John Legere talks merger rumors, #bendgate and more in entertaining GeekWire interview [video]

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There are few more entertaining CEOs than John Legere. Since bursting on to the scene as the head of T-Mobile a couple of years back, his antics on Twitter and colorful language on stage has been a huge part of what makes T-Mo the attractive cool-kid on the carrier block.

In an interview with GeekWire this week he was quizzed on a number of topics, and wasn’t shy in responding. Especially when it came to talk on the rumored buyout offer from French telecoms company, Iliad. Referring to the company’s chief as “that long-haired porn guy” and stating how sick and tired he was of reading about rumors about rumors about rumors. The truth is, T-Mobile is a very attractive company right now, and it’s had a lot of interest from more than one party. And, although consolidation is a good way to achieving growth, T-Mo doesn’t need it.

In the other parts of the interview he mocks the #bendgate stories, reveals more about how the deal with Apple and the iPhone went down and a lot more. It really is one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve seen for a while. And, as you should probably already know, he uses some choice language. So cover your ears when the F’s, B’s and S’s fly around.

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