T-Mo opening “enrollment window” to let customers JUMP! to Wi-Fi calling phones

uncarrier 7 graffiti

As part of the Uncarrier 7.0 announcement a couple of hours back, T-Mobile announced that it would be making it easier than ever for customers to take advantage of one of its best services: Wi-Fi calling and texting. Not every single customer has a Wi-Fi calling capable phone, and to make it easier for customers to get one, the company will open what it calls “an exclusive enrollment window.

During this window, customers can sign up to JUMP! with their current phones and immediately upgrade to a new Wi-Fi calling capable device. Of course if the EIP balance is less than trade in value of your phone, or, you have JUMP 2.0 and have paid off 50% of the purchase price of your phone, or have JUMP 1.0 and a remaining JUMP this year, you can already upgrade to a Wi-Fi calling compatible phone. So this doesn’t include you.

However, if you don’t meet those criteria, for a limited time – if you have an active EIP – you can add JUMP! for $10/mo enabling you to upgrade as soon as 50% of the current phone is paid off. So, if you’ve already paid off half your EIP and aren’t enrolled in the JUMP! program, you now have a way to upgrade immediately. 

The window opens on September 17, like all the announcements today. Pretty good timing, with the iPhone 6 around the corner. Don’t you think?


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  • redman12

    Nexus 5 should be on there -_-

    • Brenden

      I agree. I’m sick of not having WiFi Calling on my Nexus 5.

      • yankeesusa

        Reason it doesn’t is because Google doesn’t let anyone touch the software. Wi-Fi calling is built into the phone and Google will never allow a company to add software or edit the os. Now if T-Mobile offered some type of app from the market that could be installed, that’s a whole other story.

        • Mike Palomba

          They can’t though, wifi calling is deeply integrated into the software. Sure they could release an app similar to skype but only made voice calls and used your phone number, but it wouldn’t compare to having actual wifi calling baked in.

        • Roboito

          Which I’m sure you could already do with a google voice number… But that is besides the point… baked in would be very nice.

        • AlexanderKline

          Remember the update for Sprint spark? That was carrier specific…

        • yankeesusa

          Yes it was, but it had nothing to do with the os. This was just an update that activated a specific lte band. Nothing to do with software.

        • Paul Verizzo

          Not true. All Android kernels since 2.2.2 Froyo have supported WFC. That Google doesn’t “permit” it on their own phones makes my head hurt. The battle between MS, Apple, and Google often leaves us consumers perplexed and angry as their lawyers rack up the billable hours.

          A pox on all their houses. (Although I think MS is the least culpable of these outrages, outside of their obstinate in not supporting calDAV. Sigh.

        • yankeesusa

          Ok. Then go ahead and install an app that gets you this. Or better yet wait for Google or T-Mobile to release an app.
          It’s not going to happen. T-Mobile WiFi calling is built into the framework of the os. Google will not allow T-Mobile to tweak this in any way.

      • T-Mobile Cares

        Please understand, we do not make the phones. We work hard with our vendors to assure the devices are designed to work optionally within our environment. When it comes to Nexus (Google) devices, we were unable to offer this functionality due to constraints placed by Google. We apologize, but ask the you contact the Nexus help desk and express your concerns. We would love to have Wi-Fi calling features on all T-Mobile devices.

        • redman12

          That’s the only thing stopping me from buying different phones. I like stock android a lot. T-Mobile should have a Nexus version with Wi-Fi calling in them. That would be game changer.

  • David van den Berg

    I have an iPhone 5c – any point to me making the move now?

    • iOSX

      I mean, I have a 5 (basically the same hardware as the 5c) and I’m switching to the 6, but that’s only because I’ve had my device for almost two years now. It all depends on how badly you want the features on the 6 (Touch ID, ApplePay, larger screen, etc.)

    • Mike Palomba

      You’re better off selling it on ebay. You’ll get what its worth and you can put that towards a new phone. It is more work but in the end you’ll pay less

  • elite

    So if you have a GS4 without jump and already paid off half of the device, on the 17th can you jump to the GS5?

    • Mike Palomba

      Yea, thats exactly how jump works

  • So this really only affects people with EIPs and not on JUMP. Correct?

    • Mike Palomba

      Yea, or if you have a phone that doesn’t support wifi calling

  • KenLin

    Please explain this to me. I’ve never been on Jump and have a fully paid for Nexus 4. What options does this open up?

    • Mike Palomba

      Jump is more of a convenience service, if you want to get what your phone is worth then you’re better off on ebay. But if you want to walk into a tmobile store with your phone and walk out paying full price for a new one on an installment plan, then jump if for you. In your case though, your phone is completely paid off so it wouldn’t help you at all.

    • Roboito

      Not much, in your case… Since you’re not on an EIP, you don’t have any finance due to TMO. Jump covers up to 50% of your EIP when you decide to upgrade. If you’re fully paid off, not in an EIP, then there’s not much you can do besides upgrade, finance, and enroll in JUMP, which you could have already done…

  • Roboito

    This really affects those that are already mid-way on an EIP that didn’t enroll in JUMP. Basically, if you didn’t enroll, you’d have to wait until your EIP was paid in-full by you. By opening the enrollment, you can get in on the JUMP program in order to be able to upgrade earlier because TMO will cover 50% of the price of the EIP when you upgrade within JUMP. So you’d need to be not in JUMP yet, on an EIP, and want to upgrade soon. If not, then you’re really not too affected.

    • Get_at_Me

      Im in a prime position for this. Pre-ordered Note 3 last yr. Didnt add JUMP then. I will be adding it on the 17th though!

      • Aooga

        I wouldn’t really. The old jump was much much better. With the new jump, it’s just easier to sell it on CL/ebay/swappa.

    • Could you elaborate a little more about the JUMP 2.0, in my case like Get_at_Me I got a Note 3 in October 2013, my EIP balance at moment is $383.50 the phone cost was $703, what part will be pay 50% the balance or until the 50% of original value?
      Thanks, maybe sell on ebay could be more profitable but with the 10% of fee in the sale and the hazards of the delivery maybe go to JUMP! will be easier

  • Chad D

    I have a tablet on EIP, can I add jump to that and upgrade it?

    • T-Mobile Cares

      Sorry, Jump is only available for cell phones at this time.

      • randomnerd_number38

        Now that’s just incorrect. JUMP is available on tablets sold by T-Mobile.

        • Romdude

          But not for this promotion. You can normally only add jump to a new phone or tablet when you got it and they are allowing this jump for phones for wifi calling. Call 611 anyway to confirm.

  • Elias

    Let’s say I have a iPhone 5s and I have exactly half of it paid off in my EIP, would it make sense to do the JUMP, or to just trade the phone in for $350 in trade in value since they’re doing that thing where they match competitors trade in deals plus $50 to pay off the rest of the EIP and use the extra $50 for the down payment of the iPhone 6? I have roughly $300 left on my EIP.

    • Roboito

      Personally, I’d just trade in if you can do it straight across. JUMP is $10/mo once you enroll… unless you plan on upgrading in another year or so…

  • The Rant

    Yes T-Mobile has had Wi-Fi Calling for years. But why make it an Un-Carrier move one day after the iPhone announcement? Because this is the first iPhone at launch to include Wi-Fi Calling. This will help those who are weary of coverage to jump to T-Mobile (perhaps), as long as they have high speed Internet at home.

    This also revolutionizes T-Mobile as a tech savvy company. HD voice, voLTE with Wi-Fi Calling changeover, global coverage, airplane text service, and fast Internet speeds in most populated areas. All of these initiatives embraces technology and our ever mobile life. If your phone can use a Wi-Fi connection “in limbo” at all your favorite Wi-Fi places and then seamlessly transition to cellular when outside the Wi-Fi zone, this helps solidify that T-Mobile’s coverage works inside buildings (technically).

    Also, why does T-Mobile let you stream all the music you want without touching your data allotment? Because if you did switch to another carrier, you would use so much more data and spend so much more money that it would not be cost effective to switch to another carrier. When you get used to listening to Pandora for hours on end with T-Mobile, it is hard to switch to another carrier that has data limits and overages.

    John is one of the smartest CEOs in our modern time. He gives so many free features, throws in unlimited services that are not data intensive to the network, and is trying to incorporate a feature in all phones that will help rid itself of the “my phone only works when I’m in a major city” Sigma. Free Wi-Fi Hotspots will only get more abundant looking forward.

    • The Rant

      wary and stigma for my auto correct words.

    • Aaron C

      And you know it’s working, because just look at how the cellphone landscape has changed over the past few years. Even Verizon has at least given the appearance of playing along, even though they will continue to live off their reputation as long as they can, and continue to claim that obfuscated phone subsidies are what the customer wants — until they don’t have any more customers.

  • vinnyjr

    This is a much more hi tech form of wifi text and calling, devices must be hardware set-up for it to be effective. New iPhone 6 and 6+ will be ready along with the new Note 4. There might be a few others but according to T-Mobile all new hardware will have this technology inside the phones. This is a great idea, no matter how strong any Carrier Network is there will always be dead zones that can use this feature. Thank You T-Mobile for being the first to put this into the phones.

  • gorilla

    Worthless uncarrier announcement ever…
    Most people already got a wifi calling enabled phone. People who still don’t are your parents and grandparents who don’t know what wifi calling is anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Uh no.. All of the previous iphone purchasers do decidedly NOT have wifi phones and theyre all eligible for a good deal on basically free jump.

    • T-Mobile Cares

      We are sorry if this announcement does not benefit all customers. The goal is to offer the vast majority of customer’s the option to upgrade, as well as, provide more options for those who are considering coming over to the best carrier available today. We hoe you understand and thank you in advance.

      • Matt

        You might consider making your “femtocell” available for people that choose to go prepaid. I would gladly pay to have one in my home because I can tolerate some coverage gaps outside of my home but I cannot tolerate it at my home.

  • Benj

    So let’s say i have an iPhone 5, i have paid off 50% my EIP, and i am not enrolled the JUMP. so should i do the jump program now or should i just trade in and pay off the remaining of my EIP to upgrade the phone if i want to get an iPhone 6? Thank you

    • Anonymous

      Either one. Whichever gets you the most net. Depends on the price youre getting on resale vs the half left on eip

      • Benj

        Can i request to tmobile to unlock my phone event i have not paid off full the EIP? I dont know if i can sell my phone without unlocking it :)

        • T-Mobile Cares

          Yes, you may.

        • psychoace

          You can easily sell it locked and will probably get $250 for the 5s if you sold it on Ebay or something. You could also suggest to the buyer if they want it unlocked you can do that as well.

        • tmodude
  • moto fanboy

    will the new moto x have wifi calling as a feature?

    • T-Mobile Cares

      As of right now, this is not a T-Mobile device, therefore, it is yet to be seen whether Motorola intends to outfit this device with the Wi-Fi calling feature. We certainly hope they do. Again, they are a Google company.

      • SwitchTech

        Ummm, no they are not a Google company. May want to read a few press releases from the beginning of 2014. Some company called…Lenovo. Ever hear of them?


        • TheCudder

          As of right now, Motorola is still a Google company. The sale to Lenovo has not been finalized. Quit trying to be a smart aleck.

      • Wooshers

        Maybe you have a better understanding on the mobile market then I do….but that makes little sense to me. Moto has loaded their phone with bloat because Verizon and AT&T wanted it, sure seems like T-Mo is actively avoiding carrying this phone. But idc, I’m fine with them not carrying it, I do no want that bloat or that logo on my phone. I’ll get it unlocked and get to avoid advertising for T-Mo.

  • Jerry Rich

    I noticed your little push for the new iphone, I think people would be a lot more interested in a Note 4 or Moto X than an apple product.

    • trife

      It’s September. People are interested in Apple products right now. Specifically the iPhone.

      Don’t kid yourself.

      • Krali

        No, isheep are interested in apple products right now. No one else gives a fuck.

      • tmodude


    • Cam Bunton

      September 17 – Plans go active, iOS 8 launch. September 19 – iPhone 6. “Just in time” wouldn’t apply for phones being released “this fall” since we don’t know the dates for the Note 4.

    • Svengalis

      Really then explain why the iphone 6 is currently sold out?

  • Doble-A

    What happened to all taxes included in the price of the plan? Now that would’ve been a real un-carrier move.

    • Cam Bunton

      That was a rumor from months back. Also.. Didn’t come from us.

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    With their crappy coverage wi-fi calling is a must. Jump on someone else’s system! I have to turn on wi-fi and make calls over my Verizon 3G broadband service too many times.

    • Romdude

      Not where I live so go with what’s best for you. Here the slowest is Sprint and the other three basically cover the whole area where I work and live.

  • YABD

    What’s the deal with uncarrier 7.0? Tmobile have been offering wifi calling since many years ago for free and free calls and text from abroad to US when on wifi. The only thing new I see is the gugu plan on airplane.!?

    • psychoace

      They essentially fluffed up the actual news just so it sounds really huge and spectacular when it’s just kind of a small and helpful upgrade. What the whole message made was that now you have completely unlimited Wifi calling no matter what plan you have. I’m unsure if T-Mobile ever put a cap on unlimited mobile callers but obviously for people with plans that have limited minutes can now call completely free on wifi to anyone for any amount of time as long as you own a wifi calling enabled phone. They also announced free unlimited wifi calling internationally. They also announced a “free” wifi router that prioritizes wifi calling but it’s really only for people who have a few people in the house using the wifi all at the same time. This will prioritize phone calls so wifi calling doesn’t seem like a shoddy unreliable feature. Other then VoLTE that was pretty much it.

      • Thebookoffunnydotcom

        So you can call any Intentational number with this new announcement as long as your on wifi?

        • shadlom


        • tmodude

          The new simple choice plan does include free international texting to almost any number for calling cellphones though rates vary check tmobiles site

      • UMA_Fan

        I think what they announced has huge potential in the future if they set up auto authenticate for WiFi calling only.

        Go near someone s building who gets no signal but has the router and boom perfect tmobile voice and text signal.

        • psychoace

          Yeah, but then you’re susceptible to poor connection on the hosts part which could look bad on for T-Mobile. You would also need to let customers know they are opting into having their internet service shared publicly which isn’t something people would thoroughly enjoy unless they were getting a discount. Obviously the phone call will be on a secure guest network but using your modem to run T-Mobiles network isn’t exactly something a lot of people would want. If T-Mobile wants a better network they should build it themselves instead of piggybacking off of customers. Also still it’s not like wifi is that great to begin with. First it doesn’t have that much distance so if you’re walking on the sidewalk you might get a faint signal with high latency. If you’re in a car talking on a hands free headset then you’re in and out of that network before your phone can even do the hand off. Wifi calling really only works as a stationary thing. At a restaurant or in your home or something. Just not on the go.

      • Paul Verizzo

        I think you are wrong on several counts. I don’t see free WFC service at all. They used to have that ca. 2007 if you paid $10/mo, all WFC calls did not count against your bucket. My take is that now they are building WFC into the new iPhones, they feel safe pushing it out for all customers. It’s been there all along in Androids since 2.2.2, BB’s since 2007, and some Windows Phones all along.

        WFC does not allow free international at all. What it always has done is let you be in Camel Anus, Chad and if you are on WFC via local coffee house broadband, the TMO system thinks you are in Omaha. Not to be sneezed at.

        This new “router” is still a mystery. I’ve read all the specs and I don’t see anything that affirms that it is a femtocell. I.e., Your nothing to do with WFC phone now has a strong signal. We’ll have to wait I see, I guess. If it’s only a WFC router, my gosh, they were doing that back in 2007. I’m looking at my Hotspot @Home WFC optimized router as I type.

  • Sladesurfer

    I dont know much about jump but i have a nokia 925 and want to get the samsung note 4. What are my options?

    • psychoace

      If you have good credit and already payed off 50% of your EIP then just web/call/go to the store and add Jump. In doing so you can upgrade right when the Note 4 is released by turning in your 925 to the T-Mobile store (make sure it’s corporate) or mail it in. Then you will get a Note 4 at either 0 dollars down and probably about $30 a month. If you don’t have good credit then it will probably be about $350 down and $15 a month.

      • Aaron C

        I guess I don’t understand Jump then. Is it just a policy for people who don’t want to pay for their entire phone? Kind of like a phone rental program? My phones are already paid off (Nexus-es). So for me it would be the same with or without Jump, right? I’d just buy a new phone?

        • tmodude

          Jump is a an insurance program that also lets you trade in your device for credit and pay off the rest of the balance. Theres more info on Tmobiles site

  • David Abrantes

    I can call customer service and see how much i have left to pay on my phone….rite? I have a lg optimus l9..im sure i paid half or just about. I do not have jump. Im wondering..with this do i sign up for jump, upgrade to a new phone, the xancel jump a few hours/days later? Also while doing this they pay they other half of my l9? If im wrong on any of that someone plz let me know….thanks

    • psychoace

      Just go on the t-mobile web site and login. You will see your EIP balance on there.

  • Dena

    Is there a certain time length that you have to stay enrolled in Jump for?

  • Ian

    So I already have a WiFi enabled phone with t mobile. I don’t have 50% of the phone paid off. Could I still get a free jump to an I phone 6? Or I’d it only for customers without wifi enabled phones at the moment

    • LakeFish

      Did you even read the story? There is no “free jump.” If you have an EIP phone that’s less than half paid off and you don’t already have JUMP you can sign up for it starting 9/17. Normally you can only sign up when you first buy the phone (within 14 days)

  • VG

    I wonder if the ultimate goal of this plan is to get rid of all 2G and 3G phones so that bandwidth can be repurposed for 4G and VoLTE? Seems like Legere is making it a priority to get everyone to upgrade their old phones.

    • Bud

      Good point.

    • zeiferx

      i though the same thing but i also think that they want more people using their home internet instead of being on the network all the time. they want to offer you “better Service” by using your resources to off load data from their Cell network since when you are on wifi calling you are also using the data from your home ISP.
      they give you a free wifi router but at the same time they save some resources while you are at home and off their airwaves plus they will upgrade you to a brand new phone that you will finance with them and get you out of the 2G Network.
      Well play Tmo!

      • D_Wall__

        Its a very valid point but really makes sense. Alot of complaints are building calling / texting. This could help that.

  • D_Wall__

    Sucks i have the Nexus 5, And have found the right replacement phone. Really wanting that Moto X 2014 or Nexus 6? I also have one Jump Remaining from Jump 1.0.

    • Aaron C

      Those are my two phone choices as well. I just sold my Nexus5 and went back to my 4 for the time being.

      Only reason I’m holding out for the Nexus 6 right now is because I really want wireless charging. I know, I know, “quick charge,” but I really like just dropping the Nexus on the pad on my nightstand at night. Unfortunately, neither the N6/X nor the Moto X are likely to get WiFi calling. :(

      • D_Wall__

        I couldnt agree more. I love my wireless charging of the nexus 5. I have a Nokia charging pad at home and office. Thats a big deal for me too. If neither of these phones come through, i may consider a note 4. I hope the nexus 6 is something special but wireless calling would be needed for Tmo.

        • donnybee

          I agree. Wireless calling is super important. I especially would like the whole thing to be wireless if possible! (:

  • Clifford Haight

    What I am wondering is if our phone that already have wi-fi calling when and if it will transition to seemless handover. I have issue where I work with dropped called as you have to have a perfect signal for wi-fi calling to work well.

    • I am smart

      The Wi-Fi call will need to hand off to a VoLTE connection. If your phone has VoLTE enabled and you are on the LTE network, it will handoff; otherwise the call will be dropped.

      • Tmodude

        Have had no issue on handoff with the following phones
        S5 S4 Flex and G3

        • Paul Verizzo

          Very interesting as lack of hand off is a characteristic of firmware/OS enabled WFC. Do these phones use VoLTE? (I honestly didn’t know that TM is doing that yet.) The other alternative is that they are building it into the hardware, like the original WFC phones. Again, if they are, that’s news to me. And I do follow this closely, have since 2007 with the first WFC opportunities and phones.

      • TheCudder

        My HTC One M7 does NOT drop calls when using WiFi calling and leaving my home. There is no VoLTE here where I live.

  • vinnyjr

    All this garbage about T-Mobile doing this wifi calling is to get customers off their overused HSPA Network is wrong. T-Mobile wouldn’t be giving away free listening to music at no charge on your data package if their Network was over used. They have given free data on their tablets, think about it, T-Mobile is doing this because it is just smart business and all Networks have places where there is just poor coverage, this is a great fix until there is better service, this is just smart technology. When has Apple ever added anything this quick to one of their new devices, just real good technology. Thank You T-Mobile.

    • Aaron C

      Amen. It’s obvious T-Mobile has built their network solidly. All those adds quarter to quarter and I still have phenomenal LTE speeds. I remember when I jumped on the Verizon LTE bandwagon with my T-Bolt, it was lightning fast at first. But as soon as the new iPhone came out and everyone else on the network went LTE, speeds slowed to a crawl.

      And GO PATS! ;)

  • Louie Hernandez

    Does this jump offer include No Credit Check Simple Choice customers?

    • TmoDude

      NCCK is not eligable for EIP, But NCCK does allow insurance. But in short no you can not upgrade to a device because this type of account does not support payment plans on phones. You can always migrate over just need a social.

  • UMA_Fan

    The auto authenticate potential of the new WiFi routers is what’s really exciting.

    All you need is one person in the building with router and you have perfect voice signal.

    • PHL

      I think that’s part of the long range plan. Just my guess.

  • gorilla

    Tmobile has had Wifi calling and JUMP for a while, so what’s new in the Uncarrier 7.0?

    • tmodude

      That you can wifi call lets say in japan back to the us at no charge or be on a plane in the middle of the Atlantic and place a call on wifi at no charge or even a cruise plus alot more .. Notes

      T-Mobile in Unexpected Places

      What if you could use T-Mobile’s Network in places you never thought were possible? The man cave, the cabin in the woods, or your next flight home – from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection you can now use T-Mobile’s Network for Wi-Fi Calling and Texting. Check out some of the places T-Mobile just announced:

      In-air beginning at 10,000 feet with Gogo® on US-based airlines

      Across the globe with International Wi-Fi Calling

      In home and at work with the Personal CellSpot™ coverage solution

  • FILA

    Nothing but money money money. Why couldnt I just take my Google Play Nexus 5 in to get a “special” download of the shit I need to make my phone do wifi calling. I’ll always buy a Nexus, so I’ll just do without this

    • PHL

      Because wifi calling is built into the firmware. There isn’t an app that you can download. For the time being, there’s no way to enable wifi calling in your phone.

      • Mikey Donohue

        This begs the question of why they can’t send out a firmway update.

        • Brandon Jiang

          Do you know what Nexus is? Google handles the updates, not T-Mobile. Nexus = no carrier modifications

      • Jno

        It’s coming in IOS 8 in an OTA. Google doesn’t want to send it to the nexus 5. They want you to my a new device. Face it, a manufacture doesn’t want you keeping a phone for years.

  • Paul Verizzo

    OK, I’ve read the headlines, I’ve skimmed all the comments. If easy and low cost, I would like to be able to grab a 635 just on general principles. I’ve always owned my own phones, buy on eBay, much cheaper in the long haul. I’m presently on Simple Choice post paid. I have a Nokia E73 and an Astound, both with WFC. A Nokia 810 without, and two 925’s with.

    So, how do I game this to my benefit? Actually, I LOVE my 810 except for the lack of WFC, I guess I would consider giving it up for a free-ish 635. OTOH, I could probably sell it and buy a new 635, $135 on MS store.

    Just looking for options.

  • chillman141

    Someone indicated no WiFi calling on Nexus 5. I have one and use Grooveip for WiFi. In fact used it last week to call the US from Canada to eliminate talk chaegesy.

  • David Abrantes

    ssoo the wifi router came out today..anyone know when this enrollment window is set to begin? i called 611..she dident know shit.. i call my local store.. she dident know shit…i wanna take advantage of this.

  • kekel1123

    I called T-MO to enroll in JUMP open enrollment and they told me that the 1st use of JUMP should be only on Iphone 6 or 6 plus. I want a Samsung Note 4 but I cannot get it. Bummer!

    • David Abrantes

      hhmmm that seems like bullshit to me…we were told that tmobile wants us all to have phones with wifi capability..ssoo to me that shouldent mean iphones only…thats stupid.. im gonna try and go upgrade to day..they better not try that shit on me..i will ask for the manager and keep bitchin..haha

  • David Abrantes

    anyone take advantage of this enrollment window yet?
    i called 2 stores and 611..they are like..huh? idk wat ur talkin bout.
    but i got a hold of another store and she said yea come in sign up for jump..give us your old phone as long as its half payed off and you can get a new phone..and then i guess cancel jump right after. is this all tru?