VoLTE, increased LTE speeds and 2G to 4G upgrades spotted in further markets


Apart from last week, over the past month or two I’ve tried to make a point of keeping you guys updated with unannounced network improvements across the U.S. For the past two weeks, my inbox been flooded with emails from readers who have noticed a change in service. We’ve been focussing on three key aspects: Voice over LTE (VoLTE), the continued upgrades from 2G to 4G (HSPA or LTE) and the addition of wideband LTE or 10+10 LTE markets. And we have plenty to inform you of today.

In that time we’ve also seen an internal document we (sadly) can’t share with you confirming a lot of activity going on in the South East region of the States. Lots of new 15+15 and 20+20 sites going live there over the past couple of months.


Readers in the following locations have informed us of VoLTE going live.

Fault Lauderdale
Fresno, CA
West Palm Beach, FL
Rochester, NY
Lexington, KY
Monroe, NY
Birmingham, AL
Montgomery, AL
Destin, FL

If you want to check your area, you need a Galaxy S5, LG G Flex, Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy Light running the latest software. If your LTE connection remains through a phone call, that’s a pretty good indication that you have the service where you live.

2G to 4G

In many areas, particularly along major highways between cities, T-Mobile has been lighting up new HSPA and LTE networks. Although it currently covers most of the major metro areas with LTE, we all know it has a long way to go before its coverage is as wide-reaching as Verizon or AT&T’s. T-Mobile knows it too, and has been working hard to bring 4G to more people.

Orland, CA“I came home from work and found a very strong 4G signal in Orland, CA. Just this morning it was terrible EDGE service (if you can call it service :-)

The internet is slower than you’d expect at not even 1 Mbps but it is a good start and now maybe I won’t be missing anymore calls. “

Kings Mountain, NC – “Took a speed test after work to see how fast LTE speeds are on my Nexus 5, and this is what I got! Work Crowder’s Mountain Golf Course. Most of the course I get 1 bar of LTE, but some parts I drop down to HSPA+ not great but after talking to a T-Mobile representative, should improve by the end of 2014!”

Livingston, TX“Last month I was there and it was EDGE all the way. Yesterday I had full 3g/4g/HSPA/LTE on my Nexus 5. As you stated, T-Mobile’s coverage map only shows EDGE/2G.”

Slaton, TX“I spotted LTE and tested it out using the sensorly app. LTE is rapidly showing up in Lubbock TX and I noticed that areas that I would normally have 2G/EDGE I now have LTE. Slaton TX (small town outside of Lubbock) is getting the upgrade aswell.”

Improved Speeds – Wideband?

T-Mobile is improving its network performance continuously, and in its quest to be known as the “Data Strong” network provider, it’s doing all it can to provide a really fast and reliable connection. One way of achieving this is by launching Wideband LTE (15+15/20+20). The other is its recently activated 4×2 MIMO network.

Although Speed Tests can be a good indication as to whether or not you have Wideband LTE, they’re not a perfect representation. For instance, it’s possible that in a 10+10 area you’ll still get downloads up to 72Mbps. Wideband is classed as 15+15 or 20+20 networks.

Here are a few of the new locations we’ve been informed of, and Speed Test results achieved.

Kalamazoo, Michigan – 50Mbps-plus
Roanoke, VA – 40Mbps-plus (up from 10Mbps)
Rochester, NY – 70Mbps-plus
Edinburg, TX – 40Mbps-plus
Tarzana, CA – 30Mbps-plus

Don’t forget, you can inform us of any activity in your area by emailing me at cam@tmonews.com. Specifically in regard to Wideband LTE activity, the best way to check if you have it is to go in to Service Mode on your device. Speed Tests also offer a good indication.

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  • Champ

    Binghampton, Ithaca and Syracuse, NY also show a very strong LTE signal in parts. The service drops to 4G outside the main corridors and then to 2G but along with Rochester, upstate NY is seeing some love. With Verizon dominating the market up here, this is good news.

  • Gutes

    Gawd… Can Iowa get a little love. No LTE in the whole state, but these markets have it???

    West Palm Beach, FL

    Rochester, NY

    Lexington, KY

    Monroe, NY

    Birmingham, AL

    Montgomery, AL

    Destin, FL

    • bakgwailo

      Lexington, KY has a pop of 305k
      Birmingham, AL has a pop of 212k
      Rochester, NY is a large college town, pop 210k.
      Montgomery, AL has a pop of 202k
      West Palm Beach, FL is a pretty famous vacation spot.

      The other two… meh. Iowa’s entire population is about 3 million. By upgrading just those 4 towns above, they covered about 1/3 the total population of Iowa. Not hating on Iowa, just saying, I can see the bang for the buck there. Des Moines is the largest city there with a pop of only ~207k. After that it drops off quickly in to the low 100ks and less.

      • Marcelo_L

        West Palm Beach FL is just one piece of South Florida. It’s population density is equivalent to perhaps one of the 7 suburban areas of Miami-Dade county only. I can see why they’d want to test it out on a population of about 102K folks, instead of having the likes of 4.5 times that (within the city of Miami alone, nevermind the rest of the metropolitan area) show up in one shot.

        That being said, having it turned on it WPB and Ft. Lauderdale, and not ready for prime time in MIA is pretty sloppy delivery. It’s like turning on LTE in Manhattan, but not in Queens, Brooklyn or the Bronx.

      • ethomp

        The Rochester market includes most of the metro area, which has a population of over a million.

      • gutes

        Yes, but the Des Moines metro area is well over .5 million. Really they would only need to add LTE to 5-7 towns in Iowa and would cover over half the population. Des Moines metro .5 mil, Cedar Rapids 200k, Iowa City 100k, Ames 50k and college town, Quad Cities 250k. Add Dubuque and Waterloo/Cedar Falls and you’ve got another 200k.

        Des Moines metro is about the same size as Lexington…

        I get Iowa is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, and I just copied and pasted the list- I know some of those towns are pretty big, but there are hundreds of markets listed on T-Mobiles’ website and Des Moines (one of the top 100 markets) is not listed at all. You would think they would add a pop in Iowa somewhere just to they could list the state…

    • Tom

      T-Mobile claims to have LTE is Des Moines but when I was there recently I never saw it come up. Iowa isnt a huge market for T-Mobile since IWireless covers most of the state.

    • anon

      Can T-Mobile just buy out the rest of iWireless already and fix all the mistakes they have made.

  • Adrayven

    I’m in Kalamazoo, MI.. While I can get close to whats reported here, the upload speeds really are lacking.. 3Mbps is common.. Anyone know why? Verizon upload is usually close to download..

    This the pipe their using or LTE technology?

    • Luther

      I live in Kalamazoo as well. I have noticed that in the last few weeks my ping times have gone up and down a lot. I get on average around 20 to 30 down but I agree upload speeds are lacking. I have also noticed that along I-94 from Paw Paw to 9th St it appears there have been some 2g to LTE upgrades, I have driven this stretch of highway myself to see if this us true and it is.

  • Bosshawk

    Birmingham, AL is a metro area of over 1 million people and has always had a relatively large T-mobile presence due to acquisitions of Powertel/Voicestream.

  • chris

    good to hear, but what about the rest of Michigan??? as METRO PCS/T MOBILE customer, they still need coverage in the other half of Northern part of Michigan since there still no coverage, of course the south already has coverage, I hope t mobile soon starts to buy more towers to cover the rest of Northern Michigan and upper Michigan !!!

  • SEBA

    Many areas converted from Egde to 4G are for calls only not data. Internet speeds are still under 1Mbps. Kenneth Square, PA area is a perfect example.

    • Adrayven

      Still needs backbone upgrade.. Towers are just the first step.. 4G is only as fast as the land line backbone that runs to it..

      • Though 1Mbps is much easier to live with than 0.1Mbps, I’d think that the backhaul would be upgraded at the same time as the towers. for, as you said, 4G is only as fast as the backhaul.

    • hanfeedback

      Uh no, like other people have pointed out in those cases they are just waiting for backhaul. And if even for a short period of time 1mb is light years ahead of GPRS.

    • jefski

      Sometimes on the speedtest app when it finds closest server, I run the test and for that speed is real slow.sometimes you have to try a different location.if the speeds match up then yes its slow.if not, its that location.

      • jefski

        Perfect example: speedtest over wifi, ping-53ms, DL-7.56mb, UP-1.18, server says 3 miles away.

        Same test over wifi: 112 miles away, ping-49ms, DL-16.27mb, UP-1.16

        Sometimes theirs an issue with a particular location.
        I have time warner, my package is 15dl, 1ul

  • Philip

    I wish T-Mobile would tell us exactly where they are installing new stuff. Why do they keep this a secret?

    • CRT24

      Because if they gave firm dates and locations and had a delay in completing then people would be complaining even more than they already do….it is also dependant on other companies like cox and att to run fiber to certain areas so that t-mobile can then connect to individual towers so it would be foolish to provide specifics.

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      Surprise is the best gift

    • vrm

      The operation is dependent on a lot of external factors beyond their control. They rely on vendors and contractors for both equipment and good bit of labor. Most of the equipment is imported and not found in any local store.

    • besweeet

      They’ll probably announce a huge list of small towns and cities at their next event.

      • Philip

        I use I-75 to go to work in Macon, GA everyday and I do know since two weeks ago, the city of Forsyth has 4G/LTE now. I know its of no important news. :-)

    • TruthCrusader

      They’re concerned you’ll bring your lunch to where the upgrades are being performed and make them nervous. :)

  • Tom

    Over the weekend I noticed a cell site in Glenview, IL (by the North Glen train station) that had been HSPA+ was now using LTE.

  • Matthew James

    The 2G to LTE upgrades are excellent. I just don’t know why they couldn’t do this years ago. EDGE should be at least UMTS in 2014. The real question here is, what happens to markets that get upgraded and have no licenses for Verizon’s 700mhz? In-building coverage will always be an issue I guess.

    • vrm

      700 mhz is not necessary for in building coverage- plenty of steel/concrete buildings in the city I live get t-mobile coverage although many do not- it is more a Q of signal strength which, in turn is a function of site placement.

    • besweeet

      From what I understand, the failed acquisition (AT&T & T-Mobile) halted all possible upgrades. A similar thing is happening to AT&T while trying to acquire DirecTV.

  • NOYB

    Fault Lauderdale? Should be Fort Lauderdale, FL

    • vrm

      or, laughderdale ?!

  • These upgrades can’t happen soon enough. Traveling from Pittsburgh to NYC was a nightmare on the road with mostly oscillations between EDGE and no service at all, causing GPS on Google Maps to fail on multiple occasions and at least a couple of times during critical periods. Fortunately, I’ve not forgotten how to read maps quickly. I found similar experiences when traveling to Columbus and DC. T-Mobile is great in cities, but I completely understand why frequent travelers opt for other carriers right now.

    • vrm

      If you enable GPS, there is no need for data connection for maps. Google maps needs data connection. I would get OSMAND, available in the app store, which stores maps offline on your internal storage. Then with GPS alone (most smartphones have it), you should be able to use maps.

      • That’s what I thought should be the case. I’ll look into that app. Thanks.

        I’m not too thrilled with the latest iteration of Google Maps. With my G3, it’s crashed more times than I can tolerate. It’s also a lot more difficult to touch POIs that are close to one another, often opening the same one over and over unless I zoom in really close. The old Maps was much better in that respect.

    • trife

      Same experience I had driving from Northern Alabama to Kalamazoo, MI last week. It seemed like every time I looked at my phone, I had no service or was on EDGE or GPRS. I did have great coverage going through major cities though, as expected.

      What really sucked was encountering a huge accident on I-65N just outside of Nashville and trying to navigate my way around it without service. I had to pull into a McDonald’s parking lot to use their free WiFi just so I could map out a new route. And on the way back I got stuck in construction traffic and pretty much had to tough it out b/c once again, I had no coverage whatsoever. Thankfully I don’t travel a lot, but those are the times I really question why I stick with T-Mobile.

    • Gutes

      Here Drive mapping service allows you to download maps- which gives you GPS even if you don’t have data

  • cowboys901

    Travel from Memphis,Tn To Pigeon Forge,Tn (6 1/2 hrs) going up I-40 east was horrible, until u got to a major city. It was spots where I got G most of the time.

  • Miguel Sanchez


    • ur suck


      • Dirty Sanchez


    • Eric

      You still have to wait a lttle until T-Mobile shuts off their EDGE network. VoLTE/Better cell spacing/700A MHz/600 MHz should enable T-Mobile to shut off 2G once and for all.

  • Gerald Reed

    Missouri still mostly unuseable edge wont even load a web page 90 percent of the time i70 all edge till hit kansas city columbia or st louis

    • mreveryphone

      I have seen where the lte/hspa signal has reached further out from St Louis going towards Columbia. Also Jefferson City has lte service now where it would only be edge… Missouri is coming along slowly but surely

      • Gerald Reed

        Tmobile engineer told me the towers by me will be the 700Mhz so sedalia and concordia sweetsprings will be the 700 but he did not no time frame for it.

        • mreveryphone


  • besweeet

    Added to this running list of upgrades: bit(.)ly/tmoupgrades

  • tony

    Does T-mobile have plans to expand LTE over in Ashtabula and Jefferson Ohio?

  • Marcelo_L

    Ok…so VoLTE getting closer…….hitting the edge of SoFla….c’mon TMo…bring it to Miami.

    • Oliver Jackson

      me and you both Marcelo

  • kevev

    “2G to 4G (HSPA or LTE) ”

    HSPA != 4G. It is more like 3.5G. Not trying to be a jerk. Just stating a fact. :o)

    • TruthCrusader

      Wrong. HSPA+ is considered a 4G technology. Not trying to be a jerk either, but you have your facts wrong.

      • Spanky

        HSPA+ is not a 4G technology. It’s only called 4G for marketing purposes. It is, in fact, 3GPP Revision 7.

        • hanfeedback

          You’re wrong, they went back and officially labeled it 4G. TruthCrusader is in fact correct.

        • kevev

          Only in the US or World Wide?

        • kevev

          I found the 3GPP re-classification. HSPA+ is 4G. Sucks the standard had to be lowered.

        • Technically, neither LTE was 4G, but they relaxed the requirements and admitted it as 4G. LTE-A is the first uncontested 4G.

        • TruthCrusader

          Why does it suck? Because you can’t spread your pro-Verizon propaganda in good faith anymore?

        • hanfeedback

          My understand is that the GSM association or whoever went back and labeled it a 4G technology so Im assuming it’s a worldwide thing.

      • MadJoe

        HSPA and HSPA+ are different (I know, I get both randomly throughout my workday). HSPA is slow and should be considered 2.5G in my opinion, HSPA+ can theoretically hit 42Mbps, but you’ll never see that kind of speed on it. I have seen in the 20Mbps range a few times, but it’s regularly in the low teens and single digits, whereas HSPA is normally around the 300kbps range when I’ve bothered to test it – it takes too long, and sometimes even errors out before finishing, so I don’t usually bother.

        • jeremyvbk

          HSPA is the combo of HSPDA and HSPUA. The HSDPA part achieves download no greater than 14.4 mbps. Hspua has a max of 5.8mbps. HSPA+ is just enhanced Hspda+ is a 21.1mbps single carrier or can use multi carrier HSPA+, aka DC-hspa+(42.2mbps) , achieving theoretical speeds of of up to 337Mbps down, and 34mbps upload, if you use multiple 5x5mhz channels.

        • Hiro

          In North Seattle, I consistently get (when I do happen to hit the non-LTE HSPA+ spots) 15-25 Mbps consistently.

      • jeremyvbk

        Well it got recalled to be 4g , which it shouldn’t be called 4g. Not even LTE that is deployed today was what the original 4g standard was set too. 1gbps stationary, and 100mbps moving in a car. No has the tech ready to do so. It’ll be device limitation that keeps that true. It’ll take MIMO to achieve such true 4g, as well as more than 40mhz . If I feme we correct it’ll take at least 4×4 mimo and 3-4 carriers to run close to 1gbps in lab. But broadcasted wirelessly it’ll take 8×8 mimo, as well as 3-4 carriers. Not starting a Sprint this, Sprint that, argument, BUT Sprint is the only carrier deploying equipment that would be anywhere close to being able to give 1gbps speeds like true 4g standard.

        • Eric

          But T-Mobile has Release 10 equipment on their towers. :(

        • jeremyvbk

          Yes and spri t has release 10 through an update. It is more the actual antennas themselves that are the limiting factor. Sprints 8t8r b41 equipment are ready for 1gbps through carrier card updates and Carrier aggregation. And well a device with MIMO greater than 4×2, which well won’t come for a long time due to engineering of phone’s today.

        • UMA_Fan

          THIS stupid argument again. HSPA+, and current LTE offer capabilities very similar to each other. While Sprint and Verizon EVDO are truly a generation behind and can not be lumped in as being on par with HSPA+ so it makes NO sense calling HSPA+ 3G.

        • jeremyvbk

          It should be grouped into the 3.5G category. As if Sprint/Verizon pushed EVDO-REV B it wouldn’t be called 4g. If you want to call EVDO a generation behind, call the 1000+MS ping times on Tmobiles “4g” network a few generations behind. And it is more frequent than you care to admit. Sorry but Just because you don’t think it shouldn’t be grouped jsut because of speeds Is pretty darn stupid, and Very narrow minded of you. And I wouldn’t say they offer as similar as you say so. LTE = more spectral efficient, as well as Ping times are a heck of a lot lower than Any Tmobile Hspa+ Ive ever used. I Never said put it in with normal 3g, but you had to put words in my mouth. And it isn’t a stupid argument, it is very valid, well if you truely understand Standards that it :)

    • jefski

      Ive gotten between 10-12 mb dl on hspa.i understand that not every area has that or full signal bars.thats still the national average or better that some other carriers. The big difference is the UL. Most of the time your DLing anyway. I dont know why so many people hating on hspa

      • JMF_mobile

        I’m beginning to think we’ll never get LTE anywhere in Iowa but as long as I can continue to get 6 to 10 DL speeds and can stream music and hd video without lag or freeze I can live with HSPA in Des Moines area anyway. In fact I’m more interested in upgrading the EDGE areas to even 3G at this point.

  • mreveryphone

    I’ll resend the screen shot of VoLTE in Kansas City… We’ve had it for awhile now.

  • Jason Mauai

    Finally LTE in Laie, Hawaii! So far clocked 43Mbps down, 20 up.

  • Luis Espinal

    OMG! LTE In New Rochelle NY!!!! Finally! !!! It’s been slow HSPA for the longest time. …I was losing hope….considering everyone around here is already LTE.

  • Troy Glancy

    You can add Chesapeake Virginia to the upcoming list. My wife just called me and it said LTE HD voice but when I tried to call back it switched to 4G. I’ll post a screenshot as soon as I have one.

  • GameBoi/KillaBit

    LTE is being tested in Southeast Missouri. I got a bar or two and did a test and got 17MBPS. Finally, after having a spot of 4G and most of the town with EDGE.

    • Austin

      Where in southeast Missouri?

      • GameBoi/KillaBit

        Poplar Bluff, Mo.

  • symsoul

    We definitely have some 2G to refarm here in Portland. But the wideband LTE has been pretty stellar as I’ve hit as high as 76 Mbps (using my HTC One M8) at many different spots in Portland-proper and Hillsboro.

    Keep up the good work on your network upgrades, Magenta, and stay the hell away from dubious charges on my bill. ;-)

    • Joelwrx

      Ah Portland has turned on a ton of LTE in Portland after announcing the wideband. MLK was mostly HSPA & it’s all LTE now. Same with 33rd. All that edge down i5 south needs to be re farmed ASAP lol

      I hit 72 before, and usually get 20 even with 2 bars in my office.

  • Hiro

    In south Seattle, WB LTE I’ve hit as high as 90 down. I’ve also hit, in north Seattle, as high as 40 up. That’s on an iPhone 5s. Stellar numbers that have been improving.

    • Cam Fas

      On an iphone dang I want to see screen shots it’s a category 3 device I didn’t think it was possible

  • sahib102 .

    YEAH !!! they finally got to orland! I thought they would never get it . now I can recommend tmobile to friends :) no more edge for me :D

    • JaswinderSinghJammu

      Great news for Little Orland. How is the coverage between Orland and Willows and Sac down 5?

      • sahib102 .

        the coverage between orland and willows is not that bad. there are parts in between orland and willows that have 2g to no signal but that’s like for 3 minutes. the travel from orland to sac has gotten better. I would say 75% is 3g/LTE and 25% is edge. I say that are doing well overall compared to last year where it would be all edge

        • JaswinderSinghJammu

          That’s not bad. Sounds like things are on the right track. I use to ride thru Willows, Orland mostly back roads and hwys from Sacramento

        • sahib102 .

          the only part where I think edge is still active in I-5 is Arbuckle other than that I can say I-5 in north cali( ive been up and down I-5 in northen cali) is covered after they announce it :)

        • Ryan M.

          Kind of ridiculous, actually, that areas between rural towns on I5 just south of Orland have better service — e.g., LTE with great up and downlink speeds. Service along I5 is getting better fast. I think I’ve determined Orland is using band two of PCS/UMTS 1900 Mhz (UARFCN 687; appears to be a single tower) so it is clearly refarmed EDGE. In any event, this is exciting! T-Mo just needs to pay attention to northeastern California (Modoc plateau) and the Sierra foothills. Abysmal, mostly non-existent service in those locations.

        • sahib102 .

          it was like that for about 1 1/2 year which was sad. is the city you are talking about Artois ? anyways how do you know its using band 2 ? im curious myself :P I really do hope they fix up their service in those areas because I’ve been around there and I agree its horrible.

        • Ryan M.

          Yeah, I believe that the rest stop and Artois has had 4G for a while now. But between Willows and Williams, LTE has been great for as long as I can remember (admittedly, that isn’t long :-p). For finding the operating & frequency band, I went into Field Test Mode on my iPhone, got the UARFCN (whatever that is) and looked it up on Wikipedia page “UMTS Frequency Bands.” Just need Hamilton to get 4G and hopefully that’ll cover 32.

    • Ryan M.

      Odd thing is, when I leave town and come back, my phone refuses to get off useless EDGE until I put it into airplane mode and take it out — then it stays on 4G. But about freaking time!!!! Now I can make a call the *1st* time (instead of the 3rd, or 4th,…) and access my visual voicemail!

  • BrnsGuy

    VoLTE starting working on my S5 in Cleveland, OH about a week ago. Been seeing it pop up all over here.

  • Sidekicker89

    There is a LTE sighting in northern Kentucky near Cincinnati!! It’s on Sensorly!

    • JB45

      Where…I just looked on Sensorly and I’m not seeing anything new

  • It’s Fort Lauderdale. Not, Fault Lauderdale.

    • Charles Ray

      That was the Northener pronunciation. …lol

  • Thanks

    I’ll be happy with just 3G as long as Edge goes away. In Scranton, Pa LTE is great. On interstate 380 going towards Mt. Pocono all you get is Edge.

    • Baz

      Also, as soon as you get on 476 and head towards Allentown, its all unusable EDGE.

      Scranton is good, you’re right. Was just there a couple of weeks ago.

  • Carlos

    T-Mobile needs to fix group messaging issues with iPhones!

    • Hater

      T-mobile needs to get rid of the iPhone

      • Jay J. Blanco


      • Turb0wned

        And lose all those sales? Doubt it.

  • Robert Christopher McGaha

    VoLTE is active in Las Vegas

  • Daniel Gomez

    does anyone think t mobile 4g coverage will cover 290 million like at and t by the end of 2015

    • Cam Fas

      Hummm not sure about that one but it would be nice

  • jmclma

    some LTE is live in South Lake Tahoe, and broader 4G there as well, still spotty but more than I had back in May

  • drupi79

    38.20Mbps down 10.65Mbps up in Wichita Kansas and I also get HD Calling pretty consistantly on my G3

  • Mike

    Really crappy service in suburban Philadelphia (19380 and19333) with poor voice quality, painfully slow data and dropped calls. Data speed as low as 0.4 rarely above 5.5 even though phone says LTE. Sometimes get GPRS. TMO says have robust LTE coverage in these areas. TMO sent out a new phone to eliminate phone issues. Not the phone – it’s the network!

  • Mark

    In Portland, Maine (which I complain about constantly on here), Speedtest and Network Signal Info have both started telling me that I’m connected to HSPA+ 42, which is at least an upgrade from the HSPA+ 20-something we had been getting before. I’ll note that my Xperia Z has yet to show me an LTE indicator, even in downtown Boston.


      If you’re not getting LTE in downtown Boston then there is something going on with your phone. It is setup wrong or your SIM isn’t setup for LTE.

  • Austin Freysinger

    Dover Delaware now has lte, been getting 30 down and 20 up, big increases from a week ago when I was only getting 1 down and .5 up.

    • Baz

      Nice. I was there two weeks ago and it was ALL HSPA+. Kinda pathetic. Did you map it on Sensorly??

      I’m still anxiously awaiting fro 4G here in Middletown. Still stuck in 2G HELL.

      • Austin Freysinger

        I haven’t mapped it yet, but I will

    • Baz

      Also, what’s going on with Smyrna? I was there earlier this month for an oil change and it was all EDGE. Sensorly shows it’s half edge half H+. Is that new?

      • Austin Freysinger

        Haven’t been up there in awhile so I don’t know

  • pbxtech

    That site is using a microwave back-haul.

  • Turb0wned

    I got 80 download speeds at Orlando international airport.

  • Chad

    They need wide band LTE in Myrtle Beach, SC….the network is heavily overloaded here! I’m here for vacation, YouTube vids keep playing and pausing!

    • jefski

      I live in myrtle, getting 20-25dl and about 10ul its fine here

  • Jesse James

    I’ve been waiting a long time for noticeable network upgrades that effect me. I can’t get above 9mbs anywhere i go in Philadelphia, my network freezes up about 5 times a day, and the coverage outside the city is spotty as hell…. come on January when my contract expires!!!!

    • fbPhilly

      What are you talking about?
      In Philly T-Mobile has better service compare to at&t or Verizon. I have tested that with their costumers. Our download speed goes up to 30mbps on LTE. I’m not counting on Sprint as they are out of system. ..

      • Jesse James

        I have tested in numerous locations in the city such as Frankford, Fishtown, Center City, North Philly, ect…. I seen 15mbs once in approx 20 speed tests since I bought my S5.

        I’m glad you get better service in your part of the city, too bad you can’t spell well.:-(

        • t

          Actually, his spelling is fine. Thanks, but try again.

        • Jesse James

          costumers/customers, thanks for playing!

        • Rob

          Since when is “I seen” proper English?

          If you are going to be an English Nazi, at the very least, make sure that your own English is perfect.

          Anyway, the S5 is a garbage phone. I have two friends with them and they both have reception issues.

          At least the S5 gets VoLTE though. My m8 is left without it, at least for the time being.

        • fbPhilly

          Hrre is my answer for you:
          I just did this test in order to show it to you. U better check your phone before correcting my spelling.

          I have tested in the city as well as I did not experience your speeds anywhere. LTE it is not HSPA… Pls try to unable LTE…lol

          Just for the record, I live in Port Richmond.

        • fbPhilly

          Before correcting my spelling, do not forget to unable your LTE…

          Here is the answer for you.

          Just for the record, I live in Port Richmond 19134.

      • Trevor Callender


    • Mike

      I’m in suburban Phila (west chester) and have very poor service. Low download is 0.4 and rarely above 5. TMO says I’m in an area with robust LTE coverage. Poor quality calling with dropped calls in Devon. Very inconsistent coverage.

    • William Smith

      In west Philadelphia playing cell games
      On the playground was where I spent most of my days
      Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool
      Playing some angry birds outside of the school
      When a couple towers were up to no good
      Started losing service in my neighborhood
      I lost all my bars and my mom got scared
      She said ‘You’re switching to Verizon because T-Mobile doesn’t care!’

    • Trevor Callender

      wow my signal is great here in philly im cab driver so and im everywhere

  • High Ho Silver

    Does anyone know what happens at the edge of LTE coverage? Does the call end or does it handover seamlessly to the old circuit-switched service? The launch in Seattle was supported by a blog post from the T-Mo CTO referencing SRVCC (Single Radio Voice Call Continuity), but no amount of web-scouring has confirmed that it’s actually in place. Thanks in advance.

  • Randall Lind

    What does that means if LTE stays connected through a call? what am I looking for?

    • Melvin Suarez J.r

      yes…just like when your not talking on the phone..same speeds during call.. as of right now…when you make a call it goes to like 3g and takes forever to download an app. let alone a single google search page. with this activated..its great…

  • dontsh00tmesanta

    VOLTE, only on samsung phones? one LG

  • John Brown

    I realize the issues with LTE in Cincinnati, but can they at least expand HSPA+ further outside of town? I’m 26 miles from Cincinnati in Clermont County (Zip Code 45160) and only have EDGE. When will this change?

  • mofoliar

    I am in chico/paradise,ca area, any insight in 2G over haul coming to paradise,ca i know chico is pretty fitted!!

    i would love to squash verizon and save money!