T-Mo Galaxy S5 firmware update available

This morning, T-Mobile and Samsung rolled out an OTA update for the Galaxy S5. It’s not a major software update by any means, but it is a firmware update designed to boost performance and reliability. It’s still Android 4.4.2, but with baseband versionĀ G900TUVU1BNG4. Update details simply states “Improved performance” for the 87MB download. Pretty vague, and certainly a minor improvement. T-Mobile’s support page states simply that there are updates to “Audio and software stability”.

If you have a Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile and you haven’t yet received a notification for the update, check your settings for software updates and download manually, or try through the Samsung Kies PC software. You should find and install it without any issues.

As always, let us know how you get on. If you spot any noticeable performance improvements, or if it affects your phone negatively, give us a shout using the comments below or catch me on Twitter: @PhoneDog_Cam.

Thanks for the tip, Mike.

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