Rumor claims Xperia Z3 will be heading T-Mo’s way


A rumor published recently claims that the next generation Xperia phone by Sony is going to be launched on T-Mobile. Citing unnamed reliable sources, TechnoBuffalo purports that T-Mo is currently “gearing up for the launch“. And we wouldn’t be entirely surprised if it was.

T-Mobile launched the Xperia Z1s earlier this year, and so is one of the few carriers in the U.S. to have offered a flagship Sony device. Although it didn’t (hasn’t yet) offered the Z2 for sale, there’s nothing stopping the Z3 from being the next. A suspicion seemingly confirmed last month when FCC filings seemed to indicate it might even be 700MHz compatible. Then again, it might not.

We’re expecting Sony to launch the device at an event before IFA kicks off in Berlin, in September, so I’m sure the facts will become clearer in between now and then. We’re expecting a device with rounded metal edges, moving away from the flat/angled edges on the current crop of Z’s. We’re also expecting it to host a slightly speedier Snapdragon 801 processor coupled with 3GB, and loaded with a 20.7MP camera sensor, similar to that found in the Z2.

Source: TechnoBuffalo

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  • taron19119

    Wasn’t there a rumor they are all for major US carrier what’s going to get the z3

    • Doakie

      Hahaha. Funny joke. The Z2 hasn’t even come out in the states on any carrier yet. I’ll believe it when I see it.

      • taron19119

        The z2 is rumored to be exclusive on Verizon and there have been several leaks of the Verizon z2 and is supposed to launch in the fall on Verizon

        • Doakie

          You do realize that the Z2 was announced in February right? That’s 5 months right now. What will it be 7 months old in what, September? In a market that has yearly release schedules and the fact that Sony releases two flagships per year this kind of delay is unacceptable…

        • taron19119

          Ok but t-mobile was/is not going to get the z2

        • TechHog

          Did you mean Z2?

        • taron19119


        • Serge

          Yeah, Z2 for Verizon is dead. Sony is realigning the US release schedule with the global release so they are skipping Z2 for Verizon. Z2 was released in the Sony Store a few weeks ago. You can buy it today ($599 after Sony Card $100 statement credit), it’s compatible with T-Mobile.

        • Doakie

          Do you have insider info that the Z2 is being shelved and they’re going to release the Z3 to all carriers or is that an assumption?

      • the2000guy

        So they are talking about the z3 when the z2 hasnt arrived yet to any carrier on USA. Funny that.

      • Chris Pags

        Sony has shortened the product release cycle from one year to six months. That means we’ll be seeing a top tier phone from them every six months. What you’re seeing in regard to the Z2 and Z3 being made available on carriers is the result of that cycle starting now.

  • Doakie

    Meh. I was hoping with a fancy 20 MP camera the Z2 would have been awesome. But consistently the Galaxy S5 has won blind comparison tests…

    I’m not going to get excited about the Z3 until it’s actually reviewed and it’s said to be great.

  • S. Ali

    I’m not interested in another $650 flagship, that is too much for a phone. Give me a Nexus 6 with removable battery and SD card for half.

    • Johnson

      With the trend that nexus has, don’t hold your breath with that SD card slot.

    • steveb944

      To follow up Johnson, don’t hold your breath for the removable battery either. Those two things just aren’t in Google’s mindset.

  • Justin Merithew

    I’d be excited if it had a snapdragon 805 and/or a 2k display like the competition that’s releasing around that time, but Sony is starting to fall behind. It’s a shame because I like their phone design and their stock-ish style UI

  • sushimane

    crossing my fingers for this always wanna a sony xperia z phones with its 20.7mp waterproof dust resist it seem tough.

  • nain

    Too bad they don’t sell. I’ve sold maybe 10 xperia Z, and about 6 xperia Z1s…

    • DurteeDee

      I have to say you sold a lot, people who buy already know what they want. LG and htc devices picked up alot this year…iphones sell like iphones…

    • Nurdface Gamerhandz

      Same, and I carried both devices. Surprisingly getting a LOT of people in for the G2 and G3 lately

      • nain

        The G3 sold out in my store for about a day. Then we got a decent shipment. They’re selling surprisingly well..the htc one M8 is having some trouble. Maybe 1 every 2 weeks.

  • Buddy

    Now if they could just update the software of the z1s…

  • Phil

    Hope Tmo gets it! It very well might be my next phone love the design of the Xperias

  • vinnyjr

    Sony makes great looking hardware. If the phone comes with great specs and with all the bells and whistles it will sell. They are great devices.

  • jawash22

    Buyer beware! Whatever software version it comes with is all you will get for about a year unless you root. Talking to you Z1s

    • Justin Merithew

      If we actually get it in a timely manner it will show that Sony is improving in the areas they’re weak in, which will hopefully mean they’ll step it up in how quickly updates come. I never owned the Z1S so I’m not really sure how the situation went with that. I had held out for the Z2 for a bit, then when it didn’t come I got the M8.

      • Nurdface Gamerhandz

        IIRC the Z and Z1S are both still on 4.3. I got rid of both of mine long ago

        • Justin Merithew

          Jeez, I wasn’t aware of that. I don’t understand why Sony handles the US market so poorly. The quality of their phones are amazing, but we get them late, they seem to bounce between carriers for exclusivity, and they lack updates? I’m curious if Sony actually thinks they can get a foothold in the US cellphone market this way.

        • thepanttherlady

          Sony stated a while ago that they were concentrating on other markets and the US wasn’t at the top of their list.

          I buy mine from the UK and get updates in a timely-er manner. ;)

        • Nurdface Gamerhandz

          no wifi calling and the bands are shaky at best, especially with T-Mobile’s unconventional spectrum. No thanks.

  • Hamster

    I’d prefer the Compact version come out T-Mo compatible…

    • Bradley Smith


    • John Masters

      And another +1

  • AdamBath

    I’m sure it will come with a locked bootloader too… Hope it doesn’t also come with the plastic body the Z1s has… I like my Z1s enough, but didn’t realize it had a locked bootloader until AFTER I bought it. Talk about a bummer.