T-Mo opening “enrollment window” to let customers JUMP! to Wi-Fi calling phones

uncarrier 7 graffiti

As part of the Uncarrier 7.0 announcement a couple of hours back, T-Mobile announced that it would be making it easier than ever for customers to take advantage of one of its best services: Wi-Fi calling and texting. Not every single customer has a Wi-Fi calling capable phone, and to make it easier for customers to get one, the company will open what it calls “an exclusive enrollment window.

During this window, customers can sign up to JUMP! with their current phones and immediately upgrade to a new Wi-Fi calling capable device. Of course if the EIP balance is less than trade in value of your phone, or, you have JUMP 2.0 and have paid off 50% of the purchase price of your phone, or have JUMP 1.0 and a remaining JUMP this year, you can already upgrade to a Wi-Fi calling compatible phone. So this doesn’t include you.

However, if you don’t meet those criteria, for a limited time – if you have an active EIP – you can add JUMP! for $10/mo enabling you to upgrade as soon as 50% of the current phone is paid off. So, if you’ve already paid off half your EIP and aren’t enrolled in the JUMP! program, you now have a way to upgrade immediately. 

The window opens on September 17, like all the announcements today. Pretty good timing, with the iPhone 6 around the corner. Don’t you think?


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