I rather have a leader who speaks their mind and doesn’t sugar coat instead of just throwing corporate mumbo jumbo at me. Say what you mean and how you mean it. Don’t speak behind my back or in a poetic way to hide how you really feel. Just my 2 cents.

  • Tm0Wls

    Interesting and greatly informative. Gives great insight on the future of Tmo. Interesting things with Sprints new leadership now in place. No FCC approval. Perhaps better to wait after the auctions. Possible spectrum deals for shared use of towers etc. being good realations wirh Son and Sprint willing to share to take down the big two, just a thought.

  • fentonr

    Any one else notice he said they have about 55 million subscribers now? It was at about 3:30. That would make them larger than Sprint.

    • taron19119

      And he said there yet being number 3

    • KingCobra

      Well he probably doesn’t know what Sprint’s Q3 numbers are so he can’t say for sure whether or not they’ve actually caught them.

  • charlieboy808

    I’m just going to come right out and say it, John and I need to hangout. We’d have the best f**king conversations ever. I’ve been told that I can’t hold a conversation without swearing (and that’s mostly true) but to be truthful in how you feel through words isn’t a crime. Some people need to get over themselves about how, “A CEO shouldn’t say things like that.” “He is the worst person for T-Mobile’s image.” You people need to understand that this world is tired of that bulls**t and is ready for a change in how things are run in this world. We all don’t want to be an after thought to how much money a company is making. We want to be the reason why a company is making money. Why is T-Mobile growing so much as a company? We the customers believe in their plan for their customers. If it takes a few swear words to get the point across that they aren’t f**king around? Well to that I say, “S**t, Piss, F**k, C**t, C**k sucker, Mother F**ker, T*ts, Fart, Dirty Tw*t.” (Best song ever.)

    • skittle

      At some point no one takes you seriously. That is the most likely the case now.

      • charlieboy808

        You took the time to reply so I guess you took me seriously. It was enough to spark a response from you. The asterisks are to be fair to Cam. Censorship is dumb but there is such a thing as control.

    • skittle

      Funny how you add ********* to everything. What were you afraid of?

      • Walker


    • pass


  • Winski